311 to Release New LP in 2009

July 08, 2008 07:31:34 GMT

Despite their busy tour schedule, the experimental rock act have already stated that they will be finishing their new record soon and hope to release it in 2009.

311 to Release New LP in 2009
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After being busy with their tour and not releasing a new studio album since 2005, rockers 311 have announced that they will be dropping the follow up to "Don't Tread On Me" soon. The band confirmed the news in an interview with MTV stating that after finishing their current tour, they will hit the studio and continue the work on their new LP that has started since 2007 and plan to drop it in early 2009.

On the new album that is being produced by renown music producer Bob Rock, the band confirmed that they will return to their musical roots. Explaining the plan, 311's drummer Chad Sexton told MTV, "We've experimented a lot in recent years and shifted this way and that way, and with the current climate out there, with record sales, it could be a coincidence that [our sales] just went down, down, down because of the Internet, or maybe we've been too experimental. Maybe we should get back to the basics - the 311 basics."

Sexton then also revealed the reason they wanted their upcoming LP to sound like their old records saying, "I would think that the last three records were our growing pain. We forgot to take a look back and say, 'Let's do that again,' because all of a sudden, going back to that original 311 sound is new to us again. Some characteristically 311 sounds come out when we do get back to basics, and we're probably putting our best foot forward with this album."

Moreover, Sexton also stated that working with Bob has really helped them to find more solidity on the band and made the recording process easier. "One of the things he's helped us improve, and it's hard to put a finger on how it will affect the music, is our communication as a band. Recording has been a lot easier this time. It's always challenging, but I'm loving what we're getting," Sexton said.

On the last note the drummer also ensures his fans that the new record will sound really solid, saying "I think people will be surprised by how nice and solid it will sound. There's something you can't really vocalize or explain about the experience behind what's going on. But I'm thinking people will think it sounds really solid, which comes from being in a band for 18 years."


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posted by bigKevinFisk on Sep 10, 2008
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