Four Clips From the New Season of 'House M.D.'

September 12, 2008 05:04:11 GMT

In the fifth cycle, House will be faced with the resignation of his best friend Wilson and more rare cases.

Four Clips From the New Season of 'House M.D.'
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Fox have been generous in giving four sneak peeks into the season premiere of "House M.D.". The fifth season will begin on September 16 with an episode called "Dying Changes Everything" where Dr. Wilson announces his departure from the hospital.

Following the bus accident and a personal tragedy, Wilson decides to resign and consequently retract from his friendship with House. In the meantime, Thirteen is mending her own medical problem while treating a patient who has similar character traits as her.

Meanwhile, the 5.02 episode will be titled "Not Cancer". It tells how a donor's organs cause deaths of several of its recipients, sending House and his team to save the last two patients. House will also hire a private detective to follow his team and Wilson.

Beginning this season, "House" will be moved to a new time slot on Tuesdays at 8:00 P.M. ET. But next year in January, the show will be moved to Wednesdays at the same time slot.

  • Clip 1: "We've Got a Case"
  • Clip 2: "I'm Resigning"
  • Clip 3: "Hey, Who Are You?"
  • Clip 4: "People Die"


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