Video: Britney Spears' 2008 MTV VMAs Commercial Ads

August 12, 2008 01:51:53 GMT

MTV has relased two promotional comedy videos featuring Britney Spears and Russel Brand to promote 2008 Video Music Awards.

Britney Spears
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Photo credit: Wild1/PR Photos

2008 MTV Video Music Awards commercial tapes in which pop singer Britney Spears and a British comedian Russell Brand team up finally come out. They are shot sitting on a black couch inside a huge building with a high roof.

The video is plotted in a series of comedy situation with an elephant behind them. The set has then made some saying that the elephant is actually used as a reminder for the singer's disastrous performance last year in which she performed a lip sync show in a tight costume, showing her out-of-shape figure.

Britney performs a question-and-answer session with Russell. Referring to the fact that the British comedian isn't very popular in the States, she pretends to have no clue who Russell is and calls him with a wrong name, Russell Brown. Russell then gets back by saying, "You will remember that name, because pretty soon it's gonna be your surname."

As the videos come to an end, the phrase "Video Music Awards" flashes. It is then followed by other words, giving information that the show will be aired live on September 7 from Hollywood Paramount Studio.

Britney Spears and Russell Brand in 2008 MTV Video Music Awards promo part 1:

Britney Spears and Russell Brand in 2008 MTV Video Music Awards promo part 2:


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posted by levitra ritarda on Jul 31, 2009
hwsfpamb nnmpwnxd nvonmqus
posted by LILNELSON420H on Sep 02, 2008
posted by limonka87 on Aug 21, 2008
Take that guy (whoever he is) out of there!!!!!!!
posted by maria farm on Aug 19, 2008
I would love to see britney spears peform again! I have been a huge fan through all of her actions...
posted by maria farmmm on Aug 19, 2008
like i always say if ur a braves fan...youre a fan through a bad season or a good a fan of britneys through her unthoughtful moments and her thoughtful ones

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