Shawn Crahan Plans to Leave Slipknot

July 25, 2008 08:37:46 GMT

Still preparing to release their new album, an unpleasant news comes from the metal band after their percussionist reportedly planning to leave the band.

Shawn Crahan Plans to Leave Slipknot
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Bad news arrives from Nu Metal act, Slipknot's camp stating that they maybe on their way of losing one of their members, percussionist Shawn Crahan. The reports surfaced after Shawn himself hinted to the press that he wants to leave the band so he can spend more time with his family.

Revealing his plan to depart from the metal act, Shawn said that at the moment he is confused and would love to do anything outside of the band. "I'm in a really weird place in my life right now. I'm at a point where I wouldn't say I'm having a mid-life crisis but... I'd love to be doing anything other than Slipknot right now," he said.

Moreover, Shawn also stated the reason for his departure, saying "I've never wanted to be around my family as much as I want to be around them now. My wife is in the best health she's been in for a long while and I'm enjoying watching my kids grow up." He then added, "I guess I don't know who I am any more and that's pretty scary."

Meanwhile, Slipknot themselves are busy preparing the release of their new album "All Hope Is Gone", which is set to be dropped on August 26. Promoting the upcoming record the band have already spawned their first single "Psychosocial" through radio airplay on June 26.


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posted by Shawn is beast on Dec 24, 2010
YO Shawn your the jackass of slipknot.Your the one who puts danger in dangerous.The band would never be the same without you bro
posted by Danny G.D on Oct 23, 2010
Hey guys I havent been here in a while! Well Shawn wont be leaving.
posted by The Dude II on Oct 23, 2010
Guys! Me and my bro are Dude! The Dude I is taken. Im II. My bro is III. Who will be the IV
posted by the dude 1 on May 26, 2010
posted by stickarena bigbuff on May 26, 2010
the dude 3? stop coping my brothers! fucker
posted by stickarena bigbuff on May 26, 2010
i play stickarena im trying to hack right now. anyway y are u leaving.please answer.u suck!
posted by the dude 2 on May 26, 2010
why? lol
posted by shawn on Mar 21, 2010
Na screw this sht
posted by Anthony on Dec 08, 2009
it seems shawn doesent care about us if u looked at him it seemed he didnt care at all the one comment he wrote "thanks for the support... but i dont give a shit about u so fuck u guys" makes me belive that he is not nice to others except family so shawn ur gonna say fuck us because were fans of you , if u r then screw u
posted by slipknot for life on Nov 15, 2009
ok, a lot of things happened this summer. Mihcael jackson just died.Billy maize died.Cris brown beat up someone. Eminem made fun of every pop star. And shawn is leaving slipknot. Damn this is the worst fucking summer ever.
posted by 6sic6 on Sep 21, 2009
SlipKnoT wouln't exist without shawn
posted by maggotman on Sep 12, 2009
duuuuude shawn don't leave............. nooooooo
posted by 666maggot666 on Aug 23, 2009
i can understand what u wanna do, shawn, but your the crazy dude of slipknot. your awsome on stage! lol... but yh, if u wanna spend more time wiv ur kids and wife do it, us maggots can manage wiv only corey doin crazy sht, and sid wiv the stage dive lmfao! that was sooo sic, but u have been the awsome jack-ass style guy for age, its gonna be wierd goin to your gigs wivout u there, but u gotta do wut ya gotta do.
posted by shadow678 on Aug 04, 2009
clown is still in i think. i just saw there show in feburuy adn i saw him on stage with the clown mask. idk
posted by phane on Jul 31, 2009
we're gonna miss u a lot shawn.but what u did the is the best 4 u n family.the rest of the band will survive, the fans are still supporting.good luck in life shawn
posted by people=shit on Jul 18, 2009
slipknot is the best HEAVY METAL band, but now since he is leaving, it will still be the best
posted by Darkness32 on Jun 19, 2009
OMG! ur leaving shawn. Anyway I think ur doing the right thing. Families are important and always come first. I read about u on the internet and it looks like slipknot has screwed ur life up well enough. Slipknot wont be anything without ur action and stuff. Anyway I think u should quit slipknot and get a job and be a happy family member or watever. Slipknot is a really fucking kick-ass band and they have really sick masks but after a while it will turn u into something u will not want to be. I think ur children will respect u as a father if u really do leave slipknot. BUT HEY....this is only one guyz yeah just think about it shawn.....think about whats best for u and ur family. Happiness is the key to life....
posted by Dany J.G on Jun 10, 2009
This time let shawn go, he wants to spend more time with his family so what, Its his choice. If he wants to, let him do what he wants to do. P.S did you see the knew sufur video yet guys.
posted by The dude ll on Jun 10, 2009
Does craig jones play keyboard or not,I cant tell. Its hard to hear from all thoes sound.Anyway, i want you to stay now
posted by fuck you 1223 on Jun 10, 2009
Now that your leaving how is slipknot going to play now, if they get a replacement for him he will just fucking screw up
posted by Colby on Jun 10, 2009
Oh yeah and the last thing i read in a bio somewhere you started a band that evolved into what Slipknot is today.
posted by Colby on Jun 10, 2009
Dude if you leave you will fuck up the greatest band in the world...just because Chris plays the same thing doesn't mean the band will make it without you.
posted by MAGGOT4LIFE on Jun 05, 2009
WHY are you leaving motherfucker.... you are doing the best fucking music ever with your screaming action with Chris... man don't leave just.. don't do too many tour... and it will be allright... when you came to montreal i was there and you fucking kick ass!!!!! don't leave we love you
posted by MaggoTT on May 29, 2009
God, You people are fucking stupid.
posted by Surfacing on May 26, 2009
Dude Shawn wtf are you tellin people to fuck off if you are puttin it all over the web?People are givin their opinions out.DONT LEAVE SHAWN!!!!!!!!!You are a legend to the band!!You make all the music vids and the lyrics!You are amazin man
posted by JESSE on May 15, 2009
posted by shadow123456789 on May 15, 2009
10 people are my favorite
posted by justin on May 15, 2009
slipknot will never die
posted by jesse on May 15, 2009
who is slipknots biggest fan
posted by morgan on May 15, 2009
where are you going to go why arent you at your house i am waiting for you
posted by morgan on May 15, 2009
we love you
posted by morgan on May 15, 2009
dont leave shawn i love you
posted by morgan on May 15, 2009
i love you so much slipknot
posted by jesse on May 15, 2009
so what up with you leaving they need you
posted by corey on May 15, 2009
dude dont leave we need you you are awesome
posted by shawn on May 15, 2009
posted by shawn on May 15, 2009
i am not leaving for a while
posted by kclt on May 14, 2009
they've said if a member of slipknot ever did leave they'd stop making music.
posted by danny.g.d on Apr 14, 2009
Well,slipknot fan has apoint, you hardly do anything,but i want you to stay because if they hire someone they will forget about you,and besides that person will mabey screw up on stuff.and "nigger", what shawn smaks on is not shit.YOU ARE
posted by slipknot fan on Apr 14, 2009
some say they dont care,i agree.You hardly didnt do anything.I see you get on the drum and start goining idont know crazy.god that your leaving
posted by dssss on Apr 04, 2009
:(.i had no idei you were leaving!
posted by chloe on Mar 31, 2009
posted by Nigger on Feb 27, 2009
You sucked and didnt do anything anyways. Joey is the real drummer you just smack shit
posted by slipknotshadow on Feb 24, 2009
I understand that Shawn needs to leave and spend time with his family,but he has millions of fans that he cant leave either.My opinion is that he take along break.It will break lots of fan hearts if he does leave.
posted by black&red on Feb 24, 2009
I know the sound wont change but Clown is the person who writes the songs and the masks!Its not going to be the same without him Maggot4life
posted by tony cade on Feb 13, 2009
i like slipknot but i also like other bands like coal chamber,arch enemy and disturbed
posted by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Feb 13, 2009
fuck you for leaving.fuck you!fuck you!
posted by the dude llll on Feb 13, 2009
sorry about when i didnt care about you leaving.i reliz if that were me i would feel fuck myself for not caring.fuck me!!!!
posted by Danny G.D on Feb 13, 2009
I relized that shawn aint leaving SLIPKNOT,i see videos on youtube and see shawn crahan in mostly all the video.And i also saw him in the word tour in 2009.i found about it in 2008.Are you really leaving,if not,FUCK YOU FOR LYING.
posted by jesus on Jan 25, 2009
WHO GIVES A SHIT... i mean your a fucking clown for fuck sake.. get a job YA BUM
posted by george bush on Jan 25, 2009
shawn i know its hard to leave.. but im leaving office,so i know how you feel man.maybe we can catch up and smoke some weed or something.. i love you
posted by MIke on Jan 22, 2009
shawn, after the tours with slipknot, i recommende that you take a big fat break. but you shoudn't leave this band. your a legend, your a awsome musician, director, photographer, videographer, and i tell you, even if your life might be unstable (temporarly, i hope) you shoudn't leave. i myself have sometimes douts about music, but i tell myself why should i leave behind something i love, even if im fed up with it? there are lots of different ways of getting better, and one of them, is to take a big musical break, and do nothing related to music. but please, dont leave this band
posted by the dude ll on Jan 20, 2009
not that sad that you are leaving SLIPKNOT OK!so back OFF!fuck you.
posted by the dude on Jan 18, 2009
why must you leave.
posted by the dude on Jan 18, 2009
fuck you shawn for leaving
posted by shawn crahan on Jan 17, 2009
thanks for the support guys.. but i dont give a shit about you so piss off.
posted by maggotgirl on Jan 06, 2009
Shawn, good luck with your family, i'm gonna miss u so much. i hope u come back some day. maggot 4 life!!
posted by Danny G.D on Jan 05, 2009
pretty sad your leaving,good buy for now.My name Danny Gonzalez Diaz.
posted by paris hilton on Jan 02, 2009
now your leaving maybe we can do a sex tape... do me shawn do me.
posted by Danny G.D on Jan 02, 2009
Shawn,good buy. i hope you a gret time with your family
posted by Danny G.D on Jan 01, 2009
I am very sad you are going to leave Shawn.Good buy.
posted by Tom Cruise on Jan 01, 2009
Shawn, you have to keep in it for me. I just love you and SlipKnoT. All the people will be sad :(
posted by Britney Spears on Jan 01, 2009
I cut myself when I found out you were leaving, but it didn't help. I love you, I love you Shawn. I will never forget you. God Bless.
posted by Danny G.D on Dec 31, 2008
Shawn Crahan,i am very sad you are going to leave,good buy Shawn.
posted by Danny G.D on Dec 31, 2008
Shawn, i respect your choice to see your family, but i want you to return to SLIKNOT because i can't imagine the band with out you Shawn.You were always my favorit person in SLIPKNOT.
posted by Shawn Crahan. on Dec 31, 2008
Whats up Team im Shawn(6). fuck you guys.
posted by oscar gonzalez diaz on Dec 30, 2008
i feel sad that you are going to laeve Slipknot.But your mask scares me.Good bye.
posted by Danny G.D on Dec 30, 2008
Shawn,since you are going to leave i am going to tell how great you are.Your mask is realy cool.On youtube i watch SLIPKNOT through the years.Your masks are great and you are great. i even remember your number is 6.
posted by Danny G.D on Dec 30, 2008
I think Shawn should go and spend time with his family. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
posted by Danny G.D on Dec 30, 2008
i am a slipknot fan,so when i went on youtube i saw a video saying shawn is going to leave SLIPKNOT.I wish you would stay.i will miss you.You were my favorite guy in slipknot.Have a great time with your family.
posted by :( on Nov 28, 2008
pretty sad
posted by :( on Nov 28, 2008
pretty sad
posted by shawn_is_my_life on Nov 22, 2008
well.. in a way its ok because its something realy importent for him his familly. but i just can't imagine slipknot with out shawn... but i will still respect his choice if he does.but will feel so sad and demoralised.
posted by He_doesnt_care on Aug 25, 2008
Omg. I think im gonna cry. But Its Ok. I go to school With his daughter and son. they miss him alot. But i can see him more if he leaves. But Ill Be sad
posted by shadowX607 on Aug 11, 2008
i think its ok shawn should spend time with his family or hes gonna be left out of his kids childhood sometimes u gota do wat ya got do

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