Video Premiere: Ashanti's 'Good Good'

July 17, 2008 04:26:28 GMT

The R 'n' B singer's new clip for her latest single has streamed just before its official premiere on Yahoo! Music.

Video Premiere: Ashanti's 'Good Good'
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Just before its scheduled premiere date on July 17, Ashanti's new music video for her latest single "Good Good" has streamed on July 16. The clip was directed by renown director Melina and also features a cameo appearance by Nelly.

The clip starts with some footages of delicious food and beverages, such as pie, pizza, soda and ice cream. On the video Ashanti plays the role of Nelly's wife where she was working all of the household duties like mopping and shopping for grocery.

The single, which was co-wrote by Ashanti and Nelly, is being set as the second single outed from her latest LP "The Declaration", dropped on June 3. Before dropping "Good Good", the R 'n' B singer has spawned "The Way That I Love You" as the first outing.

Earlier, the singer's new album has caused a problem for her as its promo effort received lots of protest from the public. People were upset of the way Ashanti promoted her new LP which uses lots of violence and blood on her music video and official website



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posted by WTH??? on Jul 17, 2008
ok i like ashanti but this video is stupid and a little sexist. It seems like to me she's saying men want housewives, thats what keeps him coming home. Thanks Ashanti, way to set us independent women back. I really like this song, but this video kind of ruins it. I thought this video would help the album sell better. I guess you can forget it now.
posted by mrzgray4lyfe on Jul 17, 2008
wateva to the first comment shoot ii luv ashanti and i feel this video is all that and its going on ma page..
posted by ashantifan on Jul 17, 2008
she fine stop hateing if you ain't got a body like that or you to stuck on your career
posted by amirahpmd on Jul 17, 2008
the best video of 2008...hands down*

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