Coming Soon: Jonas Brothers' Clothing Line

July 04, 2008 06:28:03 GMT

Claiming he and his brothers Nick and Joe have a passion for clothes, Kevin told Entertainmentwise about the prospect of launching a future clothing range.

Jonas Brothers
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Having a number of future projects in the pipeline, including two Disney Channel Original Series, a 3D concert movie, a behind-the-scenes book, and a sequel to their hit Disney Channel Original Movie, Jonas Brothers will soon add fashion designer into their career resume. The siblings are planning to launch their own line of fashion.

Kevin Jonas told Entertainmentwise about the prospect of launching a future clothing range. When he was asked if he and his brothers are thinking about an invasion into the fashion world, he answered "Definitely, we'd love to do that."

He, furthermore, explained "Not that we're designers or anything, but we have a passion for clothes and what we wear and what other people wear, so maybe. It's definitely looking good."

Kevin, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas have recently been named one of "Hollywood's New Wave" in Vanity Fair Aug 2008 issue, being counted among the most promising young stars in the era of YouTube and Gawker.


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posted by joe\"s girl<3 on Sep 16, 2009
i cant wait to were your clothes i have so many shirts of you you guy i love you guys sososo much but me and joe going to date soon i love joe and i cant wait to get more and more of his clohoes!!!!!!!!
posted by Mrs. jonasluver11 on Sep 07, 2009
i love the jonas brothers there soooo hooootttttttt
posted by feliciamarie1390 on Jun 29, 2009
i hope the clothes r plus size to not just children sizes.
posted by Jettie on Jun 24, 2009
OMJ!!! I cant wiat!!! They are going to make girl clothes pepole.What I want to know is when is it coming out
posted by demi lovato fan 4 on Jun 19, 2009
i think the jonas brothers are so cute and i am glad they started there own clothing line i have seen some pictures of the clothes on the internet and i think they are so so cute.
posted by natalie on Jun 19, 2009
i am so glad the jonas brothers have got there own clothing line i have seen the clothes on the internet and i think they are so so cute.
posted by jonas super number o on Jun 06, 2009
if the come out with a clothing line ill be the first on to get it
posted by skyjonas on May 02, 2009
posted by fan on Apr 30, 2009
i love what ever they desing yiu guy ock i love youuuuuuu
posted by ilovenickjonasomuchf on Apr 13, 2009
omj omj omj omj i so cant wait i will where there clothes everyday for the whole entire year mabie even more but i so cant wait for this i i love the jonas brothers so much they are my heros now i cant dress like my heros soon i cant wait till j.o.n.a.s eeeeeep lol
posted by tina10 on Apr 10, 2009
you guys are cuter than miley cyrus i love you nick,joe,and kevin I LOVE YOU NICK
posted by kimmy11 on Apr 10, 2009
I cant wait to see you boys in houston in august I you nick,joe,and kevin
posted by Miss.Fashionista09 on Apr 10, 2009
I really can't wait to get the clothes. I love this idea, it is great. I can't wait, this is all i'm thinking about.
posted by Mrs.NicholasJonas on Mar 28, 2009
Does anyone know when the clothes actually come out?
posted by jonas luver on Mar 24, 2009
yea right u probably think u look like nick but u probably dont
posted by jonasluver705 on Mar 16, 2009
OMJ! I am so happy that the Jonas brothers are coming out with their own close line, and their 3D movie was the best!! I just love them so much! I cant wait for the J.O.N.A.S show to come out in may!
posted by you are nuts on Mar 16, 2009
ost likely they won't be designing them it will be someone with actual talent in fashion
posted by nic on Mar 14, 2009
it is a girls clothing line and its going to be at walmart
posted by mrs.jonas on Mar 13, 2009
I can't wait till It comes out I will where JB clothes every day
posted by peices_important on Mar 12, 2009
i think theyre ONLY making girls clothing, at least thats what i read.
posted by pimp on Feb 22, 2009
duh u guys must not read they say they r going to make girl clothes too {things that they would like see girls wearing}
posted by Pimp on Feb 22, 2009
i cant wait i bet there clothes r going to be so hot!
posted by ytiggjsfj on Jan 22, 2009
sorry that was my stupid little brother that said that
posted by ytiggjsfj on Jan 22, 2009
I can't wait till they come out I will look even more cooler
posted by ytiggjsfj on Jan 22, 2009
fuck the philipenes
posted by k-denz on Jan 16, 2009
omg i cant wait.... i love their style so their clothes should be pretty good...
posted by jbfan24/7 on Jan 12, 2009
omg!!!where would u buy the clothing though??
posted by kaylee on Dec 23, 2008
that is awqsom!!i will shop here!!
posted by jonasgrl15 on Aug 20, 2008
guys would defanitly look better with the jonas clothing line. nick is sooo hott :)
posted by tAarmmin on Aug 16, 2008
yay , finally jb clothing & im sure they're gonna make girl clothing !
posted by fashionista on Aug 09, 2008
this is definatley exciting1 hope they start a girls line too!
posted by woah-kimilovesjonas on Aug 04, 2008
Damn, if I was a guy I would totally buy their stuff!! It's soooo cool!! And guys will start to look cuter now if they're wearing the Jonas stuff haha :D
posted by joeandirocksox on Jul 29, 2008
i love thier clothes!! I hope they make the jakets tht they hav. their soo hot!
posted by Audrey on Jul 28, 2008
OMFJ...I Hope They Make Girl's Clothing Too!!
posted by sheilaaa on Jul 28, 2008
oh man, i'd buy their clothes if i was a guy:) look at them,they're gorgeous:) guys should definately take note on their style iloveyoujoe:)
posted by jonas7/23:]] on Jul 25, 2008
i would def buy from their line! they inspire everyone and now you can be more inspired by clothing! plus who doesnt like looking at them..they are cute :]]]]]
posted by sambgood on Jul 24, 2008
i can't wait. the girls will finally think i look like the jonas brothers ; now i might have a chance to win that oction with miley cyrus because i look like nick!

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