Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page at Olympic Closing Ceremony, the Video

August 25, 2008 02:08:41 GMT

Singing a duet of Led Zeppelin's classic hit 'Whole Lotta Love', both of them thrilled the many people who were attending the momentous event.

Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page at Olympic Closing Ceremony, the Video
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British pop songstress Leona Lewis gave her best performance during the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games held at the Olympic stadium in Beijing on Sunday, August 24. Teaming up with veteran guitarist Jimmy Page, both stars thrilled the audience, singing Led Zeppelin's classic hit "Whole Lotta Love." Their special performance was meant to mark the end of the 2008 games and the official handover ahead of the London 2012 event.

Lewis took the stage at the top of a metal podium, whereas Page started playing his guitar from below. Singing the first part of the song, Lewis then lowered down so that she and Page could sing the final section of the song together. Appearing on another part in the arena was soccer star David Beckham who kicked a ball into the crowd at the end of the track.

The closing ceremony was also liven up by hundreds of dancers, acrobats and drummers. In addition to those performers, there were also Spanish tenor Placido Domingo and Chinese soprano star Song Zuying who also performed a duet during the event, attended by massive crowd.

Lewis and Page's duet at the Olympic closing ceremony was recorded on the video below.


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posted by Eve On on Aug 24, 2012
Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! I looooovvvve Jimmy Page!
posted by Deshawn on May 22, 2012
Leona was Good . Jimmy Page sucked . When was the Last time this guy wrote a new song . Man you suck now.
posted by Lopez on Apr 08, 2012
I know this is like 4 years later but didn't anyone else find it funny that they played a song about anal sex in the closing ceremony.. Read the lyics of whole lotta love!
posted by RJ on Oct 08, 2010
I've seen Pagey many times,and while jamming, the man can pull a cigarette out of the pack, light it, smoke it, and never misses a lick! The "mime" mess, nah, I think its all for real. REMEMBER there are several other guitars plus the bass going on too!
posted by Lp94 on Feb 13, 2010
My bad there is a lead. sorry
posted by Lp94 on Feb 13, 2010
Page is miming If you look at the guitar input there is no lead and NO its not wireless because you still need a lead.
posted by mamababe on Dec 19, 2009
Hate any of the x-factor tripe. Bring me back Led Zep any day, the real thing... unusual choice of duo, BUT it kind of worked somehow. Leona..... she can certainly sing...go for it girl !!
posted by PAGE IS GOD!!! on Apr 16, 2009
You know what, who ever the fuck says that Jimmy Page mimed it or he sucked...YOU NEED TO SHUT THE HELL UP!! He is awesome and will always be awesome...however, i do think that leona lewis really fucked up the song...
posted by stephanie9500 on Nov 28, 2008
this was probaly the best performance by leona. She wasn't mimming, but i'm not so sure about page....but that performance ROCKED MY SOCKS!!!!!
posted by anon on Nov 20, 2008
uh about Page scratching himself at 0:59, well if any of you know how to play the riff he couldve just hammered that part on then gone back to strumming the cords. the sound is already so weak itd be hard to tell...
posted by Madi-B-\'96 on Sep 18, 2008
i luv Jimmy Page!
posted by Leona Fan!! on Sep 09, 2008
I posted before the jimmy was miming and i want to apoligise for that because please remember that they are in china so it probably isnt there fault because china do thing different!!
posted by Dazzers on Sep 06, 2008
leona was amazing as usual as usual jimmy is weird his lips went a bit crazy why they have her a rock balad ill never know
posted by nsg666 on Sep 04, 2008
lol look at leona teasing him. I bet he wished he was 20 years younger
posted by Martinrtin on Sep 02, 2008
Since75: Try to Google unsyncronised audio/video. It's a common issue, especially on Youtube. Also, you neeed to understand that in that performance the sound appears to be picked up by the crowd mic's rather than being played through the main sound system (don't know why, but that's why the sound seems weak). If that is the case, then you need to understand that we see her lips moving because light travels at the speed of light, but the sound only travels at the speed of sound, so a slight delay gets built in. This is the same problem you often hear in a stadium where the national anthem is being sung. The singer's voice is right next to the microphone, but the crowd are often a long way from the crowd mic's and that builds up a delay. Didn't you do physics at school? Simple test. Let off a firework. You see it explode before you hear it!!!
posted by MPSKENTUK on Sep 01, 2008
It's the video sync that is out!! Do'nt you lot know anything? When the video got captured and converted the video and autio are out of sync. This is a very common issue on Youtube.
posted by since75 on Sep 01, 2008
MPSKENTUK, okay, you right, you're know everything, you're the expert, and everybody else knows nothing. I love Authoritarians. So, only those musical sections are out of sync and the rest of the video/audio is in sync, kinda of odd. if it was out of sync, would not the entire video/audio be out of sync or does?
posted by since75 on Aug 30, 2008
yea, Leona is faking it too, check exactly at 0:26, is enough to tell the mouth does not match the vocals. hey, at least she sang on the soundtrack being used. might have actually recorded the vocal tracks at the same time page/band put down their tracks. wonder if page mix the master, he usually is the master mind behind the console?
posted by leona fan!! on Aug 29, 2008
Jimmy is mimming the guitar look at 56 seconds he scratches himself while playing!!
posted by ty on Aug 28, 2008
i love jimmy but i think on this performence he was mime-guitaring just look at 59 to 1:01 his scrachin himself and its still playin:(( i dont care tho coz its the fact that jimmy was there and is still and will always be a rock god
posted by aortakiller on Aug 28, 2008
listen pgp1971, u r a waste of egg and perm, jimmy page is not. end of story. And P diddy? really? man hasnt performed in like 6 billion yrs. Im ean jesus christ, come on
posted by andrew on Aug 27, 2008
page is a living god. he blew my mind, as for leona, page should keep her if plant wants to keep screwing around.
posted by KiKi on Aug 27, 2008
Leona did not mine for a fact! you obviously dont know who she is or didnt see her x-factor performace!! she doesnt need to mine! (btw - she never recorded this song before to be able to mime it!) I HATE WHEN PEOPLE START SAYING .. OHH THERE MIMEING WHEN THERE CLEARLY NOT!!
posted by blah on Aug 26, 2008
I don't know about Jimmy Page.. but Leona definitely was not miming.
posted by Action on Aug 26, 2008
p-diddy puffy combs?? What's that then, a new breakfast cereal?
posted by lprkcr on Aug 26, 2008
page still rocks!!!
posted by 1969 on Aug 26, 2008
jimmy page is god, you ignorant shit. the reason why "sean p-diddy puffy combs" didn't perform is because it was to hand over the torch to London with English representatives.
posted by Gary on Aug 26, 2008
Page is playing, he has never milli-vanillied a performance, I have seen him many times in concert and he has always been razor sharp, the audio has to be recorded correctly to capture the proper sound live or you need to be there, but you who criticize him here are not even worthy to shine his shoes and have not seen him live, he is at his best then. I bet you don't even listen or like Led Zeppelin, you don't rock.
posted by trd on Aug 26, 2008
Wow. Page was amazing... to the person who said his performance was shameful, what planet are you on?
posted by Fred on Aug 25, 2008
It wasn't shameful - it was mimed like all the other performances.
posted by pgp1971 on Aug 25, 2008
another shameful performance by jimmy page. they should have got sean p-diddy puffy combs to join in the lame performance. after watching the ceremony in Beijing , london should be ashamed of themselves.

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