The Older Woman Who Takes Daniel Radcliffe's Virginity Identified

September 04, 2008 08:19:55 GMT

US Weekly claimed in a report in its latest issue that he lost his virginity to former girlfriend Amy Byrne, an assistant hairdresser who was 23 years old when they first met in 2005.

Daniel Radcliffe
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Daniel Radcliffe's biggest secret about the woman who took his virginity has been outed by US Weekly. While the young actor has been keeping the woman's identity under wrap, the magazine claimed it's his ex-girlfriend Amy Byrne who did it.

Radcliffe recently revealed in an interview for the October issue of Details magazine that he lost his virginity to an older woman. He, nevertheless, wouldn't say who the lucky lady was. He only said that the age difference between him and the lady "wasn't ridiculous but it would freak some people out."

In a report in its new issue, US Weekly quoted a source as claiming that Radcliffe lost his virginity to his then girlfriend Amy, an assistant hairdresser who was 23 years old when they first met on the set of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (2005).

Notwithstanding with the claim, a representative for Radcliffe has no comment at all. The actor himself has yet commented on the report.

Gaining fame when he was still very young, even before he reached Britain's age of consent, 16, Radcliffe did admit that most of his friends are girls. Staying single for the time being, he stated that he has no time to date just like his other peers. "Most of my friends have been girls, and I see how they are with their boyfriends and I think, I couldn't do that," he revealed. "I just don't have the time."

Provoking pros and cons with his full frontal appearance in the original London production of "Equus", Radcliffe will be reprising his role in the stage production's Broadway play on September 5. He, in the meantime, also is preparing himself to play a more mature role in the upcoming drama flick "Journey."


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posted by anus on Dec 28, 2013
who took his anal virginity?
posted by Jeff on Apr 16, 2011
For those of you saying it was illegal for that woman to have sex with Daniel, get a clue as to what the laws are in Europe first before you make yourself look like a fool. Daniel was of LEGAL age for sex! That happens to be 16 in that country! So fuck off!
posted by stupidshityouare on Oct 13, 2010
and nither do teens need to hawe sex until they get adult im teen and i knov
posted by stupidshityouare on Oct 13, 2010
how can you be so stupid teens hawe sex with teens and not adult with teens how can you be soooo stupid com on
posted by horrifyedhpfan!! on Aug 17, 2010
OMG!!! Why?? She is a sick dirty woman! Its illegal! Why daniel why? Now I feel like I don't want 2 marry him as much anymore :'(
posted by rena on Aug 04, 2010
I lost my virginity when I was 16.
posted by die hard potter fan on Jul 27, 2010
guys, nothing's wrong with losing your virginity young. as long as you love the person, you weren't pressured into it, and it was safe, whats the big deal? i lost my virginity when i was 14 and i'm still happy with my choice.
posted by queerboy on Jul 02, 2010
wish it would have been me! I'd do him any day.
posted by atasia on May 04, 2010
dennil is the most lovely man to all the girls. i am one of them. i love him so so so much
posted by Cathy9 on Apr 23, 2010
she is a gold digger...only wants his money...why would a old gal be into him, MONEY, thats why...
posted by stephii on Feb 27, 2010
Guys. It's a SEVEN-year difference. Now I KNOW that in the olden days when old men were marrying young teenage girls, a mere seven-year difference would have been unacceptable to the parents. The only reason why you're freaking out, is the fact that he's sixteen and you think that's too young an age to be having sex. Trust me. I agree. At the same time, in this day and age when twelve year olds are having sex, I don't think it's THAT bad. Plus, the religious comments are tacky and unnecessary. It's seven years. Get over it.
posted by melodyoflove23 on Dec 28, 2009
The virginity thing doesn't change how i feel about him.. or her. Big deal? So what? If some of you cared that much then why are you dissing??
posted by orly on Oct 27, 2009
lol at the maggie smith comment.. but seriously, why would anyone be surprised that he's not a virgin??
posted by Ry Jay on Oct 18, 2009
I had my money on Miranda Richardson. Because I would!
posted by Christ in me on Sep 11, 2009
Do u not know God, u're just a kid, behave as such.
posted by milo2342 on Sep 11, 2009
so stupid, just stupid. God loves you
posted by PAUUL on Sep 11, 2009
posted by GG Dan on Sep 09, 2009
Who cares about him anyway? He enjoyed the goodies of a 23years-old juicy chick. What's wrong with that? Some kids do it at 12, I have bitches in my highschool that started it at that isn't relevant anymore.....big deal...doh
posted by OME on Jul 26, 2009
ok.... ok.... ok.... OMG ! hyperventilate for an hour - that is what i did today! seriously, what was going through that pubescent adolescent at the time??? ew - i neva thought i'd hear meself say it about dan - but it's sick...really.
posted by FrodoFan on Jul 16, 2009
"used to be sweet innocent Harry?" Daniel isn't Harry Potter. Harry is a character he plays in movies. And we should stop referring to the woman as a slut. That's tacky.
posted by lilly. on Jul 12, 2009
wow omg some ppl are so dramatic.. big deal. he lost his viginity. it happens.
posted by so in luv with dan r on Jul 05, 2009
I cannot believe dan would do such a thing....its so hard to believe dat he used to be sweet innocent harry....i still love you though dan.....
posted by Chan. on Jun 13, 2009
bleh. Nevertheless, being older than him, and a woman, I must admit that'd I would have liked to steal his "v" card. I have never slept with a virgin. Something tells me that would be fabulous.
posted by chan on Jun 13, 2009
bleh. Nevertheless, being an older than him, and a woman, I have to admit that I too would want to have stolen his "v" card. I never got to sleep with a virgin. And that sucks.
posted by harrypottermegafan on May 13, 2009
i so can't believe that he would do that...i still love him though...some times people make mistakes...i soooo still LOVE him!!!
posted by usernameofme on Apr 27, 2009
...all i have to say is why... I mean, age isn't a factor. Most peoples parents are 4+ years in difference... but 16? That is just terrible
posted by farus on Mar 09, 2009
y harry.y not wait till ure married..lyk the jonas bros..thats y i lyk them
posted by farus on Mar 09, 2009
y harry.y not wait till ure married..lyk the jonas bros..thats y i lyk them
posted by annie on Feb 08, 2009
daniel'u lost the heart opf ur fans.u shouldnt have done that that vos quite cheap
posted by annie on Feb 08, 2009
daniel'u lost the heart opf ur fans.u shouldnt have done that
posted by Sweet Spice on Jan 29, 2009
OMG!!! NO HE DIDN'T!!!!..... Okay, he did . That's just sad.. what there was no one else on the list? .. and he went for the hairdresser.. ..Oh well what can we do ... he was in a rush to get the virginity thing over with ... and "Amy" was an open door ... Technically she would be considered a child malester but Dan doesn't think so, he just knows he enjoyed it ... that's just sad i would have expected something original but that's his mistake...oh well...
posted by 0m6 on Jan 24, 2009
0m6...its s0 ungly Amy.. i can't believe it yet..
posted by sexy slut on Dec 30, 2008
Dan, I bet I can impress you better than that stupid slut
posted by ewwwwwwww on Dec 09, 2008
just so cheap..........
posted by H on Sep 16, 2008
Would you guys say the same if it was your daughter who was 16 and she had sex with a 23 year old man?? Why the double standard between boys and girls? Ok lets say it was your son, would you want a 23 year old woman sleeping with him at 16?
posted by Seriously? Seriously on Sep 08, 2008
So he was 16 and she was 23... like thats REALLY that much of an age difference, come on! 6 years? That's nothing... There are 8 years between my parents (and Mum is the older one, shock horror gasp!) so 6 years in the grand scheme of things is pretty meh...
posted by oh no he didn\'t! LO on Sep 07, 2008
that is suprising. i did not think that he would do that but it happened and it is over. i am shocked that he would do that but we cannot control his actions
posted by deedeeffrz on Sep 05, 2008
omg! That hairdresser must be a cradle-snatcher! ewwwww. I can't see the attraction with daniel anyway, he looks like a kid, and his eyebrows have their own climate.
posted by Aula on Sep 05, 2008
Wow! I wasn't expecting to ever learn about this. Makes you think about why her? Along with the thought that he would have never lost his virginity if he wasn't playing the role of Harry Potter. Which would mean he wouldn't have met her and so on. But even if he wasn't famous I'm sure he would have lost it to another girl. Teenagers are like that and but even would have been nice to see that he would wait. Because it makes it look like she's robbing the cradle.
posted by melly on Sep 04, 2008
Darn! I was hoping it was Maggie Smith!
posted by Most Powerful wizard on Sep 04, 2008
the look on his face in the top left photo makes his eyes brows look like they are trying to control my mind EEEP wax on Wax off Daniel Son

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