Two New Clips From 'Supernatural' 4.01: Lazarus Rising

September 12, 2008 02:47:05 GMT

The comeback of Dean from Hell, sends a huge shock to Bobby who can't believe it until blood is shed.

Two New Clips From 'Supernatural' 4.01: Lazarus Rising
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In anticipation of the new fourth season of "Supernatural", The CW have released two clips from the new episode "Lazarus Rising". Entitled "Surprise", one of the videos shows the comeback of Dean from the dead, a literal meaning to the episode's title.

Dean comes knocking on Bobby's door, much to the hunter's shock. Somehow, Dean who was obliged to a contract with demon Lilith in the May season finale, is still alive and manages to dig his way out of the grave. Bobby, who finds it hard to believe, grabs a knife and lunges it to Dean. He only believes that Dean is not a form of demon when Dean slashes his arm to reveal red blood.

Meanwhile, on the second clip, Dean and Sam are introduced by Bobby to a hot psychic Pamela who has a history of nearly successful in summoning the yellow-eyed demon, Azazel.

"Lazarus Rising" was written by the series creator and executive producer Eric Kripke and directed by executive producer Kim Manners. It will air on Thursday, September 19 at 9:00 P.M. ET.

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posted by Teté on Sep 19, 2008
Hy Guys, Im brazilian, and the 4 season will pass in brazil only november,5. Im just crazy ! :D God, CW is reprizing, ALL the 3 season, not that I dont wanna like to seem them..But, comom.. So, if someone could rec to me , or know a site, that I can see, the full episode , I really apriciatte ! P.s : My inglish isn't too good. :P Kiss
posted by port 4 on Sep 19, 2008
Angel is Misha Collins
posted by port 4 on Sep 19, 2008
How can I see a rerun?
posted by Mynae on Sep 18, 2008
Who was the angel? Trying to find more info on this new character...plz help
posted by J on Sep 12, 2008
haha, love the 2nd clip =)

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