Madonna's Tour Crew to Walk Out Over 'Second Class' Travel Arrangement


Madonna's 'Sticky and Sweet' crew members threaten to quit if they continue staying in a low-bugdet hotel and flying on to a cheap airplane.

Madonna is reportedly having some troubles with the crew, who are backing up her "Sticky and Sweet" world tour. According to Mirror, many of her 250 strong troupe of crew members threaten to quit due to a low-budget travel arrangement. "Everyone is absolutely furious with her and some of them want to walk out of the tour," an insider tells the British newspaper.

The paper also reports that despite the crew's hard work in the past few months, Madonna is trying to cut her expense by giving her crew a 50-pounds-per-night dingy Campanile hotel. To make matters worse, the workers are also reportedly forced to fly on to a low-budget airline, easyJet flight.

On the contrary, Madonna, husband Guy Ritchie, daughter Lourdes, and sons Rocco and David are enjoying a VIP treatment at Chateau Saint Jeannet with a cost of 11,000 pounds per night. The "Give It to Me" singer also books out a luxurious private jet for her family. "Now [staff] are being forced to stay in horrible places and fly on low-cost flights, while she is in the lap of luxury. Several are already talking about walking if things don't improve," the insider reveals as quoted by Mirror.

The insider continues saying that the crew have been offended and felt like being treated as a second-class citizen by the diva. The insider says, "They feel they are being treated like second-class citizens, despite all their hard work over the last few months."

On top of all her VIP treatment, Madonna has also made a series of demands, which include a helicopter to take her from the August-26 show stage to her luxurious castle. Besides, she has also kept a team of 12 staff on hand including six beauticians, her own chef, and chiropractor.

The "Sticky and Sweet" tour has been started since August 24 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and this week, it is scheduled to reach Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, and Rome. After further dates in the UK and mainland Europe, the gig, which is produced by Live Nation Global Touring, will stop in North America next month.



    Aug 26, 2009

    if staff walks out im sure she can find others to replace them in 5 minutes and they know it. so... gimmie a brake with the whole shit...

    Aug 26, 2009

    this is stupid. easy jet and other low cost airlines i think they are just fine for the purpose. as for the hotels, with 250 people on staff i think it would be heard to cover 4 star rooms for all. im sure they get a clean bed and a shower. so i wouldn`t be so concerned for the staff. and im sure their salaries compensate all this.

    Oct 14, 2008

    ven i vent on ze tour, i treated all like ze vere de family to me. ze peoples zat verk for me are liken mine bestest friends. my cleaning lady und mines chauffeur are mines bestest friends too. also ze people at ze electric company and ze cable company. my bestest friends. you too who read this are my bestest friends.

    Sep 03, 2008

    She not selling out tours anymore, she's trying to cut cost by not paying staff! I can't believe anyone would pay to see a grandmother in a leotard. Now Janet is a tour i gotta see!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sep 02, 2008

    Well what do you expect when work for a self absorbed ego-maniacal bitch? DUHHHH!

    Sep 02, 2008

    damn janet treats her entire crew like they're her best friends. i just assumed every1 did that

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