Angelina Jolie to Step In Tom Cruise's Part in 'Edwin'

Angelina Jolie to Step In Tom Cruise's Part in 'Edwin'

Giving an update to the rumor that Tom Cruise is leaving the spy thriller project 'Edwin A. Salt', it is noted that 'Wanted' star Angelina Jolie has been eyed to replace him.

Having had renowned actor Tom Cruise attached to the project for quite sometime, the Philip Noyce-directed "Edwin A. Salt" has offered an interesting tidbit concerning the casting of the titular character. In a twisting report, it is said that the main character will no longer have Cruise on board and opt instead to undergo a gender change with Angelina Jolie.

Recent news on the matter claimed that the long-time partner of Brad Pitt is close to replace the "Mission: Impossible III" star as the CIA officer accused to be a Russian sleeper spy. If she indeed gets the role, the script is most likely to be redrafted and the title will also be adjusted. Allegedly, Columbia Picture do not mind to prompt changes due to Jolie's recent role in "Wanted (2008)" which help to boost the action film to pull in $132 million nationwide.

Originally a star vehicle for Cruise, "Edwin A. Salt" has been written by "Street Kings" scribbler Kurt Wimmer. The movie produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Sunil Perkash resolves around Salt's attempt to avoid capture from his superiors believing that he plans to assassinate the president. It is slated to be released in 2010.



    Aug 12, 2008

    Im really disappointed in Tom this could be an opportunity to come back in a cool new movie and now I have to not go see another Angelina Jolie action movie because its just lame now and unrealistic. She really needs to steer away from action movies because when it comes down to it nobody really wants to see some skinny good looking chick beat the crap out of a bunch of guys like they are babies.

    Aug 12, 2008

    They are making an adorable couple though the guy ever joined the rich men seeking affairs club S u g a r b a b y d a t e . ccccc om a few weeks ago..but all are past and they will stay together forever!

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