Jonas Brothers Drop By MTV's TRL, Talk Girlfriends and Doing Movie with Ben Stiller

August 14, 2008 02:19:35 GMT

Revealing the girls of their dreams during an appearance on MTV's TRL Tuesday, August 12, the boys also hinted on them doing a possible big screen movie with Ben Stiller.

Jonas Brothers
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Having their hands full with a number of projects to be finished, Jonas Brothers took time to drop by MTV's "Total Request Live" Tuesday, August 12 to give a boost on their newly released album "A Little Bit Longer." Lucky tons of female fans who were attending the show heard the boys talking about the girls of their dreams and also the possibility of them doing a big screen movie in the future.

Breaking his silence on what kind of girlfriend he wants, Joe Jonas revealed "This is hard, but if they are nagging and annoying, you're like, 'Go away'". Older brother Kevin Jonas then added, "We're not ever really with people, 'cause we're always traveling. And you get on the phone and they're like, 'My day is awful, blah,' and you're like, 'This is not what I need right now!'"

The youngest of them Nick Jonas, elsewhere, emphasized the importance he places upon how a girl treats her family. "They have to be good to their moms," he said. The 15-year-old boy reportedly is dating fellow Disney star Selena Gomez.

Also talking about their upcoming Disney Channel television series "J.O.N.A.S." which stands for Junior Operatives Networking As Spies, Kevin revealed there will be changes on its concept, saying "Everyone knew it was going to be about spies, and that's changed a little bit, I guess, 'cause in the course of the last two years, the band has changed a little bit. We're going to be the Jonas Brothers going through life - like, going to school, but still being the Jonas Brothers."

In addition to the series, Jonas Brothers also hinted on doing a movie with Ben Stiller, whom they recently met. "I love Ben Stiller and we met him just recently," Joe said. "We were talking with him about doing a movie."

Jonas Brothers' MTV's TRL appearance is part of the show's Jonas Brothers Fan Week. They also announced during the show that they will next join Miley Cyrus to co-headline the Concert for Hope benefit, aimed to help benefit the cancer research and treatment organization City of Hope, on September 14.


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posted by natheisha on Jan 31, 2010
milly is cheating on u nick with a boy name justin gaston
posted by chisanga on Jan 23, 2010
hai guys im number i fun and your picture looks so HOT
posted by hola4 on Oct 28, 2008
Ok they are to famous and I do not like them. Their fame is like a diesease going thru the nation. I HATE IT.And ben stiller is way too cool to shoot a movie with the jonas brothers.
posted by vanessa on Sep 15, 2008
im vanessa i think nick is the best and if i spent a day with you id be in heaven iv been a christian scince i was born and i can get hyper if someone gives me pepsi im not aloud pepsi im 12 and am the biggest fan i also think its beter to save your self till marrige and ive been told i can sing i want to be a singer and touch the hearts of millions like you guys have touched mine thanx luv vanessa
posted by sabrina arvano on Aug 18, 2008
hey guys my names sabrina and I am 15 years old and just wanted to say you guys rock sometimes I hear people say that you guys suck and I realy don't get it you guys inspire me to do more stuff and make more right choices and I hope one day I can meet you guys
posted by Tabatha Hubbart on Aug 15, 2008
This is for Nick Jonas hi i am 15 with diabetes i have had diabetes for 5 years i am your biggest fan i am trying to controll bloodsugar stays high, low, and normal. i need some big advice. please help me.
posted by Tabatha Hubbart on Aug 15, 2008
this is for nick jonas i am 15 with diabetes i am your biggest fan i am trying to get my blood sugars undercontrol they stay high, low,asnd normal. i need some advice. please help me. This is Tabatha Hubbart from robertsdale, alabama.

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