Lee Ryan Ditches Pregnant Fiancee Samantha Miller

July 22, 2008 08:37:37 GMT

He left her, who's five months pregnant with his child, after a series of heated arguments and is now moving in with his former bandmate Simon Webbe of the band Blue.

Lee Ryan
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This just in. Lee Ryan dumps his pregnant fiancee Samantha Miller, much to her dismal. Report on the couple's split was made public by Star magazine, less than a month after they announced her pregnancy and wedding plans.

Lee, according to the publication, ditched Samantha after a series of heated rows. A source was quoted as informing that Samantha found the break up as a "complete shock" as "she thought everything was going really well." The source said, "She is distraught and doesn't know what to do - it is horrible enough to be dumped any time, but with her pregnancy, and all her hopes they would build a future as a family, it has left her in tears."

Lee began dating Samantha, who's now five months pregnant with his child, after she posted a number of saucy snaps of herself on his webpage which made him fallen head over heels for her. Last month during his 25th birthday celebration the pair announced her pregnancy and their wedding plans which left his family and friends stunned.

"Everyone was shocked when Lee revealed he was getting wed later this year-and a baby was on the way," a friend said at that time, adding that "They've only been dating a few months and we didn't expect him to settle down any time soon."

Now that he's single again, Lee reportedly has been moving in with Simon Webbe, his ex-bandmate of the boy band Blue.


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posted by cindy on Dec 31, 2008
al the people need to mind there own bussines and let samantha and lee be happy happy newyear!
posted by samantha Miller on Dec 25, 2008
thank you Alicia I really appreciate it,and she`s right you need to back off.. it`s been hard enough for me already so don`t make it any harder ok
posted by silvana on Sep 23, 2008
i can't imagine!! lee ryan with her???? noooo!
posted by Lucy on Aug 09, 2008
Did he leave Samantha or is this a gossip?(sry for my bad english)
posted by KC on Jul 22, 2008
They are stil together!
posted by alicia on Jul 22, 2008
i just think that everyone has gone to far with lee in the press lately and i think everyone is getting sick of it so why cant use post anything good about him and leave all the rumours out and leave it behind you and just leave the poor guy alone and let him be happy and let him have some peace in his life and let them be happier because there still together and use are making a full out of yourselves. xxx

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