Omarion Denies Being Dropped, Speaks on Joining Timbaland


Omarion admits signing to Timbaland's label of his own accord, denying rumor which says that he had been dropped from Sony/Columbia due to weak record sale.

Former lead singer of boyband B2K, Omarion tells MTV that he signed to Timbaland's Record, Mosley Music Group without any interference from others. He also firmly slams down rumor, claiming that he had been fired by Sony/Columbia Records due to a poor record sale. In an interview, he says, "I asked to be released. A release is different from a drop. When an artist is dropped, usually they haven't brought any revenue to the company. As you know, I've been with that company for a long time, roughly over six years. Throughout B2K and my solo albums, revenue was still brought in."

Meanwhile, when asked about B2K, he says that he tries to be more positive but still part of him, despite his forgiveness, admits he has been hurt. "I used to rock with them dudes, and now when I see them, it's not like that," says he as continuing, "If somebody has done something to disrespect you as a man, I feel like I have to protect myself. So now when I see them, after everything that happened, how do I be nice? How do I be cool?"

After spending six years of his career in Sony, Omarion decided to leave the label and move to Mosley Group. Regardless of the rumor, at the time he said that he felt the need to change labels because there was no comfort in Sony after their changes that had happened over the past few years.

Furthermore, Omarion believes that his move to Mosley is the best decision that he has ever made because Timbaland, as he says, is not only a producer but also a visionary. "He's a great producer, and he's really at the top of his game right now," Omarion declared. "I can't ask for a better person to guide me. We did 'Ice Box.' It wasn't enough for us to really build a solid relationship. But I've got to spend time with him, and we have a strong relationship. It's the biggest blessing that has happened to me musically."

Asked about his new set, Omarion says that he is still working on it. "We're just picking each other's brains to see what can be done differently. My energetic style and aggressiveness when I perform, I don't think that's necessarily been captured [for the length of] an album. All these crazy new dances, all these different things I wanna do."

Unfortunately, Omarion refuses to give any fixed date for his upcoming release. His guest stars are also kept as a secret. A recent report says that he will team up with producer Pharrell Williams in one of his new tracks.




    May 22, 2009

    Omarion, I love everything you do whether its songs or movie. Your good and do not let anyone tell you any different. I think they are just jealous and can not stand the fact that your a success now. After watching you got served and you in it, I love all your stuff. To me you made the movie and added so much to it and when I found out how old you was I did not believe it. Your young and really talented. Oh by the way"you got a baby face"ladies love that!!! I'm old enough to be your mother. I do not normally listen to that kind of music but I love your music, so you sold me. Congratulations on your new film and good luck with it. Your Fan SweetAngel4063(do not let the name fool ya)

    Lady Martin
    Nov 18, 2008

    Fuck dese people babe n do you dnt let them bring you down. The group b2k is gone and no i dnt think you should keep it kool with them after all that bullshit they put you through. forget da rumour and everything else some negative asshole has to say,only think about the positve coming your way!!!!

    Oct 10, 2008

    Omarion do you and don't let anyone tell you that your wrong because your you and you know exactly what you wanna do like even if you were to change your mind about the subject but stay up and stay looking good.

    Oct 10, 2008

    Omarion do you and don't let anyone tell you that your wrong because your you and you know exactly what you wanna do like even if you were to change your mind about the subject but stay up and stay looking good.

    Sep 23, 2008

    I would like to know if Omarion is in a relationship.

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