'G.I. Joe' Star Channing Tatum Leaps Into 'Parkour'

Channing Tatum

The Duke depicter in upcoming 'G.I. Joe' is going to jump off buildings and such in new feature film project about the extreme sport 'Parkour'.

Hollywood hunk Channing Tatum is going to throw off his assault rifle and do something that he probably never did before, jumping from one rooftop to another. That happens because the 28-year-old actor has been signed to star in a new yet untitled action film for New Line Cinema, "Parkour".

In the movie, Tatum will be playing an undercover New York cop who goes into the world of Parkour to investigate a sneaky bank robbers' group. He will be working under the direction of first time director Richie Smyth.

The film which script is written by Kevin Lund and T.J. Scott highlights on Parkour, an extreme sport where practitioners have to overcome obstacles, such as high concrete walls and far gap between rooftops. Prior to this movie, Parkour has been brought to the big screen in various movies, including the recently released "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" and "Wanted (2008)".

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    Feb 01, 2010

    parkour is a really awesome 'sport'. i plan on seeing the movie to see how well the movie directors can portray it. i hope they can do this sport justice.

    Aug 01, 2009

    I'll probably go see it, but my hopes aren't too high for this one. Tatum is a good actor so it's nothing against him, I'm just nervous that it's going to give Parkour the wrong image or that'll be potrayed badly. =/

    Jun 11, 2009

    This is going to suck. Parkour is an unspoiled sport. Now its going to be like everyother movie. A bunch of kids are going to do it thinking they are cool, and ruin it. Plus, tracuers are not bad, this is making us seem like we would use our talent to do evil things. this is just ruining the "sport" :/

    Apr 28, 2009

    just thought this would be a cool idea for a movie (follow after point break and fast and furious) only to find it's already being made, oh well...

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