Britney Spears' First Sex Partner Identified

September 06, 2008 07:28:20 GMT

The man, identified as Reg Jones, told the Daily Mirror that he and Britney were in love and she was very passionate.

Britney Spears
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The man to whom Britney Spears lost her virginity has been identified. Hot on the heels of Lynne Spears' claim on her tell-all book that Britney lost her virginity to her eighteen-year-old high school sweetheart when she was just fourteen, the guy in question steps forward, speaking his very own version of story about his old romance with Britney.

The guy, whose name is Reg Jones, is now 30 years old. He had an interview with the Daily Mirror on Friday, September 5 to which he confessed that he and Britney were very in love. "Britney was very passionate. I'd often stay over at her house and we'd fool around like any young couple," he revealed, adding that their age difference "didn't seem to matter" for them at that time.

Recalling his old days with Britney, Jones admired her as he thought "she was everything a boy could have wanted - great-looking, always laughing and liked by everyone." He also admitted that he was heartbroken when she dumped him for singer Justin Timberlake.

Deeply saddened by their split, Jones claimed that as time goes by he still thinks of Britney and keeps a photograph of her wearing a black bra. No words from Britney's camp about Jones' revelation.

Lynne, whose tell-all tome "Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World" will be released on September 16, wrote in it that Britney has sex for the very first time with her then boyfriend, a Kentwood, La., high school football player. In the book she also testified that she went along with the lie that her famous daughter was still virgin, even though she didn't, and tried hard to convince people to believe so.

Dishing on Britney's dark past, Lynne also recalled the first time she experimented with drugs and alcohol. She as well openly expressed her regret for not handling Britney's career early on that later in the future led to her public breakdown.


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posted by lola on Sep 05, 2010
she just be small girl whan she haveng sex..why she do that???? I CAN'T BILIVE!!!!
posted by steph on Oct 15, 2008
and oh yeah another thing its not that great havin sex underage and trust me i dnt know what its rele like because i havent had it yet and im onli 14 nearly 15 and all my boyfriends just disappear the next day is it rele that bad just answer me that question plz ............xxxx
posted by steph on Oct 15, 2008
this was ridiculous, if my mum ever done that to me i would have slapped my mum. well i rele do feel well sorry for britney her mum goes and writes a book about her own daughter how nasty is that. then she loses her kids jayden and sean to a nasty piece of work all i can say is i feel your pain brit
posted by tyurt on Sep 09, 2008
Sex is so sweet. Its so good for peoples' healthy. How i wish it were me
posted by dell on Sep 09, 2008
what a damn mum that is!She must be an old witch to her daughter
posted by Mag on Sep 08, 2008
The outrage all over this screen shows that fans and non-fans alike of Britney Spears feel that she has been abused and exploited by her own mother and this has had a relatively huge impact on her career and life. Britney has shown extreme perseverence and courageously picked her way up, winning all 3 awards she was nominated for at this year's MTV Music Awards. In her speech for best female video, she stated that the award was "for all the fans". She has shown dedication to both her fans and her music, and for that, we must greatly applaud her. Keep going Britney! You're a wonderful person on the inside and many of us know it. You're the Princess of Pop and you're title as legend can't ever be taken form you by anyone. We're all here to support you. It's Britney Bitch! =)
posted by :( on Sep 07, 2008
i felt sorry for britney. ive always know that she's a strong woman.
posted by person on Sep 07, 2008
why is she even writing all this? the world doesn't need to know about her sex life, her mom is just an attention-craving bint
posted by Ken-E on Sep 06, 2008
Ok Lynne you really need to stop poisoning Britney! Now I know why she estranged herself from you! You're a manipulative old witch! This is your daughter!
posted by Oliver Fox on Sep 06, 2008
What a bitch! I can't believe this woman actually calls her self a mother. Gosh no wonder Britney had that breakdown and Jamie wanted to leave her house so bad that she got pregnant and her husband was a drunk while growing up! That lady is a stage mother and is craving for attention, BITCH!
posted by Bre on Sep 06, 2008
thats so fucking dumb! wow! people need to just shut the hell up! JUST ATTENTION PEOPLE WANT!!!
posted by don on Sep 06, 2008
This is ridiculous, why didn't her stupid ass mom try to raise her the right way and help guider her career when she was younger. It would have made things a lot easier when she got older. It's a shame Britney had to fall off the wagon all alone, and then have to pick herself back up ALONE without her moms help. Now her mom is trying to tear her down again.

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