Jonas Brothers Mad About Halo, Have Their Own Xbox Live Accounts

September 16, 2008 04:58:35 GMT

Their actor friend David Henrie tells People that their favorite game is Halo and he thinks it is good for the brothers to help them interacting with the outside world.

Jonas Brothers
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Rarely having time to play around in between their hectic schedule, Jonas Brothers find online gaming as fun and they reportedly are mad about Halo. Actor David Henrie has revealed to People at Nintendo's 20th anniversary celebration in New York on Saturday, September 13 that they even have their own Xbox Live accounts.

"They have different gamer tags," Henrie said, adding "people have no idea it's them." Revealing more about the threesome's favorite game, he told People "Halo's fun. It's a good game."

Befriending the singing sensations, Henrie openly admitted to have been thinking that video games are good for Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas for the games can help them interacting with the outside world taking into account that their celebrity status has made it difficult for them "to interact socially."

"They've got a bodyguard with them 24/7," Henrie reasoning. "You just go to someone's house, and you just hang out at their house. You actually get to be with them."

Kevin, Joe and Nick, in the meantime, are having a very full plate on their agenda. They were seen on Sunday, September 14 making an appearance at the Gibson Amphitheater at Universal Studios for a charity concert event. They greeted their many fans there and even signed autographs.


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posted by jimmy on Jul 13, 2009
you guys come to delawaer that be so asome
posted by ANGELA JONAS on Jul 09, 2009
i love u guys please come in greece u have too many fans here
posted by Mrs.Jonas on Sep 24, 2008
I Love you guys =] i would looovee to play halo with you omg that would be cool.. you could be like bff with some random person and they wouldnt even know it was you guys xD
posted by amandaloveesnickjona on Sep 23, 2008
i have to find these gamer tags out....i LOVVEEEE THE JONAS BROTHERS MORE THANN ANYONEE HERE:) face it. bahhahhaa tracy or whatever,,try spelling J O N A S RIGHT mkk? bhahahahaa theyy rock. (:
posted by carola on Sep 16, 2008
sonnnnn muyyy lindos los tres yo soy d chile y m emcantan
posted by lucas on Sep 16, 2008
VCs sao 10 jonas brothers
posted by $Alicia$ on Sep 16, 2008
I really adorrrrre u gays love lish xx
posted by $Alicia$ on Sep 16, 2008
I really adorrrrre u gays love lish xx
posted by $Alicia$ on Sep 16, 2008
I really adorrrrre u gays love lish xx
posted by traceylovesthejoansb on Sep 16, 2008
i wonder what there gamertags are hmmmmmmmmmm

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