Video Premiere: Rihanna's 'Disturbia'

July 22, 2008 04:34:26 GMT

The R 'n' B singer's new music video for her latest single taken from her repackaged set "Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded" has been premiered.

Video Premiere: Rihanna's 'Disturbia'
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The new music video from R 'n' B singer Rihanna for her latest single "Disturbia" has finally been premiered on July 21. The clip was shot in Los Angeles starting from June 29 under the helm of renown director David LaChapelle, who has also worked with the likes of Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani before.

The new video seems trying to capture the meaning of the song by picturing a dark and disturbing people's behavior. Rihanna herself was shot in some different background on the clip, such as being trapped in a cage, singing and dancing inside a bed frame and sitting on a chair with her hand and leg chained.

The song itself is one of the new tracks that were included on Rihanna's latest repackaged LP "Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded", that was dropped on June 17. "Disturbia" is also a special track for the R 'n' B singer as it was actually written by her rumored boyfriend Chris Brown with the help of two of his friends Andre Merritt and Robert Allen. Before releasing "Disturbia", Rihanna has already spawned two other singles, "Take A Bow" and "If I Never See Your Face Again" featuring Maroon 5.

Beside promoting her re-released LP, the "Umbrella" hit maker reportedly has already had an idea for a new studio album. Previously in an interview, the singer stated that she wants to work with Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse and Duffy on her new record.

Update 2008-07-24: According to Def Jam's official site the video is directed by Anthony Mandler, who also direct Rihanna's "Take A Bow". Rihanna's "Disturbia" Video Premiere:


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posted by nela on Feb 27, 2009
This is the most disturbing video, promotes violence against women, nothing like the upbeat melody of the song, very, very disappointed. Please find another video producer
posted by RHY GIRL on Feb 25, 2009
posted by rHY GIRL on Feb 25, 2009
posted by DIZZY on Feb 25, 2009
posted by RHY GIRL on Feb 25, 2009
posted by choc on Jan 21, 2009
its okayy
posted by sharnie xx on Oct 10, 2008
this song is ace. i lv it soo much n cnt stop listnin 2 it. rihanna is ace xx
posted by georgia on Oct 04, 2008
wow this is so cool you are st00pid if you haven't seen it
posted by evoo on Oct 01, 2008
i love this video :)
posted by KIIM`SZ BABEEY on Sep 18, 2008
this is alriite..buht ii reckon noht better than some of her other sonqqs lol`sz
posted by keshan on Sep 11, 2008
hey hi wasup ?
posted by tan on Aug 27, 2008
i love riri's muzik and her video but that video just made me love her muzik even more!
posted by lisa on Aug 14, 2008
jeez...dats a differant one. its a brilliant song and i like the vid. i love the rest of your songs too grl keep it up...x.
posted by BabyKay on Aug 09, 2008
for those that think this is a horrible song or vid, i think it is amazing. finally for once we are hearing more than "oh my heart is broken," or "Oh, i wanna do you!" rihanna did amazing. i love the song's meaning and its portrayal in the vid. i hope we hear more like this from her.
posted by doina on Aug 07, 2008
mie imi place foarte tare cintecul disturbia.rihanna is cool!!
posted by nata on Aug 02, 2008
love the video its great keep it up rihanna
posted by matt100 on Aug 02, 2008
Brilliant song, Brilliant Video - As always with Rihanna! This is sure to be a big hit. Rihanna's creativity is amazing.
posted by j on Jul 31, 2008
I think that this video is insain!!!!! But I love it. I think that Rihanna pulls it off with great style!!! I cant stop listening to it!
posted by erika on Jul 29, 2008
i cant wait to see a rihanna and amy winehouse duo!!!!
posted by Whitney Castillo on Jul 28, 2008
I loveddd the video she lookedd so cute and pretty in it. I love the sonq. its amazinq. she needs to release more sonqs like this and then let Chris Brown do cameo appearances in her video knowinq hes her boyfriend. Cus damn they would make a qreat duet. I LOVE RIHANNA <3 =]]]
posted by Crissy on Jul 27, 2008
I dont understand the song but the video is amazing
posted by SpecialalwaysBKLYN on Jul 26, 2008
I thought the video was great and different . She is a talented artist with her own voice and style / so HATERS STOP comparing her to Beyonce !!!!
posted by Tomo on Jul 24, 2008
Ilove this video,it is so GREAT!! Keep it up RIHANNA I LOVE YOU!!! YOU ARE BETTER THAN BEYONCE
posted by Nick on Jul 24, 2008
good Georgia Jackson Is A Legend !!!
posted by anonymous on Jul 24, 2008
the video was wierd but i LOVE the song. Chris Brown wrote the song for her. You can teell because it sounds like something he would sing.
posted by Sexcderriboo on Jul 24, 2008
i think rihanna just takes music 2 anuther level.she dis gud i jus looooooovvvvvee dis vid..she my girl to the end i think dis video gonna top the charts and only her wud have pink handcuffs she juss dat gud!!!!go riri keep doin ya thing u number one singer 2 de end...
posted by J on Jul 24, 2008
thats really creepy buy me likey :) she jus makes it so edgy n original. Only Riri could get away with that crazy ass hair lol who could've known that "hey mr DJ" chick could grow into this? Go Rihanna ! x
posted by iMalcom on Jul 24, 2008
This is hot! Rihanna is stunning in this video. The video itself reminds me of a modern day version of Thriller! Big ups to Rihanna. :]
posted by SarBear on Jul 23, 2008
Loved it! I play this song a lot! haha! &#9829;SC
posted by RihannaLover on Jul 23, 2008
That Video Was Really Really Really Really Really Really Creepy
posted by MC G on Jul 23, 2008
It's SO COOL!!!!! congrats RIhanna! you keep proving that you're a genious!!!! love you!!!!!! and don't mind if beyonce gets angry you know u rock!!!!!
posted by Rihannas 1 fan on Jul 23, 2008
I love this video I cant stop watching it!!!!!!!!!! I love Rihanna
posted by Yancy on Jul 23, 2008
OMG THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME. THE SONG IS AMAZING TOO! I thought umbrella was about as good as it would get but i was wrong... Rihanna rocks!!
posted by chocola on Jul 23, 2008
I totally love the song and the video is u Rihanna
posted by sasha xxx on Jul 23, 2008
luv u rihanna! what u been doing to get this far??? u brill xxx i 10 how old r u?xxxxxxxxxx got 2 go
posted by Prettyp6874 on Jul 23, 2008
I think this is Rihanna's calling..there's no need for her to stress and strain her vocals to sing ballads like Beyonce..that's her calling..she should stick to what she does well and idefinitely think please don't stop the music and disturbia is definitely her!!Loved how she brought a little "Thriller" into this video...I do have to say that this song is a bit creepy...could she be disturbed??j/k it wasn't written by her of course so i won't get on her too
posted by Kenz on Jul 23, 2008
AWFUL VIDEO.....OMG That video was totally awful....The dancin sucked.....Wow I still love the song but damn Rihanna that really sucked
posted by jasmine on Jul 22, 2008
omg! i love this song i play it everyday the video is great a scary creepy disturbia lol! rihanna is a pop princess!
posted by alex on Jul 22, 2008
Great video, But im still trying to find out what this song is about.
posted by TK-755 on Jul 22, 2008
posted by CBsWifey on Jul 22, 2008
freakin AWESOME.
posted by freaklikeme on Jul 22, 2008
FrEaKiNg CrAzY. Chris Brown shold be shot if he wrote this!! Is he trying to kill her career?
posted by tashi on Jul 22, 2008
that video was little disturbing but in a gud way
posted by gabriel on Jul 22, 2008
This video is very crazy but i liked
posted by vicki on Jul 22, 2008
im a little frightened but that was a great video :)
posted by hanna on Jul 22, 2008
that video was pretty much awesome! &#9829;

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