Jonas Brothers Invite Fans to Ask Any Questions on Their MySpace Blog

September 03, 2008 02:20:00 GMT

Thanking their fans for supporting their latest tour, the "Burnin' Up", the brothers are inviting fans to ask any questions they want on their MySpace blog.

Jonas Brothers
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Fans of Jonas Brothers are having the opportunity to know their idols better as the boys are offering them the chance to ask any questions on their MySpace blog. Willing to thank their fans for supporting their "Burnin' Up" tour, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas put the question-and-answer opportunity on the site for a couple of weeks.

"WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU" so the brothers wrote in a post on their MySpace blog, dated September 1. "We would like to answers questions from our fans. We are inviting you to ASK US ANY QUESTION YOU WANT TO ASK. Leave your questions as a response to this Blog and we will pick some to answer over the next couple weeks."

Also promising to answer as many questions as possible, the threesome however also remind fans "to keep all questions appropriate." In the wake of the post, it has been claimed that Jonas Brothers have received close to 12,000 responses within the first 12 hours.

Having three shows left as part of their "Burnin' Up" tour, the brothers revealed in the post that they're heading for Los Angeles this week for a scheduled appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". Then in the weekend they will be in L.A. for one more time, performing on MTV's Video Music Awards. Next week, they are going to Europe for the premiere of "Camp Rock."

In related news, in addition to performing on MTV's Video Music Awards, held September 7, Jonas Brothers also score two nominations; Pop Music Video of the Year and Video of the Year for "Burnin' Up".

More information about Jonas Brothers' question-and-answer session can be seen on their MySpace blog.


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posted by BABE CAKES on Aug 02, 2012
posted by dell on Oct 07, 2010
hey joe kevin nick it's me your little love bug im so much very sorry that you guys did not had a chance to hear from me
posted by dell on Oct 07, 2010
and joe kevin nick if you wonna no were im i i am in the south i am in south carolina roswesvill and now i go to school in orange bruge and yes i mother died on may the 31st in are year in 2010 the rest of my hammack falily kicked me out for no reson at all an now i am in the hands of in foster care my cuzzing katey cuted my long hair when i told her no any ways but i cryed and joe bro i love you and even for kevin nick love and miss you your's truely from evelyn rose johnson your little love bug .and yes lady bug is in wv with my aunt carla and my uncle scott and my cuzzings so sjes fine love you well gotta finsh u school now i'll talk to you later when schools out ok thanks by
posted by Maryam on Sep 12, 2010
hey guys, i love you so much!!!! how come you guys never visit nigeria? u've got lots of fans here... or is there something wrong with Nigeria?
posted by Animallover on Aug 24, 2010
Hey Jonas brothers I am yalls biggest fan in the whole wide world i love y'all guys soooo much keep rockn on. And I have a question? Joe do u have a girlfriend name Cary?
posted by nick jonas on Jun 30, 2010
u all r amazing but i like this gurl name shaniya love nick jonas
posted by joe jonas gril on May 22, 2010
hey guys ia m big fan of all and i want to ask nick jonas first nick would you go with me and joe jonas could spend the day toghter so write back love you all
posted by stephanie on May 01, 2010
can you come to dubai to play i have your 2010 year book
posted by sarah97320 on Apr 23, 2010
hey jonas bro keep on going and keep on rockin!!!good luck,bisou a vous tous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by srishti on Feb 15, 2010
hi..joe u sooooooo hot?whoes ur latest crush..........
posted by sabrina on Feb 07, 2010
nick i whish i could give u a hug i live in marshal i had somthing bad happen to me to i'm gonna be having surgery done i'm realy scared i'm 13 turning 14 in may i'm a friend on ur facebook nick jonas iv'e never been to a concert but i realy want ur guyses concert to be my first. love ya nick. oh and i took a jonas marrie quiz and nick ur the one i got. lol, omg i waz so happy:]
posted by littlemissnickjonas on Jan 10, 2010
Its not about this but how much would it cost for you guys to to come 2 some ones birthday party because it would be awsome if you could come 2 mine.Because if you could come it would be a birthday party to remember i am 11 yrs old and liv in England i luv you all good luck in the future your biggest fan LANA RANDALL derby
posted by Ann-Sofie on Jan 10, 2010
Hey Guys! <3 - Would you ever come to Denmark again?! PLEASE!! Come and visit us one more time!
posted by justin biebers girl on Dec 28, 2009
nick would you ever go out with a fan couse my sister likes you she talkes about you everday shes 16 and im 15
posted by Ann-SofieAko on Dec 27, 2009
Hello guys! :D Will you ever come to Denmark again?! - And Nick, would you date a fan there is unger' then you? Cause I'm 13 and I LiKE YOU A LOT! o; <3
posted by sOsah on Nov 25, 2009
Hello .. joe I love you so much and you have many fans heard that the Arabs and you in this summer's tour of Asia Is Stgnon in an Arab country like the UAE or Egypt? With my sincere friendly: Saudi Arabia impressed
posted by sheridan on Nov 23, 2009
ok im nt obessed with u lol i think some of ur songs r cool lol but.... my mates are in love with u lol its actually wierd sometimes lol der actually away to ur concert tomorrow in dublin lol but anywho.... will u do me a huge favour since it is one of my friends b-day soon. will u make a video saying michelle and sammy ur are really cool lol den mention my name so they will know its for them. or even jus write back saying ur awesome r something lol it would be a really good present for them lol please lol if i ever see u walking down the street r something lol i promise i will hi5 you r something lol probaly never happen but u never know lol x
posted by @+h€n€ on Oct 29, 2009
y dnt u guys eva cum 2 sheffield i mean u do hav millions of fans here as wel ya knw!! :(
posted by SNEHA TRESA EKKA on Oct 09, 2009
posted by gclever on Oct 02, 2009
dear jonas 1-do u like egyptian girls? 2-will u ever become muslim?(dont b sad from this question but i really want 2 know)
posted by Nikki Davis on Sep 30, 2009
Joesph Adam Jonas. I am wating for you Comeing back to CA. You are Dateing Nikki Davis I Love you too Joesph Adam Jonas?
posted by farrah courtney on Sep 25, 2009
how many countries have you visited so far?
posted by mrs kevin jonas on Sep 22, 2009
hi kevin i think you are the number one hotest guy in the world and no joe im not talking about you or nic im for sure talking about kevin your not in the corner your at the top and do forget it luv u
posted by nikki star on Sep 20, 2009
how come yall wont give out yall real number?!?!?!?!?!
posted by jamiieLouisewhittle, on Sep 05, 2009
ILoveyouJonasBrothers . Your gorgeouse ! and i love your music ! Kevin and joe your hilarious , i wish i could grow up to your age nick . :) I want to marry you ! Or get a hug of any of you , Please do another concert in birmingham near start of 2010 ! if you have myspace or facebook and your not too busy add me pleeease . jamie whittle :) loveyou !
posted by kat on Aug 30, 2009
i just wanted 2 say that u guys say that u luv your fans well i rilly think that u dont because u havent rote back 2 me that makes me think u just dont care if u do care u should write back
posted by nickjsfutherwife... on Aug 28, 2009
hey guys meghan here u guys rock so will u rock another show in dublin on november 25th. luv ya nick. joe ur so funny and kevin congrats on getn engaged.
posted by rachel & nick 4eva on Aug 27, 2009
Nick u r hott i whish i could meet u btw nick made me cry when he spoke about his dibetes
posted by numbronefan on Aug 24, 2009
nick can you come to maryland i love you nick
posted by daisy on Aug 20, 2009
hi again if u are wondering why i think i deserve a day with u is because my brother has specal needs its kind of hard some days is also hard because i dont have many friends i also have bin tezzed and bullyed alot i try to fit in the best that i can i think u guys are the best and u keep me going i my life plz write back luv u
posted by daisy on Aug 18, 2009
joe me and u have the same bday
posted by daisy on Aug 17, 2009
you can contact me at
posted by daisy on Aug 17, 2009
hi guys i just wanted to know if u could make my dream come ture if it isent to much to ask can u plz let me have a day with u write back
posted by Le226 on Aug 17, 2009
nick u r so hott
posted by ashley1997 on Aug 12, 2009
nick- your so cute
posted by mrs nick jonas on Aug 12, 2009
i think your really cute
posted by ashley1997 on Aug 11, 2009
Nick jonas heres my number i-m 10 903-790-7019 please write back..
posted by ashley1997 on Aug 11, 2009
Kevin..How old are you
posted by ashley1997 on Aug 11, 2009
Nick what kind of girl do you like
posted by Kattie_4 on Aug 07, 2009
HEy Kevin can you call me At-223-3270 and kevin Jonas Can I have your Cell Phone NUmber
posted by ritz on Aug 07, 2009
heyyy jonas bros plz plz plz cme in kolkata . i promize u all that u all wud get a warm welcme
posted by maddog on Aug 07, 2009
What kind of girl are you looking 4? I love u Nick and Joe - Madison Rose
posted by laurie on Aug 03, 2009
Hey guys im from ireland please do another concert in dublin on 25th of november because i couldnt get any tickets for the concert... I love u Nick!!!!!!Joe and Kevin ye are soooo funny everytime i go on youtube i cry i laugh so much... PLEASE DO A CONCERT ON NOVEMBER 25TH 2009
posted by kiita..♥ on Aug 01, 2009
hey so i have a MAJOR question for youu guys why are you ALL so hot? you are all so hot but in different ways! joe i think im in love with you! :L jking but youu sure are hot so i wanted to ask what your guys favourite song is out of all the ones youu hav sang :P iiloveyouu (a bit to much :S)
posted by selena8585 on Aug 01, 2009
hey guys i was just woundering if u guys ever thought u would reach this level of fame as fast as u did?.... selena from minnesota
posted by dreamer11 on Jul 30, 2009
hey guys ifur rally going to read this are u coming back to raleigh bc i cried win i herd u guys werent in 2009 and i have been waiting 2 years and are u guys going to have a 2010 tour next year bc i will b hopefully in the front row singing every song bc i no like all of them but if u r can u come raleigh bc it was hard this year bc we found out u werent coming to raleigh and only going to charollate and we couldnt get tickets and last year win we wante to buy some it was to late and all my friends who went said it was good and i have seen the concert in 3D about 15 times i am not joking and u guys are my rolemodles u taught that win u can belive u can do something u can acheive it too. i have always love to sing but win i herd ur first CD i luved singing even more. if u read this JOE, NICK, and, KEVIN i think i can speak for me and alot of my friends that i or we will write a message similar to this one saying that that was us. i hope ur tour is going good also congrats kevin from me and my friends also we all wanted to say nick we r amazed that since u have diabetes u r able to do what u do and that is something we look for and there was a guy in my cas who is going through the same thing u do and ur showing people that its not big and i idnt mean to bring that up wwe just really belive in our self now and we can also all say joe u ROCK keep writing and we will be hoping ull have a 2010 tour ans that ull come to raleigh or closer that charollate and mayb u can come to raleigh on ur way to charolatte hope we can write later bye oh and we wood all love to become ur friend and one last thing u guys are so cute but keep writing talk to u later really hope ull come to raleigh on ur way to charolatte u will dif here me singing .p.s. my friends and r are 11 and we luv u guys so see soon BYE JOE,NICK and, KEVIN oh one more thing from about 5 girls Frankie we luv u too but bye TTFN
posted by Nick Jonas Luver!x! on Jul 29, 2009
Hey again JB's this question is 4 Nick: hey Nick I would do anything to talk 2 u so do u give out ur personal email address or house address cozI sooo would love 2 have it I will give u my email so u can send it 2 me I wont give it 2 any 1 without ur prmission plz coz I have sent loads of things 2 u like emails and letters ad if have ur personal email and house address then I will know that it is defonatley u tht is answering and i will know that u will get my mmail andit wont go 2 a fan place where other people read them instead of tha is right isnt it coz u cant read all of ur fan mail thanx 4 reading this anyways better go luv Elliexxxxxxxxxxx (UK)
posted by Nick Jonas Luver!x! on Jul 29, 2009
Hey JB'S luv u guys soo much it would be my dream 2 meet uI might be coming 2 ur concert at London on the 21st November. NickI love u so much u r so cut I cried when I heard that u and Miley are goin bck out again if its true I hope not! I am 13 from England Now 2 my question: Would u date an 13 yr old English girl coz I would luv 2 date u thanx alot luv yaxxxx!
posted by markaya on Jul 12, 2009
hi nick jonas i love you soo much thanks hope you answer back:)
posted by hannahluvsnick on Jul 06, 2009
Hi nick,I was just wondering would you ever date a 10 year old girl?And what if she acted the 16 year old age,and was the height of one and everyone thoguht she was 16?
posted by Desiree on Jul 01, 2009
I am not obessed with you guys just call me please 973 823 9277 is my home but if I dont answer call my cell 973 896 3106. ps I really want to talk to you guys. Love,Desiree
posted by Desiree on Jul 01, 2009
I am not obessed with you guys just call me please 973 823 9277 is my home but if I dont answer call my cell 973 896 3106. ps I really want to talk to you guys. Love,Desiree
posted by softball4998 on Jun 30, 2009
they r so hott i luv u nick!!!
posted by goth on Jun 27, 2009
im goth u think u could were black every day
posted by nicole on Jun 27, 2009
i think u guys are so funny and cute
posted by sos on Jun 23, 2009
hey guys i think you guys are cool i love many of your songs but 2 of my fav. are s.o.s and year 300.i hope you guys have a wounderful tour.oh and sorry if iam asking to many questions i know you must have many question to answer.
posted by sos on Jun 23, 2009
hi jonas brothers i just hava a quick question would you date a fan?
posted by sos on Jun 23, 2009
posted by SUGARLIPS on Jun 21, 2009
Will i hope al of you guys can come....joe and kevin i think you guys are cute to.........Nick can you plz plz plz plz plz call me to 575 805 0662 or 575 526 1615
posted by SUGARLIPS on Jun 21, 2009
I LOVE you jonas brother....but i love nick more and dont worry nick im not all obessed with you like all this girls i just really like you... i was wondring do you date girls younger then you..cuz i 14 yrs old.........i hope you can come to El paso Tx.
posted by noelia on Jun 17, 2009
i amm yals bigist fannn!! i love u joe u r soo cute !!!u r soo awsome!!!
posted by arleth on Jun 09, 2009
how do u get bak on ur myspace if u put fergot pasword on the bottom it sends u it but its the same pasword that u signed in for but u changd ur pasword a long time ago and now u forgot it!!!!!!plz help me someone!!!!!!!!:(
posted by sport man on Jun 05, 2009
what up. call 8962903
posted by Jordan Drummond on May 24, 2009
Hey Guys I can't wait til you come to Birmingham Alabama because I live verry close to Birmingham plus I've you the Biggest and Most Best present Ever!See you August 16,2009!!!!
posted by A1996 on May 07, 2009
posted by Number 1 fan on May 07, 2009
can i Have your phone number
posted by scarlett on May 04, 2009
i'm an american but i stay in India,so i never got a chance to see you'll
posted by ramyani on May 04, 2009
really u guys should come...there are millions of fans here!!!
posted by priyanka on May 04, 2009
ya plz come to India
posted by scarlett on May 04, 2009
hey guys!!!pleasw come to India in your tour!!!plz plz plz...
posted by christine avelino. on May 04, 2009
i know that it s impossible.. to see u n person... coz ur far away from me. but all i wish s to hug u guys..
posted by christine avelino. on May 04, 2009
hi nick... im tin2 a me please this s my number 09072706891
posted by im christine avelino on May 04, 2009
hi nick joe and kevin.. i am one of ur fan..i lyk all ur songs..gonna find u at the ryt time.. wanna see u..
posted by selena on May 02, 2009
selena again you know how much gosop gose around about you guys.
posted by Selena on May 02, 2009
I realley dont like aney of you guys i think you guys sing realley awsome! so did joe realley get laft at when he was yunger
posted by Scardycat Kate on Apr 30, 2009
This question is for Nick what grade are you in right now and what courses are you taking?
posted by isabel on Apr 27, 2009
joe would you ever date a 10 year old with blonde hair and blue eyes that was short?????????
posted by Sexyest-dime on Apr 25, 2009
Anyways why r yal all on them like that they dont love anybody but me and their family and i cnt wait til u guys come to kc mo and nick and joe r sexy im 16 and kevin u r cute i didnt 4 get bout u
posted by samsung on Apr 22, 2009
joe i love u so so so much
posted by Nickjonasluvr27 on Apr 11, 2009
i am big fan of the guys. my favorite song is burin up
posted by Ariel on Apr 08, 2009
Joe say I love you Ariel and please be mine.Also can we get married!!!I'm always will be in love with you joe jonas.!!!!
posted by Ariel on Apr 08, 2009
Joe I love you so much. Big fan,and we both have alot in common were CRAZY!!!Joe you are my hero andwould you ever date a girl in cheasepeek/Virginia like you joe and the rest of yall!!!P.S I love you more joe!!!.
posted by hottie on Mar 21, 2009
hay joe call me im the girl named hottie
posted by HOTTIE on Mar 16, 2009
posted by kamie on Mar 16, 2009
would you come to toronto and come meet me?i love you joe
posted by joe and nick on Mar 08, 2009
hey,guys!!!please please come to bosnia nd herzegovina.i want to meet you so bad!!!i am 12,so i cant come to your concerts in usa.please please!!!you are awesome
posted by joe and nick on Mar 08, 2009
hey,guys!!!please please come to bosnia nd herzegovina!please please
posted by Emma Jane on Mar 07, 2009
Hey gys i just want to ask one question what is the best part about being on stage and i love yous all .love Emma .x
posted by sierra on Mar 07, 2009
im miss jonas people so back off my men
posted by nickjonas1234 on Mar 06, 2009
Nick can you call me at (818)368-3132? PLEASE!!!!!
posted by nickjonas1234 on Mar 06, 2009
I love you Nick and I wont to meet you so bad!!! :-) My name is Allison and I live in California and I'm 11 years.
posted by nickjonas1234 on Mar 06, 2009
Nick can I have your e-mail?
posted by lovebug/bunningup on Feb 23, 2009
SORRY JOE :[ I DID LIKE taylor swift but i didnt like her when i saw the picture on youtube of you and taylor swift making out on the beach so i love you love sierra <3
posted by lovebug/bunningup on Feb 23, 2009
joe why do you date taylor swift when she is nasty i'm the 1/one for you love sierra :] <3<3<3<3<3<3<3XOXOXOXOXOXOXO YOU MADE ME CRY I THOUGHT YOU LOVED YOUR FANS LOVE SIERRANICOLEBORGIA
posted by mia on Feb 21, 2009
umm hey u guys r amazing omg joe yr high kicks r amazing and nick u can sing!! u 2 joe and kevin u play the gutair like r drinking juice im saying u make it seem so easy lol well u guys rock and i cant wait to see in the movies nick in 3d omg i hope i dont pass out u guys keep being r selves and um i will always be a fan and if u need some help message me lol by u guys and nick i LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im 16 rofl
posted by mia on Feb 21, 2009
i love u guys me and my friends listen to r songz and no all the words to it i think my friend said u guys like some of r fans if that true please tell me so i luv u guys and i LOVE nick im 16 nick
posted by cheyenne on Feb 20, 2009
you guys are gay now.
posted by catherine on Feb 17, 2009
i will never x out of this website until i have to. that is how much nick means to me!!! gghehejeui
posted by catheine on Feb 17, 2009
the jonas brothers luv me and no one else,HA HA HA !!! suckers!!
posted by catheine on Feb 17, 2009
i luv you nick!!!!the jonas brothers luv me and no one else, suckers!!! i have to leave its lunchtime!!!!! luv ya with all my heart!!!!!luv ya catherine!!!!!!!!!!
posted by I love jonas brother on Feb 17, 2009
Will u guys come to the Rds Ireland again i did not get to see u last time
posted by brant ( 4 years old) on Feb 17, 2009
u are awsome!!! i wish i couid see kevin,joe nick.!!!! love ya , catherine& brant
posted by lauren on Feb 16, 2009
dear Joe Kevin and Nick, My frend and I love your music so much that my friend prentends that she is married to you Joe. Me on the other hand I only dance to your music. from Lauren Restucci P.S. WOuld you want to come to my house one time.
posted by delia on Feb 12, 2009
y really like the jonas brothers there are awesome you all come to roumania?
posted by Laidiesman217 on Feb 10, 2009
Hey guys wen r u comin 2 australia we luv u over here
posted by Laidesman217 on Feb 10, 2009
Umm Hey Jonas brothers u rock i have every cd u guys made exept ur concet 1 i love u joe and kevin nick u r cute 2
posted by mrs jonas on Feb 02, 2009
hey jonas brothers i wonder if u ever get this comment could u write back i love joe jonas but i am not saying nick and kevin arn't cuz they are not joe could u say i love you meli
posted by Dayjjah on Feb 02, 2009
Hey JB's I wanted you 4 meaning Nick,Joe,kevin&Frank The Tank.Anyway all of you guys are so awsome! I love all your songs.Bye you 4!!!
posted by iluvspud16 on Jan 26, 2009
hey jobros i hope u can come 2 australia i really want to meet u in person i luv ur personality joe you are so funny and talented!!!!
posted by jonasgirl on Jan 25, 2009
i love you nick and joe will you ever tour belfast if you can? what is your fan number?? i really wanna meet you!
posted by ana on Jan 24, 2009
if you met me you could see that im really different im 18 and if you came to Bosna and hercegovina i would love to see you there PS:IM A GREAT SINGER
posted by lifetimechance on Jan 21, 2009
I really wan to know if you can come to a school in Davenport Iowa called Harrison and i really want to know becuse i just got my braces and i think i look bad also i am only 11 12 and i really woundent sceam or takel you down u can cont on me you guys made me smile when i got my braces today and only people that are like a family to me can do that PLEASE Thanks and please think about it God Bless you
posted by jacqueline on Jan 14, 2009
hey joe kevin nick your a best band on the world kisss
posted by i love you nick! on Jan 08, 2009
oh mi gosh!nick i love you! you r so sexy!i love you to joe! please come to ireland! me and my friends kerri jenny hayley saorsia and lauren love you more than anyone!!! i wish me and my friends could meet you!!!! i would kiss you all day and have you to my self! just kidding!! XD and guess wat my friend kerri has this GORGEOUS keyring of you nick and i love it so much !!! member PLEEEEEZ come to ireland!!!!
posted by kiki texas on Jan 06, 2009
did you get mad when people started to put up on youtube that nick and joe kissed and had pictures.did nick and joe kiss?
posted by kiki on Jan 06, 2009
did nic and joe ever kiss?
posted by HannahInDaHouse on Jan 05, 2009
Hey i love all of you ppl ( Nick ) Nick PLEASE say i love you Hannah :Pxxxx
posted by hollieandhannahjohns on Jan 05, 2009
will you guys ever come to england coz my sis loves nick and she never stops talking about him i love all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love hollie
posted by lizzy78 on Jan 02, 2009
i love you joe u r so great i am ur biggest fan i know ur songs and come to barbados love jb
posted by jobrosfan on Jan 01, 2009
hi i love you so much, will you come to the uk again like leeds or somewhere near their because ive never been to a concert before and i would love to go to yours.
posted by Hanne - NorwayGirl : on Jan 01, 2009
Heey from Norway :D When do you come to Norway? :):) Hope you come soon ;P
posted by jennae on Dec 31, 2008
hey jonas brothers i jennae holladay i just like to tell you that i love your songs that you are the best band group every your number one fan jennae.
posted by XxGraciebucksxX on Dec 31, 2008
hey!! jonas brothers!! i love ye so much yere amazing!!!! will ye ever do a tour in ireland or just come and do one show because i really want to see ye its my biggest dream and im from ireland and thats the only way i could see ye?? so will ye plz think about it for all your fans in ireland(and relly theres alot)
posted by JB on Dec 31, 2008
Joe jonas have you ever gone out with someone not blond PS would you go out with me
posted by BB on Dec 29, 2008
Heya I LUV U Guys ArE YoU gonna haVe A Camp RoCk 2
posted by cindy on Dec 24, 2008
when will joe kevin n nick come to my home town of el paso tx
posted by goldie101 on Dec 18, 2008
hey guys!!! i love your music! all three of you are very talentd and you should come to Minnesota agan for a conert
posted by jonasgirl on Dec 06, 2008
You guys rock! And one question, do you guys ever call us back?
posted by elizabeth on Nov 29, 2008
will you tour in leeds or bradford plz
posted by amy n ruby on Nov 22, 2008
will u ever perform in london? again me and my friend where wondering. nick and joe we love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Luv nick jonas 4ever on Nov 12, 2008
Hiya nick i love you soooo much! we talk bout you all the time. me and my freind well, i talk about you and my best friend talks bout joe! we love you soooo much JOnas brothers! love u becky
posted by Luna on Nov 09, 2008
hey do you ever read any of this stuff ?? whatever though i love you so much!!!!!!!
posted by Hi on Nov 09, 2008
Hi I just want to say good look with everything, you really are the best band ever, and i think that the way you sing with oneanother really is a really good way to set a brilliant example.
posted by zzzz on Nov 09, 2008
I luv u Kevin j.and NICK AND JOE.
posted by zzzz on Nov 09, 2008
I luv u Kevin j.and NICK AND JOE.
posted by absessive on Nov 09, 2008
I love u guys u r sooo SEXY!!!!Do you even read these?Any way can you ever come2 Mississippi.You never come 2 the south!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by maria on Nov 09, 2008
im not trying to be races and please dont d=get affended but would you ever date a black girl?
posted by maria on Nov 09, 2008
can i have your cell phone number joe jonas please?
posted by JASHMAN on Nov 08, 2008
posted by JASHMAN on Nov 08, 2008
posted by JASHMAN on Nov 08, 2008
and who ever says u guys suck ill beat them up lol
posted by JASHMAN on Nov 08, 2008
hey uhh the email i sended u earlier was kinda weird yeeee so im seeing u guys later in america at ur concert this summer of 2009 YAY UMMM YEEEE LOVE U GUYS DONT WRRY WEN IM AT UR CONCERT i wont go crazy hahaahso byeeeee
posted by JASHMAN on Nov 08, 2008
posted by Caty on Nov 06, 2008
How old must we bee to get a date whit one of you
posted by fan:-) on Nov 06, 2008
Can you please come to Norway, you boys have never do that.-( please!! I love you all three!!
posted by ansy_funny on Nov 05, 2008
Joe do u hate palying basketball cause i don't lol
posted by sabrinaross11 on Oct 31, 2008
hey joe how much would it cost for you to come to my i can meet you i need a new friend to hang out with. love,sabrina ross 11
posted by Fatimah Ismail on Oct 29, 2008
hey guys....jus wanna say u guys r the u all especially jo hes fit! kevin and nick are really cute too! so wen r u guys touring manchester.....take care guys! mwaaaaah...xxxx i love u 4eva
posted by Cookieeeemonster :D on Oct 28, 2008
Hey Im Alex from sheffield :D <<yey we rock :P lol I think NICK is amazing and very hot! but joe and kevin r still cute xD....And i want 2 ask nick did u ever cry when u was writing or singing A little bit longer ?? I cry all the time when i hear it =/...Oh and btw I LOVE ALL OF YOU !
posted by princess on Oct 13, 2008
Hey i bet you guys get that alot of girls say they love you e c t . Well i would die to meet you i would love to ether date joe or nick altho im not famous i would still like a chance even just to hang with you guys it would rock i am thirteen and really hope you guys will do sign stuff when you come to edmonton ab well later i really luv you guys luv keanna
posted by princess on Oct 13, 2008
Hey i bet you guys get that alot of girls say they love you e c t . Well i would die to meet you i would love to ether date joe or nick altho im not famous i would still like a chance even just to hang with you guys it would rock i am thirteen and really hope you guys will do sign stuff when you come to edmonton ab well later i really luv you guys luv keanna
posted by shadow1234 on Oct 11, 2008
i luv the jonas brothers!
posted by aussie.girl on Oct 02, 2008
oh yer and do u know if ur goin 2 be coming to australia soon...
posted by aussie.girl on Oct 02, 2008
u guys rok some of ur music is really touching and good i really love singing and im pretty good at it do u hav any tips i could follow to get further in it?
posted by Anlo again on Sep 28, 2008
P.S. Do you ever play Bubblestruggle?
posted by Anlo on Sep 28, 2008
I'm from Denmark, and i've first found out now that you were in Denmark during summer holiday, and i wasn't home at that time, i was in Asia:(.. I Love you guys. Please come to Denmark again. <3
posted by vicky on Sep 28, 2008
you are the best group who can sing and you are the best group ever. love you lots and for ever.,
posted by swimtheocean4jbs on Sep 26, 2008
could i ask u a question..if ya ever get this text me or call if ur the real jbros is trouble4594 then ill give ya the num
posted by sunshine42 on Sep 22, 2008
Will you guys be coming to Winnipeg? I really like your music. You guys rock my world
posted by sunshine42 on Sep 22, 2008
Will you guys be coming to Winnipeg? I really like your music. You guys rock my world
posted by sunshine42 on Sep 22, 2008
Kevin Joe and Nick LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! You guys are so AWESOME!!!!!!! What is your favorite to perform at a concert?
posted by sunshine42 on Sep 22, 2008
Will you guys be coming to Winnipeg? I really like your music. You guys rock my world
posted by smurf_mc on Sep 22, 2008
hey will ye please come 2 ireland (limerick) b.t.w i love u nick xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted by SaRaH on Sep 20, 2008
l'm from australia and am kinda a big fan. just woderin when will you guys be commin here, l mean l heard the song australia and how joe wants a gf from here but how do get 1 if your not here? p.s you guys fall alot at your concerts. lol l've seen the clips
posted by aisha y on Sep 20, 2008
you guys rock! camp rock well made me get out of my shell. i love you all.would you come to me on my birthday please but, i guess you will be to busy thanks anyway!!!
posted by pigleen on Sep 20, 2008
Can the jonas brothers plesa call me?
posted by BB on Sep 20, 2008
Hey Guys I Love U ROCK!!!!
posted by sabina van oijen on Sep 19, 2008
do you like holland ? when you comes to holland?
posted by markaya on Sep 19, 2008
Hey Joe Nick and Kevin i have a question my freids r fighting and they r putting me into it what should i do.
posted by bree on Sep 18, 2008
hey i live in van buren missouri wheres the closest place ur coming
posted by bree on Sep 18, 2008
when is your guys next tour cause i plan on going
posted by MAYLIN on Sep 17, 2008
posted by BB on Sep 17, 2008
Joe Just Wondering Would U Ever Come to The SA In KZN Durdan
posted by BB on Sep 17, 2008
Joe Wat Is Da Best Thing That Has EvEr Happend to You
posted by a.j on Sep 16, 2008
plesy com you call my at 4:00 pm 17188052050.u rock''
posted by a.j on Sep 16, 2008
people are saying you are gay but i konw your not .keep on rocking.
posted by MOONSTAR on Sep 13, 2008
I think the Jonas Brothers are fantastic people. Their music inspires me so much. Whenever I go upset, i love to hear their tuneful music. I would be utterly delighted to meet them in life. I am one of their fans. I wish them goo look in the future... all the best Moon star
posted by mari ! on Sep 12, 2008
hey i was just wondering when the jonas brothers were comming to vancouver
posted by markaya on Sep 12, 2008
joe if a fan ask you to see is they could come back to pennsylvania to meet you would you come back.
posted by markaya on Sep 12, 2008
Joe if You Could have only 1 housepet what would it be.
posted by anaisha on Sep 11, 2008
what is the best thing about your career
posted by almudena on Sep 09, 2008
i love you nick but what you do whit the photos of miley cyrus is a big mestake way you do that ?
posted by angie on Sep 09, 2008
hey guys whats going on now that u guys are done with your tours are u now ralexing at home you guys drserve it u guys just hang out with friends & family & chill!!
posted by christine on Sep 08, 2008
i hope can meet u in vietnam
posted by Danniella darling on Sep 08, 2008
posted by Danniella darling on Sep 08, 2008
you proberly heard all this before BUT......I LOVE ALL THREE OV YOU !!!
posted by Danniella cole on Sep 08, 2008
how would someone from england like me meet three amazing people like you that live miles away ?????
posted by Danniella cole on Sep 08, 2008
will i be able to meet you if you ever come 2 leeds in the uk ???
posted by -amysarah on Sep 08, 2008
Wow . you guys ave alot of fans. don't get me wrong. i am a fan and i love the lyrics to yur songs . do you write them yourselves?
posted by tobagobabes on Sep 08, 2008
we love u soooooooooooooooooooooooo much all three of u are so finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne
posted by isabel on Sep 07, 2008
i whish iculd meet you guys im from peru
posted by isabel on Sep 07, 2008
will you be coming there anytime soon to peru?
posted by almudena on Sep 07, 2008
i love you guys i want know if you´r come into peru ? i be wating
posted by coolloserface on Sep 06, 2008
hey okay thats my myspace^ I live in bahrain and was wondering if you were gonna be coming to the middle east anytime. also, i have a close friend in denmark. would u be going there any time soon? x
posted by lizzyb on Sep 06, 2008
love jonas brothers they are all cool and hav sick music
posted by jordinisme on Sep 06, 2008
I have a friend in Denmark who really want's to see you guys. will you be coming there anytime soon?
posted by miss.joejonas on Sep 06, 2008
joe do u like red heads
posted by miss.joejonas on Sep 06, 2008
joesph adam jonas will u mary me plz love tristin
posted by Sexy!! on Sep 04, 2008
I love Joe Jonas!!!!! he is like effing hot man i love him i saw a picture of him shirt less!!! and when he came out in camp rock lol i love him lmao
posted by Sxy_back_123 on Sep 04, 2008
I love them i have them on my myspace the are sooooooo hot^^^^^ thats my myspace URL lol bye
posted by boss on Sep 04, 2008
first of all u guys rock,joe and nick u have such great vocals,and kevin can play the guitar very well...anyways i wanted to ask nick and joe:what do u want in a girl??
posted by cheyenne ballard on Sep 03, 2008
i love you jonas brothers so much and i am 10 years old i love you
posted by cheyenne ballard on Sep 03, 2008
i wish i could met you i really do
posted by frankiecable on Sep 03, 2008
I love the jonas brothers
posted by frankiecable on Sep 03, 2008
I love joe and nick jonas
posted by leaheffinrad on Sep 03, 2008
uhmm yeah. the jonas brothers dont like any of you, they LOVE me!

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