'Fast and Furious' Trailer Leaked Out

August 23, 2008 03:25:24 GMT

The trailer of upcoming 'Fast and Furious' that has been attached to 'Death Race' has been bootlegged and outed.

'Fast and Furious' Trailer Leaked Out
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Though Universal Pictures have yet to officially release the trailer of the forthcoming "Fast and Furious" movie on the virtual world, it has been leaked out. The bootleg trailer of the "The Fast and the Furious" franchise is taken from the one previewed in front of "Death Race" theatrical screening.

Giving a sneak peak to the latest street car racing film, the video doesn't provide any sound from the footage, but it displays many of the hardcore actions the fans and moviegoers are going to see, including the explosions and the fierce fights. It is dominated with a scene where Dom Toretto and his crew are trying to hijack a gasoline land train in Dominican Republic, but in a blink of an eye it all goes in the wrong way.

Reuniting the original cast ensemble that include Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, "Fast and Furious" will reignite the feud between fugitive ex-con Toretto and agent Brian O'Conner. Heading back to the street, they are now forced to team up once again to bring down a shared enemy. Helmed by Justin Lin from the script by Chris Morgan, the film has been slated to be released on June 5, 2009.

"Fast and Furious" Bootleg Trailer:


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posted by alek on Feb 27, 2009
soundtrack ?
posted by Steve on Sep 01, 2008
meh, wonder what car kids will run out and buy after this one
posted by v!nLov!c on Aug 31, 2008
Soooo. . . awesome!! I can't b patient enough 2 wait it!!
posted by Chris on Aug 25, 2008
best movie ever
posted by bigmikeyb245 on Aug 23, 2008
what the hell so I went to go see daeth race for the sole reason I would get to see the new trailer that WAS the only reason. although it ended up being a good movie the only reason I saw it was for the trailer and there was know freaking trailer and now I can't watch it online what the hell
posted by bigmikeyb245 on Aug 23, 2008
death* and no instead of know sorry about that
posted by pierce3381 on Aug 23, 2008
I went to see death race at the RAVE theater and it was the last trailer to come on before the movie. it looked bad ass!

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