Lil Wayne Accused of Stealing The Rolling Stones Song

July 25, 2008 02:31:06 GMT

Another trouble arrives for the rapper after the latest news stated that he is being sued by a company for using the rock legend's song without an approval.

Lil Wayne Accused of Stealing The Rolling Stones Song
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After being alleged of sampling a song without an approval by a rock chick Karma-Ann Swanepoel, sometime in May, now the same problem arrives for Lil Wayne. According to the latest reports this time the rapper is being accused of stealing a song from legendary rockers The Rolling Stones.

The news surfaces after a musical publishing company, Abkco Music Inc, that own the rights over the Stones' track titled "Play With Fire", filed in a lawsuit against Wayne, his artistic collaborators and his recording company. The company filed the lawsuit on Thursday, July 24 to the federal court in Manhattan, but their demand is still unspecified.

On the lawsuit, Abkco, claimed that Wayne's song "Playing With Fire", which is being included on the rapper's new LP "Tha Carter III", is a complete derivative from the Stones track. Moreover the company also stated that although the rapper's changed the song a bit but the similarity on the song's music and lyrics is still recognizable.

Abkco also said that they are very concern with Wayne's version because it also contains explicit, sexist and offensive lyrics. The company fear that it would drive people's opinion in believing that Abkco and the Stones are approving the rapper's song version. Meanwhile, until this date, both representatives from Wayne and his label are still refusing to shout out any comments regarding the lawsuit.

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posted by not a dumbass nigga on Oct 04, 2009
Umm actually the song is a shitty rip off of the rolling stones song. Changing a few words to make the song more modern the song is 80% identical. Rolling Stones are from the 60's and still have the largest concerts with nose bleed tickets selling for 900 bucks a ticket. Ohh and they play instruments, and still play instruments. What rapper can say that?
posted by kandiibaby on May 04, 2009
what the fckk is this shttttt? weezy is the real deal n dem niggaz juss hatin
posted by Rock Fan on Jan 31, 2009
Fuck lil wayne rolling stones> this faggot CLASSICS FTW!!!
posted by u no on Dec 16, 2008
bitch fuck rolling stone n wat the hell is rolling stone any way
posted by Y0 on Jul 31, 2008
Fuk da r0llin st0nez wtf weezy da shit s0n real talk
posted by Trace Scorch on Jul 27, 2008
Fucking rolling stone Pissed cos their song aint worth a dime.... Weezy Babbyyyy Might soud like but it aint urs and if it sounds like its cos weezy gave u the scripts
posted by hotttiemayo on Jul 25, 2008
weezy aint a theif motherfucka;s!!!
posted by asd on Jul 25, 2008
wayne wouldn steal bulshit from no rolin-stones..
posted by rz on Jul 24, 2008

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