Miranda Kerr Cheated on Orlando Bloom with Oil Heir Brandon Davis

Miranda Kerr

She reportedly was overheard telling Davis she's split from Bloom and even was spotted canoodling with the oil heir at two clubs in N.Y.C. on Saturday, July 12.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom have split up. Rumor has it that the Australian model has cheated on the movie star with oil heir Brandon Davis.

Kerr and Davis used to be a couple before she embarked on a love relationship with Bloom. Now that reports have surfaced that the socialite has split from his model girlfriend Cheyenne Tozzi, new claim emerged that he has rekindled his romance with Kerr.

Kerr and Davis were first spotted together, shopping on L.A.'s Robertson Boulevard last November, but they insisted they're just friends and nothing more. The mounting evidence revealed by In Touch proved the other way around though.

The publication claimed Kerr and Davis were spotted canoodling at two clubs in N.Y.C. on Saturday, July 12. An eyewitness said to have seen them were "full on making out". Later that night, they were seen kissing at Beatrice Inn and claimed "didn't seem to care who saw."

To make matter worse, the catwalk queen reportedly was overheard telling Davis she's broken up with Bloom. "Miranda always seems to go to Brandon when she has a fight with Orlando," an insider stated. "He's her rebound guy." A representative for Kerr denied the split report though.

Report on Kerr and Bloom's alleged split is made public in the new edition of In Touch Weekly, on newsstands now.

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    Oct 13, 2010

    Omg. I agree with everyone except ewwwwwwww... Lol:) Orlando is sooooooooooooo sexy. Forget a day....I would be happy with orlando for like 5 minutes... And she gets to marry him -.-

    Aug 12, 2010

    I think orlando is way too hot for her. She has an alien type face ewwwww. Then he gets back with her after that? Orly dont be stupid! You can tell shes a stuck up B**** and she doesn't love him. If she only knew what she had and how lucky she is to have him she wouldn't cheat on this man. Girl, do u know what millions of girls would do to have Orly for one day let alone 4ever? Cherish this dime piece dude at least, S***.

    May 24, 2009

    i hope orlando bloom broke up mranda kerr she very ugly she look alike boy i dont like her i know she cheat on orlando bloom am be happy if orlando broke up with her am be happy she suck i cant stand her she ugly body i know no one dont like her she not angel i know she cheat on orlando he not get married peace

    Mar 20, 2009

    oh and by the way orlando was very pretty in the lord of the rings so dontt just go calling him ugly wen u haven't even seen the barbie side of him!!! GEEZEZ!

    Mar 20, 2009

    orlando is hot but don't just count on him to keep on stiking with u every time u go running 2 this brandon of urs he may just turn around and say that he doesn't want 2 b around with someone who SNITCHES!!! on him every time u guyz have a fight!!! and don't accept to much coz like a whle holiday plane trip the food all 2 much to just accept try 2 get him to accept at least some money from u 2 pay 4 a coupl of nites dinner or sumthen. THINK GAL! u gotta no watta do than just hangn out and accepting alla dee money! don't just b in it 4 dee money or his looks and fame ifu trully love him u wouldn't go whoosing to another guy. just tell orlando how u trully feel. i no u don't acctually go on this but hey! big woop! orlando is hott! and other gals want him more and wouldn't go taken alla his money!

    Aug 29, 2008

    Orlando is sweet, smart, athletic, talented and to my eye's quite a looker! Why on earth he has gotten back with somone who doesn't respect him enough to avoid PDA with her ex...or to even restrain herself from clinging to another man for a short time while they are having a spat,instead of reflecting on what's going on in her relationship, is beyond me. A man's physical attention doesn't mean your great..it just means he's game...and you should see the nasty morsal he had the day before. Learn to be content alone and faithful to things that are important and as I tell other young woman. We are the gardians of the eggs! please...use discretion.

    Jul 17, 2008

    brandon iss the most disgusting person!!!!! orlando is ugly too but davis is just playing Gross gurl your too good for both of them!!! you can do much better dont just go for the money!! get your own duhh your a model say wats upp to adriana lima shes hott!!

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