Avril Lavigne's Malaysian Concert Denied Permission

August 20, 2008 02:59:58 GMT

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry agree to Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party that her 'sexy' act will not coordinate with the image they want to create for upcoming independence day.

Avril Lavigne
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Avril Lavigne will not perform in Malaysia on August 29 as scheduled due to the opposition sent by an Islamic movement that deemed her act as too "sexy" for the event leading up to the country's independence day on August 31. The canceled gig, however, will be rescheduled by the organizer Galaxy Group, to a new date which will still need approval from The Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry.

Based on the meeting conducted on Tuesday, August 19, the ministry decide to give an all-clear to the appeal sent by Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party that fears youths in Malaysia will be influenced by Avril's performance. Speaking on the reason of the cancellation, Shukran Ibrahim who is a senior official from the department said, "It is not timely. It's not in the good spirit of our National Day. If we go ahead with the concert, it is contrary to what we are preparing for."

Galaxy Group, that have not yet given their statement regarding the ban as in press time, promoted the concert even before given permission from the government which is compulsory for foreign acts. It was reported that half of the concert seats have been sold.

Earlier this week, Kamarulzaman Mohamed from Pan-Malaysian told the Associated Press that Avril's sexy image is "not good for viewers in Malaysia." The youth party official said, "We don't want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists that are good role models."

Foreign acts have to abide to the dress code and stage rules set by the Malaysian government if they want to perform in the country which is largely dominated by Islam faith. They require that the stage costumes should cover from chest to knees and that they should not include any drug-related image. Shouting, kissing, hugging and jumping are also banned from the stage.

Last year, Beyonce Knowles preferred to move the concert to neighboring country Indonesia when the rules were applied to her. Gwen Stefani, however, raised the challenge by abiding to the rules and wear 'descent' clothes.


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posted by redd on Oct 13, 2008
the government is sucked,,, guyzz!! wtf is it real? little girl looks kinda sexy to u guyz? whahaha, it's 21st century guyz whats wrong wit ur country???
posted by someone on Aug 22, 2008
why r they so dumb and conservative!?? if all they ever think of is how sexy a singer is, then why even bother progressing!? they supposedly want to teach the community morals but the community is already EXPOSED! there are OTHER things they shld be worried about; not this! then why don't they be dumber and stop EVERY commercial that is supposedly sexy. =.= or like MTV or something. WTF ALL they ever worry about when an artiste wants to hv a concert here is how sexy or wtv they're doing. for goodness sake, are singers supposed to be rated even for their sexyness!?? WTF!
posted by Jonathan on Aug 21, 2008
avril's moves claimed to be too sexy WTF....the malaysia should stop all this nonsense and made thing right this time what the point of havin a concert without shouting and jumping
posted by ???Kamarulzaman Moha on Aug 21, 2008
The god gave u a brain to think, u should use it but not using yr ass. Who the hell who wanna cancel this? Think be4 you say anything. U said tat she is too sexy, then when you look at her will you steam? Wat is not good 4 health? She got wear shirt and never nude be4 in the past 6 years, not like Maddona. Can u guys not to be too sensatif. I thought Malaysia is a open minded country? Wtf is goin on?
posted by SF on Aug 21, 2008
Already bought the ticket one month ago..sigh
posted by Cyber on Aug 20, 2008
This is a good action for Malaysians... Stop all this unhealthy entertainment that could give negative impact to our society especially to the Muslims.
posted by dying on Aug 20, 2008
3 words to say, 'wtf'.
posted by anonymous on Aug 20, 2008
Actually, "Too Sexy to have concert" isn't good reason to cancel the concert... wtf....
posted by suck on Aug 20, 2008
sexy ?? wtf !!!
posted by rock on on Aug 20, 2008
what good action do you mean? you must a a fanatic idiot on saying that, Malaysian gov are weird and FUP ... how can you think Avril is too sexy...????? they want to be respected but they doesnt respect other culture!! what kind of good deeds is that? that is selfish n stupid!!!!!!!!!! the hell with them just boycott the country...!!! so they won;t have any tourist around, then well see what happens to them!!

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