Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator to Be Featured in 'Terminator Salvation'

July 18, 2008 04:23:10 GMT

Sharing a possible spoiler, former body builder Roland Kickinger let out that in 'Terminator Salvation', the cyborg depicted by Schwarzenegger in previous 'Terminator' movie will be seen.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator to Be Featured in 'Terminator Salvation'
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For those who is yearning to know more about the upcoming action flick "Terminator Salvation", there is an interesting news coming out recently. The latest report concerning the movie suggested that the artificially intelligent cyborg portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first three "Terminator" films will be making an appearance in this fourth movie.

Unlike in the first three films though, the T-800 series robot won't be starred by its original depicter but instead opts to go with another former bodybuilder Roland Kickinger. Reported by The Clinton News-Record, it is noted that in the forthcoming movie, there will be a scene showing the first meeting between John Connor and the Terminator.

Revealing about what can be considered as spoiler, Kickinger spoke about the scene stating, "There's a very strong scene in the film where John Connor for the first time meets the Terminator, and he doesn't know if he's a good guy or a bad guy." Adding further, the man who has once played Schwarzenegger in a 2005 biopic "See Arnold Run" said, "It's Arnold's character in the first Terminator. That's basically my role, but 20 years before, so it establishes how the Terminator [came] about."

"Terminator Salvation" will be set in post-apocalyptic 2018 in which Connor led a resistance army formed by the survivors. The movie is said not to be focused on Connor's character, but on Marcus Wright, a stranger to the group who loses his memory. Joining the fight against the killing robots, Wright will help Connor in finding a terrible truth behind the extermination of men.

Directed by McG, it will see a line of talented actors, including Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood, Common and Bryce Dallas Howard. The Warner Bros. Pictures' film is set for May 22, 2009.


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posted by vj on Jun 16, 2009
HuntingMoose you are funny
posted by u on Jun 15, 2009
so is arnol going to be in the new movie?
posted by selva on Jun 09, 2009
without the legend Arnold there's nothing in the movie.Try to get him in the next movie or get his friend Stallone else Terminator series(0 days)...
posted by LB (ps) on May 30, 2009
to the reviewer who referred to the original TERMINATOR movie as "retarded", if the movie back then was so 'retarded' why have multi-million dollars been spent to sequels, and now one more? the reason is, because the original was GREAT, and producers don't waste money unless they know they know the first one did well. perhaps your comment might be a bit "retarded"
posted by LB on May 30, 2009
posted by mcmidas on May 19, 2009
Saw a premiere screening by McG in Michigan last night, and the movie was great! And the T-800 does make its first appearance towards the end of the film.
posted by steven on May 13, 2009
all of these CGI movies are making me sick.. there is no t-800 anymore it hasnt been invented yet. its the t-600
posted by H31995 on Apr 28, 2009
i agree arnold is a crap actor, but at the end of the day thres only 1 model 101 and thats arnold
posted by Arnold on Apr 27, 2009
Arnold is the best terminator actor ever
posted by rightyoufvks on Apr 07, 2009
he isnt in the movie. his acting is retarded. people were retarded in the late 80s and were even dumber in the early 90s. the fact the terminator 3 was ever made is a joke. now for the bright side... this movie is going to kick fucking ass.
posted by HuntingMoose on Mar 21, 2009
Their will be a scene with a TV in the background showing Schwarzenegger during his state of the Union speech. O Conner who is watching looks on puzzled and heard saying "The machines already took over?"
posted by Jon on Mar 03, 2009
there are plans of putting his face on that bodybuilders body so he appears as young and in the same shape as he was in the first films
posted by threekhanz on Dec 25, 2008
Arnold should be in the movie, other wise it will not gonna be as hit as it should be........

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