Season Finale Preview of 'Flashpoint'

September 13, 2008 06:32:40 GMT

The CBS drama about an elite police unit will close out its first season with a kidnapping episode.

Season Finale Preview of 'Flashpoint'
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CBS show "Flashpoint" is nearing its season wrap and a preview of the finale has been given. The drama cop series will have an episode called "Planets Aligned" rolled on Thursday, September 18.

This time the Strategic Response Unit will rescue a girl who is kidnapped inside a booby-trapped house. Using their tactics to get inside the house, they discover a shocking fact when one of the kidnappers is actually a teen who went missing several years earlier.

"Flashpoint" is originally a production of CTV which is based in Canada, but is run under CBS in United States every Thursday at 10 P.M. ET. Its recent September 11 episode drew as many as 8.6 million viewers, giving CBS a head up among the other big TV stations, Fox, NBC, The CW and ABC.

Flashpoint, Season Finale Preview:


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posted by a fan on Oct 25, 2008
I really enjoyed the show. It sent a message without excessive violence and bloodshed. When will it be back??
posted by fan on Oct 05, 2008
What a great show, hope it sticks around for a while
posted by Windex on Sep 18, 2008
Any word on when season 2 will start given that it is ending now? Will we have to wait till next summer?

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