Rihanna and Chris Brown to Play Double-Bill in New Zealand

September 04, 2008 06:27:37 GMT

Rihanna is scheduled to appear with rumored-boyfriend Chris Brown at Auckland and Wellington's gigs.

Rihanna and Chris Brown to Play Double-Bill in New Zealand
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Two of the world's most popular R&B performers, Rihanna and Chris Brown, may be reluctant to confirm their romantic relationship but they will definitely be together in New Zealand. Next month, the two singers are set to join forces in the country where Rihanna and Chris are currently holding steady at number one on the singles charts with their respective hits "Disturbia" and "With You".

Speaking of the New Zealand's collaboration, Chris says that he is thrilled. "I love it out there," he states. "I can't wait to see the fans out there because I've been away for a little while."

Unfortunately, when asked for the details, the "Run It" singer remains silent on what people could expect from the show. Instead, he says that he and Rihanna will play separate sets. "We're not gonna interfere with each other's sets, we're just gonna have our own set," he informs.

The tour, which will be held at Auckland's Vector Arena on October 27, and at Wellington's TSB Arena on October 29, will be their first-ever joint concert. Starting from September 15, tickets are available for purchase through ticketmaster for Auckland's show and ticketek for Wellington's gig.


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posted by natalie on Oct 28, 2008
omgee! im soo not lucky i didnt get to goo:(:(:( i was like crying my heart out!!:(:( i love you chris brown!:):)
posted by nicecblover#1 on Oct 13, 2008
hey sexy chris brown im happy that u found a good girl u can hold on to.These days its pretty hard to find a good one you just a little disapointed at u chris cuz i remember when you appear in "tyra show",she asked u are u going out with anybody and you answer was NO.You said i will let my real fans know when i have a girlfriend so they won't be dissapointed. But i still love and i understand you want to keep it private but u know u cant since ur a celebrity. IloveYou keep ur head up and t.c.
posted by shawtay on Oct 07, 2008
i hope i dnt see dem in mah hometown Auckland... or where i stay now in australia! mounty county 2770 waht! & 274 otara
posted by shawtay on Oct 07, 2008
i dnt noe why people want his autograph nd daht.. wenn they dnt even give ah shit about anyone. deyy juss want more fans to make them more rich.! if yooh met both ov dem now.. in ah minute they will forget yooh juss like daht!
posted by elizabeth.s on Oct 07, 2008
wahtevah! im not really ah fan of any-wunn! yall all kan kum kiss mah ass! im owt!
posted by estee on Sep 24, 2008
i love chris n rihanna, even if they are performing seperately but u guy should at least do a song toghether to waaaaaaaooooooooo the crowd. go guy
posted by samiie brown on Sep 17, 2008
well to be honest i dont really want Rihannah to come. Chris Brown you rock my world like hard to the outs.. xx!!..samiie brown
posted by ashleigh megson on Sep 08, 2008
ur are fit as **** lol
posted by ashleigh on Sep 08, 2008
you are fit as **** lol
posted by nickie on Sep 08, 2008
rihanna if you and chris
posted by nickie on Sep 08, 2008
rihanna if you and chris brown go together you two make a cute couple
posted by Posh on Sep 08, 2008
Rihanna and Chris is not that hot anymore. Ri is starting to look more like a lesbian. Chris keeps making ugly faces
posted by Tamara on Sep 05, 2008
omg i so want to come to your concert i really want to meet you... your so hot..
posted by deedeeffrz on Sep 05, 2008
i love chris brown and rihanna. It is so obvious that they are an item, so why are they trying to hide it??? They are together all the time, it's like they can't go anywhere without each other. BTW chris is so hot!
posted by sexy angel on Sep 05, 2008
that's gonna be a big show can't wait.... but i think u guys sould at least do one song together
posted by amrita on Sep 04, 2008
i love u chris brown i would really like to meet you!!!!
posted by amrita on Sep 04, 2008
you're so hot
posted by emo-girl on Sep 04, 2008
you're so co0ol hot and sexy
posted by mrs brown on Sep 04, 2008
im so goin! all of yuz can count on it! imma b front row! xo

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