Jennie Garth's Little Daughter Has Arthritis

September 05, 2008 07:14:40 GMT

The TV actress told People she's been through "six months of hell" earlier this year when her daughter Lola was diagnosed with Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA).

Jennie Garth
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Aside from the success of her latest TV project, CW's "90210", Jennie Garth finds out that not all is well in her life as her little daughter, Lola Ray, was diagnosed with arthritis earlier this year. Opening up about that in a new interview with People, she referred to the moment as "six months of hell."

"I had a sick daughter and then my father passed away, so there was a six month period in my life when I didn't think about my looks or my weight or my body or anything," so she explained to People for using such reference. Not knowing the disease Lola was suffering from, she found it even harder when after completing her stint on "Dancing with the Stars," Lola's condition got worse and she didn't even know what was wrong with the little girl.

"I was basically locked in a closet with her for three months," she confessed, adding that "I didn't exercise or eat health. I had been a 27 in my jeans after Dancing With the Stars and I was so excited. But it really went back quickly. I definitely gained inches and a size."

Going through the dark moment for some time, doctors could finally diagnose Lola's illness, saying she suffered from Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), which is an autoimmune disorder that causes swelling in the joints. Garth revealed that while the process was tough, Lola is "better now."

Spending 10 years on the original series of "90210" in 1990s, Garth reprises her role of Kelly Taylor, which catapulted her to fame, in its spin-off which already premiered on CW on Tuesday, September 2. The teen drama series quickly became a hit soon after its first airing.

Off screen, Garth has been married to actor Peter Facinelli since January 2001. They are parents to three daughters; Luca Bella, Lola, and Fiona Eve.


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posted by CSYB on Apr 29, 2009
My 1st cousin was diagnosed with juvenille arthritis. It was a difficult time, when she was a girl, but as she gets older, she's doing better, with the right exercises and medication. Keep your chin up Jennie.
posted by Magan P. on Apr 14, 2009
I hope that Lola gets better soon. Jennie has always been one of my favorite actresses. She has always stayed true to herself. I respect that she has a happy and healthly marriage, as well as a great family. I hope that they all come through this difficult time. They will all be in my prayers. :)
posted by Joe\'s Mom on Oct 23, 2008
As a mother of a 3 year old with Systemic JRA, I can only hope Jennie Garth will do for this disease what Jenny McCarthy has done for Autism. I hope Lola stays well.

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