'Tropic Thunder' Steals 'Dark Knight' Top Box Office Slot

'Tropic Thunder' Steals 'Dark Knight' Top Box Office Slot

Providing moviegoers with the latest comedy film from funny man Ben Stiller, 'Tropic Thunder' pushed out 'Dark Knight' from its crowned box office position claiming the top slot this weekend.

"Tropic Thunder", another R-rated movie released this summer, has done what others could not do in the past four weeks, dethroning the blockbuster movie "The Dark Knight". The outrageous action comedy from comedian Ben Stiller debuted atop the weekend box office chart grossing $25.8 million, $9 million more than what the superhero flick pulled in this week.

Compared to the previously released R-rated movie, "Pineapple Express", the DreamWorks Pictures' comedy starring also Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. outnumbered the $23.2 million "Express" pulled in last three-day weekend. However, if seen from the five-day tally, the $36.8 million "Thunder" brought in is obviously fewer than the Seth Rogen's stoner flick which raked in $41.3 million.

With it claiming the #1 slot, the war movie spoof has become Downey Jr.'s second summer movie to open first at the box office. Last May, Downey Jr.'s "Iron Man" perched on the chart hauling in an amazing $98.6 million for the three-day weekend earning and $102.1 million cume since its early viewing on May 1.

Concerning "Dark Knight", though the Christopher Nolan-directed action movie slipped to the second place, it managed to shoot to the second all-time highest grossing movie of all time without the inflation adjustment. Pulling in another $16.4 million, it has collected around $471.1 million on its fifth weekend on the theaters overshadowing the original "Star Wars" with $461 million.

If the inflation is considered though, "Dark Knight" still trails both "Star Wars" and the highest grossing movie "Titanic". It will need to obtain as much as an estimated $1.2 billion to match "Star Wars" and around $900 million to equal "Titanic". Yet, many have predicted that the Christian Bale and Heath Ledger-starring film will only top out at about $530 million domestically.

The top five box office have been dominated with newcomers, "Thunder" taking the top, while "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and "Mirrors" landed third and fourth. The first animation movie of "Star Wars" saga took a disappointing $14.6 million, while the Alexandre Aja's South Korean horror remake scored $11.2 million. Rounding up the top five was "Express" with $9.8 million. Experiencing a 57.8% decline in sales, the Judd Apatow-produced film fell three spots from its runner up position last week.

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    Aug 18, 2008

    Well it was inevitable! Well so fat, The Dark Night has taken the awesome Star Wars title. now it has to set its sights on Titanic. It's great stuff. if it takes out the Titanic, i am going to have a victory dance like David Elsewhere's (motorola's site e8)

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