'Secret Life of the American Teenager' Second Run Spoiler

September 09, 2008 07:04:31 GMT

The second run of the ABC Family series will unveil a surprising decision from Amy and Ben as well as character revolutions.

'Secret Life of the American Teenager' Second Run Spoiler
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"The Secret Life of the American Teenager" will end its first run of season 1 tonight (September 9), and the sneak peek to the second run has been unveiled ahead. Spilling out the possible plot was none other than Francia Raisa, the Adrian Lee depicter, who said that there might be a wedding.

Attending the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, September 7, Raisa told Entertainment Weekly, "There's a big shocker between Ben and Amy. Just remember, Ben kept insisting on Amy marrying him, and she might actually do it. That's all I'm saying!" The finale episode of the first season will chronicle on Amy and Ben deciding to take their relationship to the next level while Amy's pregnancy reaching the second trimester.

Raisa also shared some highlights regarding other characters. "There's a bunch of drama going on with my (character's) dad, so there's more about that," she continued. "And of course there's drama with Ricky. There's a little twist with my character, as well. Just remember, my character said in the first episode, 'No one ever takes advantage of me,' so really think about that line.... I know a lot of people will appreciate the little twists that they are bringing into these characters."

The first season of the ABC Family show is divided into two runs with the second one is set to begin airing on January 13, 2009. The first episode will be tentatively titled "The Secret Wedding of the American Teenager".

In tonight's episode, after being caught shirtless with Ricky by her father, Adrian skips the school and disappears. Grace is talked into wearing her purity ring again while Ben and Amy make a promise to each other that they won't have sex.

Catch the season finale (Episode 1.11) preview below :


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posted by naziclown on Jun 26, 2010
i think Ricky should leave the show forever!!Ben and Amy belong together!Like me and Melissa.The way Ben stuck by Amy through everything.To all the dogs like Ricky that makes it hard for us good guys to get a good girl..-- BEN AND AMY PLEASE GET BACK TOGETHER!AND RICKY GET LOST!!-- todd s.
posted by kate on Mar 05, 2010
i love wanna buy it
posted by SecretLifeOfMe on Feb 04, 2010
Sex is soo not a sin, its a beautiful thing if it was'nt no-one would be doing it, so christians get over it.
posted by ♥♥shada on May 26, 2009
aye listen i kno how you gurls feel
posted by ♥♥Shada on May 26, 2009
The Secert Life of The Amercain Teenager is a really really good show and what not but people need to see tha having <b><big>SEX</b></big> is not good at all when you are only in your teenage years!!!.....WATCH OUT BPYZ CAN REALLY TURN ON YOU FAST BCUZ THEY WANT SOMETHING!! Hopfully some of you'll girl can understand...!!
posted by Miss D baby on Mar 31, 2009
okay here is the deal people are not getting it really in the Bible it says sex is a gift from God between a man and a woman and if u get pregnantas a teen mabey God wants that to happen for a reason for people who cant have kids or something else.So dont judge teens cause there pregnant if you dont know them like God does besides relize it or not we have problems of our own. and that doesnt mean ur going to hell if your pregnant. all you have 2 do is ask God into your heart and mean it and say Lord i know i have made mistakes i life and sined plese forgive and come into my heart.just think about it and the bad or good stoof that can happen but it will change your life ps secret life rocks
posted by ProudTeenMom on Mar 25, 2009
I got pregnant when I was sixteen. I am now eighteen, graduating high school May 29, 2009 of this year. My son is now eighteen months old. He is the main reason I stayed in school and decided to continue to go. Without my son i wouldnt have made it this far. Although teen pregnancy isn't always good, it does change your life, and for me it was for the better. I am still with my sons father, though we have had hard times, but what couple doesnt? We made it this far and we plan to get married in the future, but theres no rush. After i graduate i plan on going to college to study photography. Its always been a dream of mine. I guess what I'm trying to say is just because you get pregnant as a teen don't mean its the end of the world, in fact my son was the beginning to the rest of my life and i dont regret it, not one bit. It is hard at times, but i had alot of support. I guess the moral of my story is teens do get pregnant, its life. Teens are going to have sex, even if they dont get pregnant most teens are having sex. Having a baby makes you grow up, but my son was worth it. I wouldnt trade him for the world. I LOVE YOU TYSEN! 8-18-07
posted by anna on Feb 24, 2009
I just want to say that the people who think that Ricky and Amy should get back together or that Ben and Amy should have gotten married: I'm pretty sure they're trying to make this show as real as possible. It's really difficult to do that because it's not easy. It's really hard. I'm 19 and about to have a baby. For you to say that sex outside of marriage is a sin is kind of stupid. That doesn't matter. Most teenagers do have sex and saying that you're uninformed is a stupid excuse. I love my baby and would never say it was a mistake, but I honestly never thought it would happen to me. I'm sure that's what most girls go through. Don't judge what you don't know guys. It's very offensive to those who have or are going through this.
posted by Krysta on Feb 05, 2009
posted by Krysta on Feb 05, 2009
You dumbass.. Sex is something that someone has to chose! You fucker!
posted by IronManBMF on Jan 18, 2009
Okay i hav 2 say tha sex should b somthing that someone has to choose 2 do and if they want to do this let them not lik they r killing someone and i just say u hav a choice if want 2 or not so dont bug anyone who wants 2
posted by bellebelle on Jan 12, 2009
Sex outside of Marriage is a sin, not sex itself. God created sex to be great only in the boundaries of Marriage.
posted by Kelsie19 on Jan 12, 2009
I love this show! its soooooo cuteee
posted by USMCwifey on Jan 10, 2009
I was pregnant at 16 and i graduated highschool, went to college, and married my highschool sweetheart. All on my own, people act as if you have a child in highschool that your going to hell or something. its not like that, if you are a strong enough person you can make it through anything. now i am happily married to my sweetheart who is also a US Marine and we are raising our son perfectly.
posted by secretlifelover on Dec 29, 2008
yeah, deff sexs a sin. if its such a sin, then god wouldnt have made itt possiblyy. so whoever says its a sin, can shove ittt.
posted by your mom on Nov 19, 2008
Sex is not a sin it is natural. Parents shouldnt watch over their teenagers like hawks because it makes teenagers start to hide even more secrets. if teenagers wants to have parents should talk to them about protection and answer any questions. i mean look at amy, she was uninformed.
posted by Kate on Sep 21, 2008
I love this show, it's so cute. Ah, I can't wait to see the next season, I'm so pissed that I have to wait until January.
posted by moon on Sep 17, 2008
i think amy and ben should be together for always and that they will get married and will decide to keep the baby and raise it! i loe the show and really hope theres a wedding but i can't believe that i have to wait till january to see the next one!!!
posted by alexandra on Sep 13, 2008
ricky is vaery hot
posted by ???????????????????? on Sep 13, 2008
my sister is pregnant and she's 15 years old
posted by maxwell on Sep 11, 2008
posted by kaila1301995 on Sep 11, 2008
omg! listen i am like obsessed wit hthis show. heres my imput... i think ben is way to lovy divy with amy. if i were in charge i would have ricky make a break through and change. him and amy get married. grace and adrian be friends. and jack just hang low with his jock friends because he is just being all weird now. i hope ashley and bens friend hook up and amy and ricky raise the baby
posted by rileigh on Sep 10, 2008
i ment chaperone not ochaperone bye
posted by rileigh on Sep 10, 2008
hello everybody i love the secret life it is fun and it really shows how teenagers think it will show some parents what their kids are doing as for me i will be a teenager next year i do not plan on doing anything because its a sin kids teenagers listen to me do not have sex plus my parents are going t ochaperone me parents that might be a goods idea thank you for listining bye
posted by nicole on Sep 10, 2008
love it

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