Kanye West to Produce Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3'


Jay-Z's upcoming album 'Blueprint 3' has been unveiled more with news saying that the rapper will add some more verses on 'Jokin' Jay-Z'.

Despite its preview at Kanye West's gig, top secret of Jay-Z's work on his upcoming album "The Blueprint 3" has been further leaked by a hip hop producer Mick Boogie. The rapper has reportedly confirmed to sign Kanye as producer for most of the tracks in his forthcoming album.

Jay-Z had previously named Timbaland and Kanye as possible producers to handle his upcoming album. However, Timbaland had misunderstood the news and confidently said that Jay-Z has chosen him to produce the whole tracks. Jay-Z lightly denied the claim by stating that he will only choose the one who can come up with good materials. Now, Jay-Z's denial has apparently been strengthened by Mick's statement.

Furthermore, Mick also says that Jay-Z will add new verses to single "Jockin' Jay-Z" and as soon as the final touch finished, the single will be released. Beside "Jockin' Jay-Z", another track that is confirmed to be in the album is "Victory". Unfortunately, there hasn't any further information about the single.

Elsewhere, the hip hop star has joined New York officials in an effort to transform New York city into traffic-free playgrounds this weekend. Together with the city's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he has announced a new program that will close 11.3 kilometers (seven miles) of city road starting from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park.

Furthermore, his involvement has made some hope that teens will be inspired and get involved in more positive activities, such as playing music or doing some sports. This program is scheduled to run every Saturday until August 23.

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    Jul 16, 2009

    Jay-Z isnt working with Director Hugo V thats all bullshit!!! Hugo V is not on the same playing field or caliber of Jay-Z. Jay-Z only works with millionairs not wanna bes!!

    Jul 09, 2009

    When is Jay-Z dropping Blueprint 3? Everybody seems excited about Director Hugo V. on the project, who is he?

    Carl the Truth
    Jan 28, 2009

    Regarding the artists/producers working on Jay-Z's Blueprint 3, I know Kanye, Timbaland, Eminem, but who is Director Hugo V.? Anyone know?

    Lost boy
    Dec 29, 2008

    Jay Z is hiring Kanye, Timbaland, Director Hugo V and Eminem....man this Blueprint 3 is gonna be sick!!!!

    Dec 10, 2008

    Blueprint 3 is gonna be the Rap album of the year! And it is going around the internet that Jay-Z is hiring Director Hugo V. to direct several music videos for the album. The word is that Jay-Z is looking for a new look for his videos! Look out!

    jay d
    Nov 04, 2008

    man i'm 17 now i been listening to you since i was 5 i know this gone be the truth

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