'Dark Knight' Sequel Won't See Two-Face

August 14, 2008 09:44:15 GMT

Answering the burning question whether Harvey 'Two-Face' Dent will be making his return on 'Batman 3', the movie novelization author Dennis O'Neil puts an end to it.

'Dark Knight' Sequel Won't See Two-Face
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One of the lingering questions arising among fans after "The Dark Knight" blasted on the big screen is whether Harvey "Two Face" Dent died or is set to return in the sequel. Providing the most possible answer to that, Dennis O'Neil, the author of the movie novelization, laid it down that the character with half-disfigured face has been indeed buried.

According to IGN, he wrote that the once rising District Attorney of Gotham City and Batman's ally was "sprawled, neck twisted, the mutilated side of his face exposed, his left eye open and staring sightlessly". Putting an emphasis on the condition, he noted in the end, "He was obviously dead."

Two-Face's cause of death on "Dark Knight" has actually been explained at the end of the blockbuster film. In his final fight with the bat-themed superhero, he attacked Batman, who stood at the edge of stories-high warehouse, and met his end when fell to the ground. But due to the missing out of blood around his lifeless body and coffin at his memorial, many speculated that Dent might be returning for "Batman 3".

Collecting so far $448.9 million, "Dark Knight" has secured its name on the third highest grossing movie of all-time behind the original "Star Wars" and "Titanic". A sequel to "Batman Begins", it teams up director Christopher Nolan with actors Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal among others. The superhero flick has put Batman up against his worst enemy Joker who manages to steal almost everything important for his sanity.


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posted by Two face fan 1 0 1 on Jun 22, 2010
Two face fell the same distance as batman he is fucking a l i v e
posted by ynigme on Feb 17, 2009
The last round of batman films went from Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent right Tommy Lee Jones as the same dude. So, clearly they can do whatever the hell they want with their movies.
posted by rawisericho on Sep 06, 2008
Two-Face is dead. Deal with it, this is a completely ridiculous argument.
posted by The Source on Aug 30, 2008
If you paid attention batman lets the mobster fall from a height that he said wouldn't kill him and batman said he was counting on it....this height looked to be the same distance batman and 2 face fell from and all it did was break the mobster's legs. Also when joker tossed rachel dawes off the building and batman went after her they both fell ON A CAR from alot higher and they both survived. 2 face will be in the 3rd flick it was already released that erin eckhart was signed for 2 flicks, nolan will be back.
posted by bitch on Aug 29, 2008
two face is fucking dead
posted by BillyDeeWilliams on Aug 28, 2008
Hey, BrettJ, did you forget that I was in fact the original Harvey Dent?
posted by Fenix on Aug 27, 2008
look Batman fell of as well and he survived so two face might have faked his death but hey you'll never know
posted by TDK on Aug 24, 2008
There has been an article about with the actual script confirming the fact he is dead. Oh well now they can focus on the riddler. I dont think they should completely cut the joker i think he should escpape arkham at the end and have a 3 way battle between him batman and riddler.
posted by MrKrnkle on Aug 21, 2008
@BrettJ - No one made that connection because Batman Begins and The Dark Knight have *nothing* to do with *any* of the previously made Batman movies. This series is its own universe/storyline. Resetting the franchise was the only thing they could do after the disaster that was Batman & Robin.
posted by BrettJ on Aug 19, 2008
I don't know why/how nobody has mentioned that Tommy Lee Jones plays Two Face aka harvey dent in the 1995 Batman which is actually set after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. So Harvey / Two Face definately survived and will very likely be in the next one made.
posted by getoverit on Aug 19, 2008
He's DEAD. End of story. Sorry if you don't like it, but that's the way it is. And as for the person that posted that the 1995 movie occurred after this movie, Chris Nolan has explicitly stated that they weren't going off of those films. This is a totally different story not affliated with the older movies. 2 face is dead. Let's move on to the next villain.
posted by Taco on Aug 16, 2008
The love of money is greater than a line in a script. He can be risen from the D-E-A-D, Doctor Zacshipley. You didn't take his pulse. You aren't writing the screenplay, so please sit down. We can idly speculate, as there was not one word uttered declaring him dead.
posted by SUPERfreak on Aug 15, 2008
dude i assumed he was dead nut there is so much speculation bout him returning for the third movie. if its not two face then who the hell is it??
posted by JBCT on Aug 14, 2008
I can't see them allowing Batman to kill Harvey/Two-Face, but he didn't let Joker fall to his death. He might have suffered a head injury and some broken bones, but I don't believe he died. The whole point of Batman's journey was to show that he would not be pushed to kill someone. I'd bet they took him away to Arkham and locked him up under a false name.
posted by The Man on Aug 14, 2008
Bull shit. Novelizations don't mean anything. This article is complete and utter trash.
posted by byrd on Aug 14, 2008
perhaps a way they will go for a third film is harvey dent is taken to arkham and like the comics has his face repaired but still remains a villian. a more psychological look at this character then who my face was scared so i turned bad. which could explain why rachel was killed gives him more torment.
posted by Zacshipley on Aug 14, 2008
I was *sure* Two-Face was dead when I saw the movie and have been shocked at so many people assuming he isn't. Two Face is D-E-A-D, guys.

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