Demi Lovato Says Jonas Brothers Always Have Her Back and Very Protective of Her

August 26, 2008 07:27:24 GMT

Singing her praise for the brothers, she praised them for being very supportive of her and always lend a helping hand when she needs it.

Demi Lovato
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Joining the Jonas Brothers on their "Burnin' Up" tour, Demi Lovato apparently enjoys her time with the siblings very much. Spending much time together, the Disney starlet sings her praise for Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas, claiming them to always have her "back."

She, moreover, also said that the threesome are very protective of her. Giving examples on that, she revealed oldest brother Kevin helped her to get her water and Joe helped her stay upright on stage as she confessed to be very uncoordinated.

"I'm very uncoordinated," Lovato admitted, adding "I'm surprised I don't fall onstage more. They're like, 'Watch your step.'" Furthermore claiming Jonas Bothers as fun to hang out with, she stated "They're 10 times more cool when you meet them and hang out with them all the time. They're hilarious!"

Lovato got her start on PBS' hit show "Barney & Friends." She was last seen attending Arthur Ashe Kids' Day at the U.S. Open in N.Y.C. over the weekend, August 23. She and Jonas Brothers are signed to Hollywood Records. She serves as their special guest on their "Burnin' Up" tour.

In related news, Kevin has also shown some support for Lovato as he's seen wearing a shirt read "Team Demi and Selena", a reference to the actress-singer and her best friend Selena Gomez, during a performance at Madison Square Garden.


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posted by demi fan 101 on Apr 10, 2010
hey all u f#*'!@# haterz out there listen 2 this demi is realli talented and grounded she is only one of a handfull of stars without any scandals apart from the cutting compared to miley cyrus rumored scandals she is an angel. too all the miley fans im not trying too be mean i like miley also and think that she should be givibn a chance before peoiple judge her i j ust dont think its fair . also i think demi makes a realli cuute couple wiv joe and all da people who say she should die get 2 know her first then say that try to be in her position people judging you without even knowing you she is after all human u know so if u realli think that joe would drop her the moment he sees you KEEP DREAMING cuz itz neva gonna happen i like the fact that the jo bros have her back and treat her like a lil sis so to all the demi haters who hate her cuz she hangs out with the jo bros get a life cuz if they like her she cant be all that bad just rememba that da next time u trash her. peace out demi fan 4 eva and thats neva gonna change she is ma numba 1 role model and asperation and inspiration i know she wont read this but demi haterz JUST BACK OFF got that. good. ttyl
posted by joe rocks on Feb 01, 2010
oh my god joe is soooooo hot and cute i love demi to she got a cool voice
posted by LEELEE on Sep 04, 2009
posted by rtty on Aug 30, 2009
ilike demi
posted by loveselena on Aug 25, 2009
love her . or used to . now she's a fucking liar . and she likes miley cyrus better than selena cause she's more famous . and she looks 'shiteous' in all of her music videos ..except for One and the Same . Selena's better .
posted by jouskat on Jul 17, 2009
just heard demi lovato live on conan o'brien. i think she's cute and stuff, but whoa does she suck live! painful.
posted by demifan:) on Jun 15, 2009
demi has a great voice, she's a great role model :) that girl's never running out of talents :P singing, acting, playing instruments. Piano? guitar? i mean wow that is sooo awesome! I honestly believe she'd gonna go really far with her talent! good luck Demi!
posted by taylor on May 27, 2009
i love miley with the jonas brothers
posted by taylor on May 27, 2009
i love the jonas brothers
posted by CrISmELY07 on Apr 26, 2009
leave demi alone shes really cool and much more talented that the rest of u lot put together i love her in camp rock her voice is amazing shes being herself she seems really nice so back off she only trying to carve out her own mark in life give her a chance at least she doesnt make a spectical of herself like some celebs do more power to u demi cant wait 4 ur album the jonas brothers like her so do i and selena gomez 2 shes awsome!!
posted by YOLIBETH on Mar 01, 2009
posted by yolibeth on Mar 01, 2009
i am sorry joe jonas is beautiful so bring it and dont miley cirus is gay miley cirus is talent gils and beautiful is you mess with miley cirus you mess with me brint it
posted by DEMI FAN on Feb 16, 2009
posted by jevina on Jan 06, 2009
demi is a very ice girl.i wish to sing like her .good that she's good friend with the jonas brothers..joe and demi are a nice pair
posted by miley cryus on Dec 08, 2008
way everyone hate demi cause shes hanging out with my 3 boyfriend and even shes my bestfriend i dont care even if i say this she dont care it ok
posted by joe jnas lovers on Nov 10, 2008
joe jonas is sooo sexy and nick,so don't ha apprciate. you jut mad because they get more girls
posted by (I love je jonas) on Nov 10, 2008
joe jonas is soooooo sexy,so stop hating bitch
posted by demiandjoe on Oct 20, 2008
demi lovato is awesome and who hate her is jealous from her joe jonas love her so much she's so cool and beautifaul who hate her is sooooooooo stupid and i've see a pic on popstar magazine demi and joe are going out together and he love her soo much and demi love him too so STOP saying that ok ???????? DEMI LOVATO AND THE JB ARE AWESOMEE (L)(L)
posted by DeLenaLaYnE_cuLLen on Oct 10, 2008
I SO LOVE DEMI!!! she's my role model...i love her! she's so true! I love her since camp rock. And when I found out that JB treat her like a sister I even loved her more! Whoever the people that JB loves, I love them too!!! TEAM DEMI & SELENA!!! TEAM JONAS BROTHERS!!! Demi Lovato rocks!
posted by Lovato Lover on Oct 02, 2008
I think the people that left the mean comments are the jerks from her school that bullied her. I bet you guys are pissed and sad that she is where she is, and you are no where. =]
posted by DemiRocks82092 on Sep 22, 2008
Hey, to whoever said that no one came to see her, PLENTY of people went to see Demi too. I would go see her in concert. Without the Jonas Brothers there. All though that would be awesome. Lol
posted by Mykey on Sep 22, 2008
Hey! I think Demi is awesome! You guys are just jealous of her. She can act, sing, play instruments, and of course, there is the whole Joe thing. They are just friends! Okay??? He is one of her best friends, so just lay off of her! She rocks!!! And if you ever see this Demi, I just want you to know that you are like my role model!!!! You are so awesome!!!! And I'm definately gonna buy your cd!!!
posted by sexy girl on Sep 17, 2008
Is miley gay
posted by cool girl on Sep 17, 2008
posted by Casey on Sep 14, 2008
You guys are so immature. Demi Lovato is awesome and you all are only mad at her 'cuz she was in a movie with Joe Jonas and because she's VERY talented. I for one like her. She's very nice, talented, and DOES NOT have a horse mouth. you people are just mean, immature, and jealous. Simple as that. And I like her more than Selena. And I like Demi the way she is, and I like the way she dresses, she's being HERSELF!! And I like her hair, too. So people back off. And by the way, Demi's my friend and she wants to say something.. heyy guys. I know you are talking about me on here, and you can think, talk and whatever else about me, just remember, if you can type it and never tell it to me in person, don't bother at all..and CD is coming out soon! Go buy it! (unless you're one of the mean poeple above) thanks! Okay. So you get the point. STOP IT NOW! And some people are going to buy her CD and she doesn't SUCK PEOPLE! YOU DO! So I for one am going to buy it..BYE SUCKERS =]
posted by paigeNmegan on Sep 12, 2008
u people r pathetic, she's actually really talented, she has an amazing voice. ur all just hate her because she hangs with the jonas brothers. how low can people get?
posted by CampRockLover!! on Sep 10, 2008
Hey.She's not that bad.I really like her.Her act is good.She's talented too.I love Jonas Brothers.especially Joe Jonas.He's awesome..She's better with them than the others.They're great!!>.<
posted by ppl r sooo mean.. on Sep 05, 2008
if u ppl hate her because she is linked to jb you ppl r not true fans of jb....just leave her alone if you hate her she so friendly and nice!and her clothes and hair are sometimes choosen by her stylist!she can sing n act okay....
posted by alicia14 on Sep 01, 2008
seriously guys what is your problem, she is not that bad and she dosnt desearve to die. the jonas brothers like her so she cant be that bad. i dont like her that much either but im not gonna start a site to hate her or anything. i mean gosh, what a waste of time.
posted by Secret Typer on Aug 31, 2008
I hate Demi Lovato, with a burning passion. Seriously. I am being truley serious-i wish someone else was the star of camp rock. why did it have to be Demi Lovato!? Go get some talent, and then film the sequal. And, whats with her smile? she never stops smiling. She is a horse-mouth. Ok, i'm done.
posted by Jonasfan38 on Aug 31, 2008
Yeah! Demi is gross!
posted by GO SECRET TYPER! on Aug 31, 2008
posted by Die Demi, Die on Aug 31, 2008
Enough said. Die.
posted by Karinnesoccerstar48 on Aug 31, 2008
Demi needs a huge makeover. Her hair is soo 90's, and she dresses like a female micheal jackson. She is like, in love with joe jonas-sorry hon, but he's not intrested in you! haha!
posted by bash demi lovato on Aug 31, 2008
I am gunna start a bashing demi lovato site. she seriously needs to be bashed! lolsssss.
posted by one two three on Aug 31, 2008
i love selena gomez, but i hate demi lovato. and i hate miley cyrus-so i am torn between youtube teams. hmmmmm, i should pick one though. hey! i should be neutral! yea! good idea!
posted by Demi sucks!@@$(@#%&* on Aug 31, 2008
Who is gunna buy yer cd? no1 dats who. no1! you suck
posted by i hate the world on Aug 31, 2008
demi's song get back is catchy, but her red gloves she wore on the video-aahahaha priceless! they were ugly and i bet they cost more than a coach bag ahha. irony.
posted by Who\'s the winner? on Aug 31, 2008
blah blah blah all this stuff about demi is making me annoyed. i mean i hate her too, but why bash her? whatever-bash away! bash on!
posted by Brattpaccck593 on Aug 31, 2008
She sucks live! she screams her songs! it sounds like two lions who havent been fed in a week, fighting over a peice of meat! horrible, i tell you! Horrible! and nobody likes her! why does she have to open up for the jonas brothers? nobody came to see her! they came to see the jonas brotherssss!!!!!!! ahh!!!!!
posted by disney fanatic on Aug 31, 2008
leave demi alone shes really cool and much more talented that the rest of u lot put together i love her in camp rock her voice is amazing shes being herself she seems really nice so back off she only trying to carve out her own mark in life give her a chance at least she doesnt make a spectical of herself like some celebs do more power to u demi cant wait 4 ur album the jonas brothers like her so do i and selena gomez 2 shes awsome!!
posted by i jonas bros special on Aug 31, 2008
i hate her being pair with joe,I LUV U JOE SO MUCH!!!>.< demi!stop acting like he likes you!!

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