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Jessica Biel Signing Boyfriend Justin Timberlake in Debut Album

Jessica Biel Signing Boyfriend Justin Timberlake in Debut Album

September 12, 2008 03:03:16 GMT

Beside lending his vocals to one of Jessica Biel's new materials, Justin Timberlake will also help her in the song-writing and production desk.

Jessica Biel Signing Boyfriend Justin Timberlake in Debut Album
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Actress Jessica Biel is reportedly in the middle of recording her debut album and has enlisted lover Justin Timberlake as one of her collaborators. A close friend of the actress states that Justin is very supportive and beside featured in one of her new songs, he will also help his girlfriend writing and producing some materials in the album.

Speaking of her music project, the star, who has been spotted at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 8 for the premiere of her new comedy film "Easy Virtue", ensures music lovers that her record will be a "Billboard smash". Her pals even describe it as "a cross beetween Alicia Keys and Madonna."

Furthermore, her friends also reveal that Jessica is more interested in singing rather that acting. "Most people don't know that Jessica's first love is actually singing, not acting, and she's appeared in productions of 'Annie' and 'The Sound of Music'. Jessica is really excited about the CD!" one of the star's friends explains.

Elsewhere, while Jessica tries her hand at music industry, Justin will reportedly jump deeper into the big screen. Barry Sonnenfeld recently states that he has actively been courting the "SexyBack" singer for the lead role in his upcoming movie "Moist" as a morgue attendant who becomes a mafia king while trying to track down the real life inspiration for an erotic tattoo.

Barry had talked about the project with Justin last year when the star just started to shoot his first film, "Edison Force", which ended up going straight to video. However, despite Justin's interest to take part in Barry's movie, the project has been suspended due to some financial problems and now there hasn't any statement if Justin will take the offer or let it fall to other names that Barry has in mind for the lead, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Ashton Kutcher, and Justin Long.

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posted by Mr.Carrot68 on Oct 22, 2009
Since you suggest that you are up to speed on the story and on climate science, I assume you can see that. ,
posted by Jen on Sep 19, 2008
She has a way of blocking anything or anyone (to her displeasure) that crosses Justin's path. Poor, Justin. He is already in the hands of a cunning person right now and he just continues to sink in her arms and be softly controlled by her. Wake up, Justin! How? Investigate by interviewing her close friends. You might be surprised! This insecure woman of yours is revengeful while she smiles. Just an opinion!
posted by Lovingthemovies45 on Sep 12, 2008
Saw the movie at TIFF and it's wicked. Jessica is really stunning in it and who knew she could act? Noticed in the end credits that she sings 2 songs in the movie. Mad about the Boy and a Billie Joel one I think. Need to see the movie again to concentrate on them but from what I remember they were pretty good!

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