Video Premiere: Carrie Underwood's 'Just A Dream'

August 05, 2008 08:19:14 GMT

Carrie Underwood has released video music for single 'Just A Dream" from second solo LP.

Video Premiere: Carrie Underwood's 'Just A Dream'
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American country singer Carrie Underwood has released a music video for single "Just A Dream". The single is taken from her 2007 second solo album "Carnival Ride" and composed by Gordie Sampson, Steven McEwan and Hillary Lindsey.

This video sets Carrie as a young woman who is about to get married. She is then broken hearted when finding that her husband-to-be has been killed in combat.

Carrie Underwood's "Just A Dream":


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posted by Good Girl Carrie fan on Mar 12, 2012
This is one of Carrie's best songs. At first, I thought it was just another teenage breakup song, but when I viewed the lyrics, I saw how deep it was. The video was also awesome. Thanks, Carrie.
posted by katayah on Aug 11, 2010
she is beautiful singer n song writer,,, and looks beautiful if only us regular ppl could look just as good very lucky girl
posted by MEGG on Mar 30, 2009
Heyy Carrie I love your song just a dream. The words in this song are so real there are alot of familys out there that lose some one close to them in the army and its sad and this song really has a real feeling to it!!!
posted by superblue on Mar 22, 2009
By this song, Carrie raised Country songs up to more than Country songs can be, even Martina Mcbride could not have such done.
posted by Sergeant First Class on Jan 07, 2009
This is a great song. Even makes this soldier cry, because this is just how it goes in the real world. Awesome song and video. Carrie must have had a hard time shooting that video.
posted by Trish/T_baby G on Dec 19, 2008
i love this song it is amazing it is the best song carrie has ever wrote !! XOXO love Trish~~!!~~ T_baby G
posted by jennifer on Dec 19, 2008
you rock im your biggest fan and i love your songs
posted by brandin on Dec 18, 2008
hi carrie underwood katia and brandin is a big fan of you
posted by caitlinangel09@yahoo on Dec 17, 2008
hey wat up gurl
posted by caitlinangel09@yahoo on Dec 17, 2008
hey wat up gurl
posted by ashley on Oct 31, 2008
i love this song. it makes me cry everytime. it hits me. my best friend went to the army and i was so scared for him to go. he came back and was killed. i miss him so much.
posted by carries biggest fan! on Oct 27, 2008
ur an awesome singer an song writer!!! just a dream is my favorite song of yours..i listen to it over an over day i hope to meet u!!!!!!!
posted by babygirl on Oct 24, 2008
I Love this song....
posted by avpyankees on Oct 10, 2008
I love this song more now than before. After watching this video I can understand the meaning of it better than before. But it is sad to, it makes me think of my cousin that her husband is in the military.
posted by 254 on Oct 05, 2008
posted by ashybaby on Sep 26, 2008
This video is so good but my sister is getting married but, she 20 and her boyfriend purposed to her and he is in the army i am so scared cause he is a really nice guy and he is already like a brother to me.
posted by TBradshaw on Sep 20, 2008
This song and video is so awesome! Makes me cry everytime I hear it, It sure does hit home, my fiance paid the ultimate sacrifice and for me now it really is "just a dream". Thanks Carrie for making such an amazing song!!
posted by GirlieGirl1001 on Sep 10, 2008
I love the song, but for some reason was a little dissapointed in the video. I'm a military wife, and although the song is gorgeous, the video was a little cheesy to me.
posted by CU07 on Sep 08, 2008
I have always loved tis song, but now it has a deeper meaning for me because my boyfriend is in the military and is over seas till March
posted by erin on Sep 03, 2008
this song + video made me cry! i love it!
posted by RobinS on Sep 03, 2008
I love the song & video. It has a personal touch that I still can't believe that my one is gone also. I still keep saying it's just a dream. I keep looking for him to run to his arms again, knowing that he is gone from this life.
posted by LacyC on Aug 30, 2008
Amazing song & Video... Hard to watch as it brings back too many memories.
posted by Iman on Aug 24, 2008
it is Amazing... thanks Zach so much for giving me the chance to know about it..
posted by Karly Lynn on Aug 17, 2008
i love this song. my boy friends in the army and next october in 2009 he is going to iraq and i turn 18 about 2 weeks after he goes. im just scared that this will happen to me i always say it wont but other people sit there and say this comments and i get hurt by it becausei dont want to see him go i care alot about him i love him sooo much. i love u babe..
posted by been there on Aug 17, 2008
I know where this video is coming from on a personal level and I jsut want to give my thanks to Miss Underwood for making a personal video like this i know for me and many other families it has hit home
posted by ilovecarrie on Aug 10, 2008
this video is awesome, but is also so sadd
posted by carriesno.1fan on Aug 05, 2008
great vid, great song
posted by carriesno.1fan on Aug 05, 2008
it says she is just a singer, she is also a songwriter...!
posted by AnnieM on Aug 05, 2008
Amazing song & video

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