Lost Racy Pics of Miley Cyrus with Ex-Boyfriend Thomas Sturges on the Net

July 26, 2008 08:02:43 GMT

More bad news for the young sensation as more pics of her have leaked to the net and all of them show her kissing and making out with the young guy.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

She's at it again, racy pics scandal, for the many times. After being hit with many scandals concerning her many raunchy pics that hit the net, Miley Cyrus has once again become talk of the town as some lost pics of her with then boyfriend Thomas Sturges are found and leaked online.

The newly found and leaked pics of the actress-singer are part of her previous pics with Thomas which were first exposed in April. There are at least five pics found, all of which are much more intimate than the previous ones.

It remains sketchy though on who leaks them online. All the pics in the meantime can be seen on

Notwithstanding with that encounter, Miley was last seen kicking off a cross country fundraiser in New York City's Central Park on Friday, July 25 to benefit the ASPCA to promote her new film "Bolt" which hits the theaters in November.


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posted by Jeni on Jul 14, 2009
dislike her. ..sorry?
posted by Hope13 on Apr 04, 2009
I think Miley has some talent but she definitely isn't as good as some. She just happens to be the daughter of someone who is great so he helped her out a lil. Her sketchy photos are going to kill her rep tho.
posted by music girl on Mar 27, 2009
i hate her. Even if she has been cought wrong place wrong timeshe shoulddn't be doing that stuff at all plus she can't even sing a note without sounding like a dying donkey.
posted by jagoe10 on Jan 20, 2009
i hate her so much
posted by sandra on Sep 12, 2008
miley roz and what ever u say about her we'll stay on our minds .. we LOVE her rather u like it or not !
posted by sar, on Jul 30, 2008
haha. LIL sounds like the man crying about brittney. but anyways. i think that this is all immature and pathetic. miley is killing her image just by acting retarded im afraid. the video, all these fricken slutty pictures if she gre up a bit none of this would have happened. dont get the wrong impression, i still love her.
posted by oo on Jul 28, 2008
oh boy kebo you're very very creepy. take an english class, or go back to where ever you came from.
posted by $ymone on Jul 27, 2008
i think miley is very talented and was caught at the wrong place at the wrong time :]
posted by Dee on Jul 27, 2008
Leave the kid alone. She's just like any other Teenager!! All that concerns us is if we like the music she plays/sings! Her personal life is none of our business!!
posted by kebo on Jul 27, 2008
posted by joe jonas on Jul 27, 2008
i dont think so she broke my brothers heart know she whant another guy shish
posted by Lil on Jul 26, 2008
Just leave her alone she having a hard time just with people like you so just leave Miley ALONE!
posted by Jane on Jul 26, 2008
I think Miley is going good for her age and she is on talented lady!
posted by Lil on Jul 26, 2008
Just leave her alone she having a hard time just with people like you so just leave Miley ALONE!
posted by Jess on Jul 26, 2008
Ilove Miley and I think she is a great role model!
posted by Lisa on Jul 26, 2008
Miley is a great girl and if u where in her shoes u would just hate yourself and that i9s how Miley feels! I thik Miley has more Goals in her life so we should leave her alone!
posted by Paris Hilton on Jul 26, 2008
I thik she rocks and she is a very talented youge lady
posted by NE-YO on Jul 26, 2008
I just adore Miley!
posted by Paris on Jul 26, 2008
She rocks! I love her

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