Video Premiere: Demi Lovato's 'Get Back'

August 23, 2008 06:39:01 GMT

In a just-released music video, Demi Lovato sings her brand new 'Get Back' single in a live performance with no audience in sight.

Video Premiere: Demi Lovato's 'Get Back'
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A week after her live performance at "Good Morning America", actress and singer Demi Lovato is eager to continue promoting her upcoming debut album called "Don't Forget" which is planned for release on September 23 via Hollywood Records. Just after the premiere of Disney Channel Original Movie "The Cheetah Girl: One World", she dropped a music video for the first single "Get Back". The song which is listed in her upcoming set, is written by Demi herself with a favor from members of band Jonas Brothers.

Philip Andelman is the director who is chosen to help Demi making the music video. The video is shot near the big apple river. It shows Demi, doing a live performance with her band without any audience to watch her. When night comes, Demi's stage act is illuminated with some flashes from big lamps, which is set behind her and the band.

Demi Lovato's "Get Back":


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posted by hanna on Oct 04, 2009
demi te queremos en colombia
posted by tea on Jan 19, 2009
you are very cool girli love ou!
posted by ekuna on Jan 19, 2009
the best girl i love you very very much you love off course all you have cool pics you are the best
posted by nino on Jan 19, 2009
this is a so bad girl she has bad teeth
posted by kate on Jan 19, 2009
i love you very much you are the best girl you are disney realy princess
posted by anatria lovato on Dec 30, 2008
my cousin demi is not a punk demi hater is stupid
posted by cmlklÁ on Oct 11, 2008
posted by DEMI friends from u on Oct 10, 2008
posted by NICK JONAS LOVE on Oct 10, 2008
posted by CHANTELLE on Oct 09, 2008
hi demie u rock and rule
posted by jaylee on Sep 19, 2008
Get back is a great song !!! Demi that was the best song ever.
posted by amisha on Sep 19, 2008
hi Demi I love your music!!!
posted by jordyn on Sep 16, 2008
demi rocks
posted by Destinie on Sep 16, 2008
Hey demu, I just want to say that I love your song. it shows that people can act the way that they want to and you showed that in your video. I am your biggest fan!! I totally look up to you!!!!
posted by cutie1243 on Sep 13, 2008
omg demi you rock you are my insperation when i grow up i want to be just like you TTYL!
posted by Demi hater on Sep 12, 2008
i think her music video just showed how much she wisheed Joe jonas never broke up with her!
posted by Demi hater on Sep 12, 2008
i think demi lovato is an punk wannbe i wish she never stared on camp rock poser. i wish people were still throughing rocks st her!!!
posted by colecole on Sep 11, 2008
love you demi young beautiful actressand a good rock
posted by pony2146 on Aug 27, 2008
You Rock Out Loud Demi
posted by Lala on Aug 26, 2008
posted by DemiFan on Aug 24, 2008
Oh my gosh Demi your AH-MAZING!! I Love this song, the video for it and you!! You rock!! <Peace>!
posted by demijbfan on Aug 24, 2008
omg demi is so totally awesome!! she is AMAZING
posted by bass chick on Aug 23, 2008
she is an amazing singer, looks prettier with less make up like a more natural look
posted by demi321654 on Aug 23, 2008
omg you rock demi love your voice bye
posted by nicole on Aug 23, 2008
Love you Demi. you are such a good singer and actress too.............
posted by Rayssa on Aug 23, 2008
I love Dami!
posted by TEAM DEMENA! on Aug 23, 2008

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