Jonas Brothers Dine Out with Rumored Girlfriends Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

August 30, 2008 02:23:12 GMT

Joe, Nick, Gomez, and Swift were all seen dining together at Tao in N.Y.C. on late Thursday night, August 28, only to spark rumors that they were enjoying double date.

Jonas Brothers
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Speculation has been mounting that Nick Jonas is dating Selena Gomez while brother Joe Jonas is romancing Taylor Swift. Talks of that matter are heating up, but none of them has admitted that they're dating. They, instead, deny the romance rumors, persisting they're only friends. The foursome, however, display an evidence to the contrary as they were seen having double date at Tao in N.Y.C.

All of them were caught on camera, leaving New York City hotspot Tao late Thursday night, August 28. Oldest brother Kevin Jonas was also seen joining them. An onlooker who witnessed the stars said, "Everyone looked really chummy."

A number of bodyguards was seen helping to clear the path for those young starlets as they were walking to their waiting car. Another onlooker who happened to be on the scene claimed that "They (Jonas Brothers) tried to play it cool, but it definitely seemed as if there's something more than friendship going on." Selena and Swift were said to be leaving the restaurant holding hands.

Joe and Swift, a country music singer, become close to each other after she made a cameo in the Jonas Brothers concert film. He was seen last week attending her concert at the West Palm Beach Cruzan Amphitheatre.

Nick and Gomes, on the other hand, play it coy about their alleged romance despite the fact that they've been photographed embracing backstage. Rolling Stone made public the pic last month.

Photos of the brothers' double date are on Gossip Girls.


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posted by amanda on Jan 03, 2011
borthers jonas amanda need fieel in love you
posted by Leanne on Jul 16, 2010
posted by crystal on Jun 22, 2010
eddjd dsdpd dg
posted by pp on May 29, 2010
i love nick and selena together
posted by amil on Jul 28, 2009
j'aime trop les jonas brothers just car ils sont bons mais ses chonsons sont ugly
posted by treethang on Jul 18, 2009
i think joe jonases gfs screen name is randombaby1177 because when i went to a concert she was with danielle deleasas and danielles her little sister and she dropped her phone and like i picked itup.. and i dont no if it is.. could've been an im but i know she knows the jbs bros cause of danielle plus joe kept coming over along with keivn and winked so maybe i dont no
posted by ashley on Mar 26, 2009
i luv u guys alot u guys are dddddd!!!!!!!!!#1 best roc band u all should really think bout having a concert in trinidad i luv u guys alot
posted by aruna on Mar 26, 2009
you guys rule rock an roll u should really think about having a concert in trinidad and tobago
posted by aruna on Mar 26, 2009
you guys rule rock an roll u should really think about having a concert in trinidad and tobago
posted by Carolina.N on Feb 20, 2009
posted by simran basssiii on Dec 18, 2008
i think that they are nice comple i hate miley she is sooo not kool selina gomez is sooo kool lol everybody tata
posted by DYLAN SPROUSE on Dec 02, 2008
i wish nick jonas would go out with selena gomez and i wish that joe jonas would go out with taylor swift.I LOVE VYOU NICK JONAS. BY KISS KISS!
posted by rycorwin on Nov 14, 2008
Ether I hope that selena and nick go out or I go out with nick ether way I'm okay with it Nick and Selena are my favorite boy and girl stars I used to think that about Miley but when she turned bad it was a no no and also cause selenas better go on youtube someone made her a song I thinks it's called Selena you've go me now
posted by april on Oct 24, 2008
love nick love april
posted by ruthi on Oct 11, 2008
I think taylor and joe are nice couple.
posted by kiddo on Sep 22, 2008
i think what ever is going on between the jo bros and their friends is entirely their business and no one should get involved. if you really love them then let them be with who they want even if it's not with you cuz that person makes them happy. it's already bad enough that people watch their every move i mean come on that gets annoying just let them be they're still just ordinary guys.
posted by Camilla on Sep 17, 2008
Nick voce e um gato de onde voce terou tanta beleza ? Voce e melhor em tudo melho do que seus irmao .VOCE E UM GATO SO FALTA MIAR!!!!!!!
posted by Taylor Swift 1# Fan on Sep 10, 2008
Taylor can do so much better! But if that's what she wants.... theese are all rumors. They aren't real - TAYLOR DOESN'T LIE!
posted by SWEET HEART!!* on Sep 09, 2008
I love nick!!!
posted by SWEET HEART!!* on Sep 09, 2008
joe jonas i love you!!* You are so hot. Don't lovely taylor!!!!!***
posted by angie on Sep 09, 2008
please jonas brothers don't lision to all the rumers that people say about you guys if u joe are with taylor that is cool and if u nick are with seiena that is cool too as for kevin leave him alone he'll find someone he likes very soon dont let the pepole pressure you kevin i know.
posted by SharneeLee on Sep 09, 2008
Aaaaawww!!!!!That is soooo cute!!!Taylor and Joe would make such a cute couple and Selena is so great for Nick!Now there's only Kevin left.He deserves a really good relationship!I still don't really like Taylor though...well, actually, i just don't really like her music.If my friend Mara saw what i am writing right now she'd kill me.She loves Joe and says she's going to kill Taylor...i was like..'Uha...whatever,' other friend says she's going to kill Taylor coz she thinks that me and Joe would be the greates couple..i was like 'Dude!Quit hating on Taylor!She may not have good music but she's alright!And hello?!We live in Australia!' lol!I love the JoBros!They ROCK!
posted by iloveryansheckler!!! on Sep 08, 2008
i think that demi and joe would be the cutest couple ever!!!!!!!!!! and i think me and nick would be a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!! jk!!
posted by Rainne on Sep 07, 2008
i really dont like Selena. i like Miley more.
posted by Riley on Sep 06, 2008
I think we should call them Toe and Sick =]
posted by Tatum 45 Joe on Sep 02, 2008
Ok it wouldn't be Toe it would be Jaylor! Anyways Kevin should get a big relationship! Also NickxSelena=Yes JoexTaylor=I don't know!
posted by lEGaLli BruNeTTe on Sep 02, 2008
k well i LOVE selena and nick together. joe and taylor...another story. if theyre really in love or something then let it be. its cool.just sayin...
posted by lEGaLli BruNeTTe on Sep 02, 2008
ps...frankie's AWESOME!he's the coolest person on the face of the earth. i<3 webkinz too dude!
posted by x3tak3myh3art on Sep 01, 2008
notice in one of the pictures you can see daniele kevin's "friend" looks like it was a triple date
posted by Joe\'sLoveer on Sep 01, 2008
I thiink joe and taylor it's cool (: she is so cool singing buut selenaa uuf PELELA gomez i said!! she is so stupid but this is the life... every time i am a joe lover
posted by joe+demi=jemi on Aug 31, 2008
i dont think taylor swift is a good couple with joe but i do think joe and demi are
posted by Mrs. Nick Jonas on Aug 31, 2008
Nick and Selena are okay together but i think me and him would be better together i am exactly like him, but we have our differences.
posted by jmd2lovesyou on Aug 31, 2008
Joe jonas is hott and taylor swift is cute but not tht cute. they dont look good together, but i do thtink they r more then friends
posted by Nicolethegreat on Aug 31, 2008
if joe jonas and taylor swift went out, their cleb relationship name would be.. Toe. ahahhaaaha. funny.
posted by TOE on Aug 31, 2008
Big Toe, Little Toe. Big toe, little joe. Ooooh haha.
posted by i-luv-joe-jonas! on Aug 31, 2008
Joe and Taylor. No way! She is like a foot taller than him. WOW!
posted by Jonasbabe on Aug 31, 2008
nick+selena are only friends despite the press saying they are going out.
posted by meg101 on Aug 31, 2008
seriously i feel kinda bad for kevin, when does he get a media speculated relationship? hahahaha
posted by Leigh on Aug 31, 2008
They seem like a really great family, but taylor doesn't seem to have a life of her own unless its really serious about her and joe i mean the moms are talking, maybe wedding plans, the jonas parents were like 20 something when they got married. so its not completely out of the question. just dont like the games if they truly love the fans just be honest. i still love them the greatest family on earth
posted by haha on Aug 30, 2008
joe's like a little kid next to taylor. she's like three or five inches taller than him (depending if she's wearing her boots) their celebrity name is priceless: TOE.... AHAHA. can't wait to hear some joe inspired songs by taylor
posted by nickjonasGREEK!!! on Aug 30, 2008
Niiiick!!!!!!i love u soooo much!!!please come come for a concert in Athens,Greece!!!!!!!please!!!i'm ur biggest fan!!!!!!
posted by Me luv on Aug 30, 2008
the joe bros are sexi
posted by JB4evr on Aug 30, 2008
Toe jam, ick, he would have to jump up to kiss her or tippy toe, unless they are lying down then he could climb all over her like a little monkey... They even have their friends lying for them, poor Demi earlier this week she laughed off the TOE JAM rumors...HAHA joke on her I'm sick an tired of all the games an lies JO BRO and Taylor Swift cant trust their fans with the truth. I just threw up in my mouth a little...
posted by JBfan on Aug 30, 2008
hahahahah TOE, that made my day. taylors pretty, but she looks really old. it's hard to believe she's only 18 .
posted by mrskevinjonas on Aug 30, 2008
kevin is hot :) lol
posted by 7878x on Aug 30, 2008
nick ur the hottest i love you. please email me. im on your mydspace:)
posted by The Truth on Aug 30, 2008
Their celeb couple name is Jaylor because in all couple names the guys first letter is put with the girls name example: zannesa, niley,nelena...toe is taylors first letter which isnt correct. so their celeb couple name is Jaylor which I thibk is an awsome name. IM gonna name one of my kids Jaylor...LOL
posted by pretty girl 101 on Aug 29, 2008
joe jonas is so hot im ur biggest fan i usually never miss a concert

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