Video Premiere: Billy Ray Cyrus' 'Somebody Said a Prayer'

September 12, 2008 06:44:30 GMT

Billy Ray Cyrus' son makes a cameo appearance in the singer's music video for 'Somebody Said a Prayer' from his upcoming 'Back to Tennessee' LP.

Video Premiere: Billy Ray Cyrus' 'Somebody Said a Prayer'
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Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus has released a music video as a promotional project of his newly-released single called "Somebody Said a Prayer". The song brings out a mellow sound which is combined with its lyrics, telling that at some points of their lives, people often fall down on their knees when going through a hard time.

The music video itself is filmed in Tarzana, California and directed by Roman White. It includes a cameo by Billy's son, Trace, who plays as a lead guitarist of the band Metro Station. Written by country powerhouses Neil Thrasher and Craig Wiseman, the song is confirmed to appear in Billy's upcoming eleventh studio album "Back to Tennessee". Furthermore, the record is slated for purchase sometime this year under the courtesy of Lyric Street Records.

Billy Ray Cyrus' "Somebody Said a Prayer":


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posted by on Apr 05, 2009
Billy Ray,I want to tell you that the song someone said a prayer it really hit home I really love that song.Debbie Grimes
posted by stephala on Jan 06, 2009
i have to admit that at first, i wasn't a big fan of the song, but now, i can't help but love it. everyone did a great job, and i love trace cyrus... so that helped :)
posted by Annette Oskam on Oct 09, 2008
This is the first time i watched a video and cried!!!!It touched my heart and changed my life
posted by Coral Springs on Sep 21, 2008
Good song - the kids are very good actors!
posted by Thankful on Sep 15, 2008
I love the words in this song, they will touch everyone, I am sure. Great job with the movie and picking to children for the video as well.
posted by none on Sep 15, 2008
What a great idea to have your son in your video.
posted by CountryLover1 on Sep 14, 2008
Amen is right Billy Ray,Revolution,Lyric Street,cast, and crew!~One heck of a video!Message is powerful, song is phenomenal, and I am stuck with it in my heart and mind4-ever!
posted by Timberlake911 on Sep 14, 2008
I am usually into dance music, but I came across this video and I was blown away. I am 27 years old and after watching and listening to this video about 10 times, I just found myself crying. There was a time in my life where I felt like I did not want to live anymore. I have a two year old boy and all I could think of; was watching the little kids in this video crying and thinking that, if I would have hurt myself or even worse died, the pain I would have caused my kids. I want to thank Billy Ray Cyrus for this incredible song, but I would also like to thank the boy in this video. He made the video come to life and I know he is an actor, but a damn good one. WOW, the kid just lit me up with emotion and I wasn't expecting it. I can't wait for this to come onto iTunes so I can put it on my ipod. This could be a life changing song for a lot of people. A New Cyrus Fan for life!!!! Mike P
posted by Sarah on Sep 14, 2008
I loved it. There is nothing like faith and prayer to help a family through loss of a loved one. I know I lost my mother two years ago and this speaks right to my heart in so many ways. Amen Billy Ray keep songs like this coming and you will make people stand up and pay attention to what your message is.
posted by happy on Sep 14, 2008
I hope I can buy this video because I think it is so wonderful. I also hope I see those kids again real soon.
posted by sad on Sep 14, 2008
I know this video will help people in their time of need. The little children made me feel the pain a family can go through. They sure made the video worth watching.
posted by happy on Sep 14, 2008
Oh my!! I do hope those kids pop up again soon. I could not help but cry watching the little guy.
posted by fraggel on Sep 14, 2008
Great video, the kids made everything so heart felt.
posted by not one on Sep 14, 2008
The little kids made the video so heart felt. I hope to see them again soon
posted by Exodus153 on Sep 13, 2008
I love this video. As a Christian it really makes a difference. Prayer and faith make all of the difference. This video just brings tears to my eyes and I agree that little guy is heartfelt and incredible. Congrats to Billy Ray for making a difference.
posted by sweetniblets on Sep 13, 2008
Well I'll be!What a great job that Revolution did on this video.Roman did Carrie Underwoods video as well and no doubt A1 talent all the way around!
posted by NashvilleLand on Sep 13, 2008
Can you get an Amen? I will give you 10 Amens...Billy Ray you outdid yourself here. I can tell you this right now, if this does not win an award I do not know what will. I am sure this song will connect to the world. Each and every actor in here did a great job and this video was very well cast. It was great to see Trace in this video....but the little boy stole the show. Where did he come from?
posted by Aunt Joyce on Sep 13, 2008
What a great song. And that little boy and girl are my great newphew and neice. I very proud of them.
posted by BRCFan on Sep 13, 2008
Oh My God... This video is amazing. What amazes me most is the little boy in this video. Does anyone know what he has been in? What a heart felt performance and he just made me cry. Great job Billy Ray, this video, I could watch all day.
posted by cyrusfan on Sep 13, 2008
CMT award this should get and performance from Trace caught me off gaurd, he was great.Don't know where thelittle ones came from but they were sensational and the young boy rocked the house with that emotion.All together a five star
posted by PJinNH on Sep 12, 2008
Thanks for posting that video. Love the song, it's so powerful and well done. It's hard for the vid to do it justice, but it does it very well.
posted by WOW on Sep 12, 2008
Great video and that little boy is amazing!

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