Offered Killer Lesbian Stripper, Britney Spears Says No

Britney Spears

Being rumored once again to take on the killer lesbian stripper role in Quentin Tarantino's 1965 cult remake 'Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!', the former popstar prefers to focus on her album.

Rumor has it Britney Spears is going to make a comeback to the big screen and it looks like she will return as the lead character in Quentin Tarantino's remake of "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!". Before the story is blown out of its proportion though, her camp has come out with a denial.

To Access Hollywood, a representative for the "Gimme More" songstress rejected the idea stating, "Though she definitely intends to explore acting roles down the road, right now she's concentrating on recording her next album." Stressing on the slamming down of the speculation, an insider to Tarantino's also offered the same negative note insisting that it is fake by stating, "There is no truth to this."

The speculation of the casting of the former pop princess on Tarantino's possible project has been circulating around since January and recently, it surfaces once again. This time, the 26-year-old has been suggested to live out her movie star dream as the leader of the thrill-seeking go-go dancers, Varla. As Varla, she is expected to murder a woman's boyfriend with bare hands and has sex scenes with another girl before the drama ends in a blood-bath.

Spears' casting rumor built up when British's Daily Telegraph quoted a source hinting that Tarantino has signed her in. "Quentin is convinced Britney will be brilliant. She's delighted. She thinks it could turn her career around," the quotation read. "It is perfect Tarantino material. He wanted to get Britney first. She's playing the most important character."

"Faster, Pussycat!" is originally a 1965 cult film about three strippers who take their time off from the stripping job to go on a murder rampage. Along the way, they kidnap a woman after killing her boyfriend and seduce the two sons of a reputedly rich old man to locate the money. This movie was directed by Russ Meyer and starred by Tura Satana, Haji and Lori Williams.




    Secret Squirrel Watc
    Aug 06, 2008

    I always thought Meyer must have been british or something because the Americans would never have done it like that. Real American go-go dancer murderers would be uncovered by their domestic and international spy network of go-go dancer kill agents by then. Somehow these chicks in the movie went by unchecked. Real life doesn't happen like that because all the American super-babes are coverts in one way or another.

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