Sequel Talk From Brendan Fraser's 'Journey'

July 12, 2008 06:33:05 GMT

In an interview with Rocky Mountain News, director Eric Brevig suggested that the second 'Journey' film may deal with the lost city of Atlantis.

Sequel Talk From Brendan Fraser's 'Journey'
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The New Line Cinema's adventure fantasy film "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D" has just made its way to the theaters on Friday, July 11. And before it even gets the chance to display its ability to compete with potentially summer blockbuster "Hellboy II: The Golden Army", it has been hit with sequel talks.

While promoting this family adventure movie in Denver, director Mike Brevig gave out hint of the possible follow-up film. Asked about the chance of "Journey" having a sequel on a Q&A session with Mike Pearson of Rocky Mountain News, the visual effects supervisor for "The Island" revealed, "At the end of the movie, they find a book about Atlantis. That might be something. If people embrace the movie and want to see these characters on another adventure, we might come up with something."

Concerning "Journey", it is 3-D movie based on Jules Verne's classic novel of the same name. It stars Brendan Fraser as the main character, a volcanologist by the name of Trevor. Together with his nephew played by Josh Hutcherson and guided by Hannah, depicted by Anita Briem, Trevor finds a world beneath the Earth surface. There, they encounter creatures like they have never seen before and fall into an adventure they have never imagine.


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posted by purecherries on Nov 20, 2010
OMGOSH! If theres a sequel coming out, i so would want to see it. I just keep watching it again and again and i cant get enough of journey to the center of the earth. I hope they do make a sequel, ill be dying to see it with the same characters and CAST of this movie. Absolutely loved the characters and who played them. Cant wait for more !! :)
posted by Katie <3 on Feb 05, 2010
i wuld luv 2 c the nxt movie 2 it =>
posted by Jessss on Dec 26, 2009
Love journey to the centre of the earth and would love to watch the sequel :) josh is my fave actor which also makes me enjoy the film alot more :p
posted by jayk on Oct 24, 2009
journey to atlantis is to be released 2011, and yes...they should have called it journey to the city of atlantis, much betta rythm
posted by Dakoda on Oct 07, 2009
wouldnt it be cool if they did one like in the himalayas, or kind of like 20,000 leagues under the see, and itd be awesome if they did some absed on enid blytons adventure books
posted by wayne quigley on Oct 02, 2009
If they did all the harry potter books why not do all these ones
posted by kat on Sep 26, 2009
i think they should make journey to atlantis because one i want to see what it is about two i think it could be good three i want to see it because it comes after journey to the center of the earth
posted by carlie dee on Jul 27, 2009
i really hope there will be a sequel i really enjoyed this movie
posted by none on May 20, 2009
it should be called journey to the city of atlantis
posted by Whisperstar on Mar 29, 2009
Oh please make a sequel!!! I think Journey was my favorite movie ever. I would love a sequel!
posted by supafunk on Feb 13, 2009
a sequel would be awsome hope to see it in the future !
posted by natlie on Jan 28, 2009
That's just so cool to see this, I havn't even seen Journey to the center of the earth yet.
posted by BettyBlue on Jan 18, 2009
I would love to see a 'Journey' film on Atlantis. I loved all 3 actors in this film and would love to see what lies ahead for Travis, Hannah, and Shawn as their character's grow and mature.
posted by Sunshine on Jan 12, 2009
Loved it, please make a sequel...!
posted by jagness on Jan 05, 2009
The minute I saw that book go from Trevor's hand to Josh's hand I got so happy thinking there might be a sequel. We were happy the intrepid trio got back to the surface but we wanted MORE. Another adventure must be had. Not to mention Brendan in a wet suit would be worth the price of admission alone!!
posted by joembrka on Jan 03, 2009
My family and I LOVED it!! We want a sequel FOR SURE!!!! Thanks for make a great family film, wish more people did.
posted by Anubus on Jan 03, 2009
Please, Please, Please make a sequel. My family and I loved it and would love to see a sequel ASAP.
posted by agramson on Jan 01, 2009
I would love to see a sequel about Atlantis...would definitely buy it now that I've seen loved it
posted by Richard on Jan 01, 2009
u better make a sequal, lol
posted by Union Jack on Dec 14, 2008
I would watch the sequel at the cinemas and buy it the day it comes out if they made another about Atlantis!!!
posted by beachgypsy on Nov 27, 2008
Just watched Journey to the Center of the Earth last night. Fun movie. Would love to see an Atlantis sequel with the same characters. Like Indiana Jones movies, they use the story, great FX and action instead of sex, blood and language to create a fun, entertaining movie.
posted by michael on Nov 18, 2008
I really enjoyed this movie. I like the method behind it. follows the book but used the book as a tool the guide them through the perils.
posted by stedler on Nov 16, 2008
My wife and I enjoyed the movie very much and would love to see the same characters return for another movie.
posted by Cesil on Nov 10, 2008
Saw it at the cinema in 3D it blew me away. Bought the DVD, my family have watched it every day for a week. MAKE A ANOTHER - PLease!
posted by Cardamom on Nov 08, 2008
I'm mom to 9 children (well, my husband says he makes 10) and we all LOVED the movie - watched it on DVD 3 times in 2 days. Definitely -- make a sequel about Atlantis with the same characters and actors, please!!! :-)
posted by Eowyn on Nov 07, 2008
I just saw "Journey" on DVD. I love the movie! I'm definitely in favor of a sequel with the same characters AND about Atlantis. That'll be cool :)
posted by Nllegend on Oct 30, 2008
I loved this movie, I hope with all my heart that they make a sequel. It's stories and characters like these that make movies, and stories awesome. We need more movies like this and I hope they make the wise choice by making another!!!
posted by Eclipse on Oct 29, 2008
i have always had a strong interest in the lost city of atlantis and i really enjoyed this move. i would love to see a movie about it and from seeing this movie i feel this cast would make atlantis interesting and a good watch. So for a squel to Journey to the Center of the Earth has my vote.
posted by Neady samurai on Oct 03, 2008
That would be awesome for them to make a squeal if they use the same actors!

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