Trouble Looming Around 'Dragonball'

August 23, 2008 02:16:38 GMT

Rumor has it the upcoming live action movie about a humanoid alien protecting Earth is in danger of being shelved by the studio producing it.

Trouble Looming Around 'Dragonball'
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Though the live action adaptation of the popular Japanese manga, "Dragonball Evolution", has fallen into the post-production phase for quite sometime, it might be in serious trouble with words saying that it is in danger of being canceled. A report from FilmJunk suggested that the 20th Century Fox's toppers are considering to shelve the film because they are not impressed with the shot footages.

Despite hinting on the possibility of Fox shutting down the James Wong-directed project, the site noted that the words on the cancellation can be real or only the studio's effort in putting pressure to Wong to make the movie better. No comment is yet being offered by Fox considering this negative story.

Taking its name from the seven magical and powerful orbs scattered across the Earth, "Dragonball" tells the story of Goku, a humanoid alien who stays on Earth to defend the human from the invading alien rogues trying to get possession of the orbs. Starring Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Emmy Rossum, Eriko Tamura, Chow Yun-Fat, Jamie Chung, and many others, it is produced by Stephen Chow and is expected to hit theaters on April 10, 2009.


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posted by tackleit408 on Aug 25, 2008
They should cancel it. This movie is a flop...I'm not racist but Goku being a whiteboy...give me a break!!! Do you remember Street Fighter with Sean Claude VanDam...Yea this is the same thing...Toss this one in the shredder...
posted by vegina (vegita and b on Aug 25, 2008
i don't think that they would cancel it it would be a huge loss of money fox isn't stupid
posted by vegita on Aug 24, 2008
i hope this movie is as good as it should be. let it out, just dont disapoint!
posted by Goku on Aug 23, 2008
I need to see this movie. If it's in post-production, that means they've already filmed it. It would be THEFT to the fans, and to the people who worked so hard on the film, if they jsut cancel it ... especially since it's already been filmed.
posted by Elga on Aug 23, 2008
This completely gives this film a setback. Fox saying that the movie isn't good enough only makes fans less likely to spend time and money to see it.

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