'Dragonball' Story Outline Shared

August 28, 2008 04:29:04 GMT

Japanese magazine Roadshow has provided more information to the storyline of the upcoming manga adaptation 'Dragonball' revealing the reason behind Goku's attempt to fight the villain.

'Dragonball' Story Outline Shared
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More to the storyline of "Dragonball Evolution" live-action movie have been unearthed. Containing minor spoiler, the detailed plot synopsis has been put forward in the October issue of Japanese magazine Roadshow, which highlights on the interview with some of the major cast, including Justin Chatwin, Chow Yun-Fat and Emmy Rossum.

The outed details revealed that Goku will take on his journey to find Master Roshi and the seven Dragon Balls after his adoptive father Grandpa Gohan made his dying request. On his way to Roshi, he meets Bulma who then joins him to help him in his mission. When arriving at Roshi's place, he is not welcomed with embrace but he has to fight Roshi. But, Roshi soon learns that Goku is Gohan's grandson and thus trains him to prepare him for the ultimate battle with Lord Piccolo to prevent him from collecting the powerful orbs.

On the interview with the cast, lead actor Chatwin revealed that his character Goku is a great character in a sense that he always sees things from the positive side and always attempts to protect the weak. In addition regarding Roshi character, Yun-Fat praised his character to be a very funny one stating further, "Character is very fascinating and dramatic. The important thing for an actor is not money or work, but whether the character is fascinating or not." Whereas Rossum noted her character Bulma as an energetic, sexy, and strong-willing girl.

Adapting Akira Toriyama's famous Japanese manga of the same name, "Dragonball" comes from the renowned director James Wong and noted producer Stephen Chow. The 20th Century Fox's action fantasy starring also James Marsters, Eriko Tamura and Jamie Chung is said to be having its trailer attached to "Max Payne" theatrical release on October 17, while the movie itself is slated for April 10, 2009 release.

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posted by Curt on Sep 28, 2008
The only thing that will probaly hold this movie down is the visuals. Goku loks ridiculous along with Piccilo. And they chose the wrong story to start with they shouldve just made it about the "Saiyan/Frieza Saga" and just shown some of the Piccilo stuff as background.
posted by igotuume on Sep 24, 2008
folk said transformers was gonna suck and look wat happened this movie just might be goodif they pulled it off right. xmen was good even tho the characters where not wearing the same uniforms as the comic but as long as goku dont start off as a grown up then we are cool but if memory serves me right then there might not be that much power blast. so i will hold out til dragon ball z and super sayain
posted by Duff on Sep 22, 2008
I can't stand when people say that the story is differant from the original. Cause if the plot i just read is the plot of the movie, then they are right on track. Goku goes to find the Dragon balls, meets Bulma/Yamcha, gets trained by Roshi fights Piccolo. That is the exact storyline for the original show. Sure they'll probably leave out the red ribbon army but the only cool villain in DB the series was Piccolo anyways. I am Pumped for this Movie.!
posted by ALFIE on Sep 20, 2008
To all the hater's out there, I think you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I think we should give the movie a chance before we judge anything about it. Trust me I'm a one of the biggest DB fans out there and I'll give my real opinion when the movie come out, so until then stop dogging the movie until you see it!
posted by rafy on Aug 31, 2008
this movie is gonna b awesome:)
posted by SadisSad on Aug 30, 2008
Really sad? How about your failure to capitalize the beginning of your sentence? That must mean you are a slavering retard, right? Idiot, it's called the internet. And this could be good; at least it could be as huge of a joke as the last live action dbz movie, which could give us all something to laugh about :D
posted by wow on Aug 30, 2008
His looks like crap my hair looks more dragon ball type then his.
posted by Goku on Aug 30, 2008
it is quite clearly for the more diehard dbz fans... the ones that felt dbGT had left them with nothing to relish...
posted by Sad on Aug 29, 2008
I think your use of "4" as a word speaks volumes enough about the demographic pandered to for this debacle
posted by Are You Serious? on Aug 28, 2008
Is this a press release? "Renowned director James Wong" The director of Final Destination 3? Terrible.
posted by Dora on Aug 28, 2008
cooooll! i luvvv dragonball since i was a kid. i dun care who's the director, but just can't wait 4 it to release :)

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