Talks of 'Batman 3' Begin, Gary Oldman Suggests New Villain

June 28, 2008 07:31:38 GMT

Following the story that the newest Batman franchise will be a trilogy, one of 'Dark Knight' stars opens up about the third film suggesting that Batman will have a new foe.

Talks of 'Batman 3' Begin, Gary Oldman Suggests New Villain
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Though "The Dark Knight" is still weeks away from its theatrical debut, people have started talking about what will become of "Batman 3". From the latest interview with the cast of the highly anticipated superhero flick, it was suggested that the next Batman movie will either recast Joker or bring in a new villain with a tendency to the latter.

Revealing what he thought of the last movie from the supposed Batman trilogy, Lieutenant James Gordon's depicter Gary Oldman suggested that Batman is most likely to have a new enemy. "Maybe we don't need the Joker. Because we'll have The Riddler," so claimed the man who played Sirius Black in "Harry Potter" series. By stating Riddler, he means that the bat-themed superhero will be facing his other super villain who is obsessed with riddles, puzzles and word games. The evil character once made famous by Jim Carrey in "Batman Forever".

Additionally, while commenting on the possibility of Joker being recast in the third film, Oldman revealed that though he believes Heath Ledger has done a great job with Joker, it is possible that the evil character may get new depicter. "I don't see why not. I mean, they did it with Katie Holmes' character," he said. "I understand that this is a different circumstance, but I think another actor could do the job. I think Heath would want another actor to do the job."

"Dark Knight" is a sequel to the previous "Batman Begins" movie. It brings back Christian Bale as the famous billionaire/superhero and Christopher Nolan as the director. Supported by a league of talented Hollywood actors, like Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart and Maggie Gyllenhaal, the action-packed movie from Warner Bros. Pictures will be available in theaters on July 18.


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posted by Mechnohan on Dec 31, 2009
Christopher Nolans version of these batman films will never add in an unrealistic character. its completely going against what he is trying to do. All in all, the only obvious people would be riddler and catwoman. Catwoman could fit if they give her the perspective that she is also human and is just using this mask as her symbol. Now, in my opinion, i would be fine with chris recasting the joker. i mean what are they going to do? he DIED! if you have to recast then recast. who ever they cast im sure can mimic him. I mean, c'mon, how many people on youtube are doing the samething. Now people may thing that Harvey Dent/Two Face is dead. I honestly hope that he is not. I really want to see more of him considering he is my favorite villain. but when it comes to the riddler, i am 75% sure that Leo DiCaprio is going to play him. I mean, chris nolan ALWAYS has set actors in his film. He did it with Christian, he did it with Cillian, and he also did it with Michael Cain. So looking at how Leo is in his new movie Inception, im almost positive that he will end up with the part. And dont judge Leo. Just look at the roles he has done! The Departed, Blood Diamond, Catch Me if you Can, The Aviator! NEED I SAY MORE!?
posted by Qiodrwup on Jul 13, 2009
posted by Seanolot on Jan 21, 2009
I reckon they shoudl put harley quinn one character never doen in any of the films a female version of the joker why not!!??
posted by monicamorganp on Oct 10, 2008
I think batman 3 should be 2 face as the main villain. selina kyle as a stripper/jewel thief(catwoman).Robin sharing a cell with joker in arkham with harley quinn as their psychologist. They both escape in the end.
posted by Mario on Oct 05, 2008
I would like to see Poison Ivy done right. Make her an Eco-terrorist who finds a means of sabotaging equipment and unmanned facilities. It has been documented that “Eco-terrorists” have used various means of proving their points such as “embedding metal spikes in trees.” Reference the Kyoto Protocol on climate change and how environmentalists have challenged corporations such as Exxon Mobil, McDonald’s, etc. Ivy is a definite contender in terms of maintaining realism in the Batman universe. Instead of having her declare war against Exxon Mobil, she would/could be challenging Wayne Industries along w/ other major corporations in Gotham - and potentially the world. With her intelligence and persuasiveness she could prove a worthy adversary.
posted by Bruce Wayne on Sep 26, 2008
NYC COMIC-CON NEWSLETTER: author: Dave Micah 4/18/08 NEWS OF BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE NIGHT Batman 3 Synopsis: Jervis Tetch (Mad Hatter) is a neuroscientist who pursues his theories despite genetic sanctions. He creates a synthetic organism by combining his nano technology with human stem cells. Then he gambles to reverse his autistic patient (Riddler) Edward Nigma's mental degradation and prove himself right. He is caught, fired and shunned by the scientific community, but not before discovering the key to mind control. He has the misfortune of testing a subject by the name of (Catwoman) Selina Kyle. She is reclusive secretary suffering from split personality disorder. A home body who's only companionship lies in her cats. Batman is confronted by a new foe named (Dick Grayson) Nightwing. A revenge driven vigilante who's sole declaration is to do to criminals what the Dark Knight will not. Which is kill those who commit atrocities on the people of Gotham like his family. A series of mysterious deaths are approximated within sightings of Nightwing. However, once he announces responsibility for murders Batman had Commissioner Gordon blame him for to preserve Harvey Dent's good name. Batman begins to question the validity of Nightwing's claims to being a murderous vigilante. Batman hunts down Nightwing in an effort to persuade him from becoming what he hates most. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is seduced by Wayne Enterprise's newest addition Selina Kyle. Selina's alter ego becomes her psyche's dominant personality due to Jervis' attempt to control her. After unforeseen side effects on Selina's neural pathways send her adrenal glands into overdrive and her conscious mind to fall victim to Tetch. Catwoman emerges with unbridled strength, agility and an overconfident sexual appetite. As Tetch uses a cognitive transmitter to impose his will. He plagues the citizens of Gotham, as Mad Hatter, with an organism which gives him reign over their consciousness. The Dark Knight is engulfed at every turn with attempts to end his life by the citizens he swore to protect. Their very eyes act as cameras and their bodies act as weapons to prevent Batman's attempts to stop him. Under the guidance of Lucius Fox, Batman infects himself with Tetch's organism to establish a telepathic link. Bruce Wayne pits himself against Mad Hatter in a battle of mind vs madness. He is greeted by a world from which he wished he had come from. Then in an instant he is confronted by a nightmarish existence from which he can not escape. While he tries to convince Selina Kyle that she is the key to stopping Mad Hatter. Lucius Fox succumbs to Tetch's control and Batman is left trapped in his own head. This leaves a psychotic Catwoman as one of the Dark Knight's only hopes of waking up to the real world again. As a blood thirsty vigilante, who blames Batman for not stopping the man responsible for his family's death, is left to choose his fate.
posted by Jamie on Sep 01, 2008
in tdk lucious makes a comment about bruces new armor regarding cats so i think the catwoman would fit nicly as a theif who pulls of a major heist and gets away, so the police contract edward nigma or the riddler to help track her down and lock her up even tho the riddler has some questionable methods...
posted by WB insider on Aug 25, 2008
22-JULY-2008 Coming Summer 2010 ?? CONTACT WB IN REGARDS BATMAN: BELIEVE Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart) is back and after the Bat, but with help, it seems that Joker's old fling Selina Kyle (Carla Gugino) is out for vengeance and searching for her ex-lover, who was reportedly killed being broken out of a maximum-security prison by an unnamed relative (Robin Williams). Down in the dumps, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) stumbles upon an orphaned 19 year-old, Robin (Zac Efron) and takes him under his wing, giving him a home. 22-JULY-2008 From this new information I can tell you Catwoman, Selina Kyle, will be there, thank god it's not Halle Berry again, yuck! Maybe Robin Williams is Joker's father and possibly Riddler? And who knows if we'll actually see Joker, being deceased and all.
posted by howaboutthis on Aug 18, 2008
I think that instead of all the penguin and catwoman. it should be Black mask and Riddler. Where Black Mask takes over the mob and the Riddler is employed by Gotham PD to discover the Batmans true identity so they can arrest him. I would like David Tennant as the Riddler cause i think he would be great as he would bring a large amount of energy to the performance. Dicaprio would suck as the riddler it is a stupid suggestion.
posted by pcrawfo1 on Aug 11, 2008
just because you're round, it doesn't mean you should play as the penguin, and just because you're bald like vin diesel, you aren't automatically mr. freeze. let's be realistic here. jim carrey's riddler was okay at best in batman forever and that was in 1995. that kind of performance wouldn't fly in today's standards for movies, especially nolan's. i've read the so called inside scoops as well saying phillip seymour hoffman as penguin and johnny depp as the riddler but these are obviously not realiable because one article i read on the internet that was like these for the dark knight stated that phillip hoffman was gonna be penguin in the second batman installment. this obviously was not so unless i missed something in the five times i watched the dark knight in theaters. i am as excited as anyone for another adventure with the dark knight but i'm sure nolan will cast actors that will play the best role for his vision and not what some internet journalist thinks. no one expected heath or eckhart for their two roles and both were truly captivating so don't expect to know the cast until a script is written and production is ready to begin.
posted by .... on Aug 10, 2008
"double lol at : lol at the above comment A lot of people were saying the exact same thing with Heath Ledger when he was cast to play the Joker, now look how great of a performance he did...I think other actors will more likely be honored to depict a character in this franchise cuz its in no way campy and cartoony." hurrr durrrrrr you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Leonardo DiCaprio would pretty much fail at Riddler. Johnny Depp, or even better, Jim Carrey, would be much better.
posted by Adam? on Aug 06, 2008
Matthew Lillard is the best choice so far!
posted by djs on Aug 04, 2008
i think that halle bery should return as catwoman in batman 3 and two face should come back but i thin that if riddler shoes up the role should go to johnny depp
posted by GothamKnight09 on Aug 02, 2008
(Read comment right below first) The point of that would be since the second one really focused on the Joker, the third could bring the attention back on Batman, and the only thing that tops the joker is Batman, so it makes sense to have two bats fight. Any other villain it too unrealistic, except for the riddler but he wouldn't make a good film. Seeing Batman fight someone who's had the same training as him, in a suit of armor would be the best option.
posted by GothamKnight09 on Aug 02, 2008
The villain shouldn't be something we've seen before because they're all too unrealistic. The villain for the third should be Jean Paul Valley. If you all read the comics, you know when Bane beat Batman he let Jean Paul Valley take over, but for the movie the script should go: Jean Paul Valley was a member of the league of shadows, and has been studying bruce wayne/batman until he thinks he's ready to kill him. Jean Paul builds his own, heavier and highly more equipped suit and enters Gotham. Batman and Jean Valley battle,and with the help of police gunfire, Batman is beaten/shot up, but escapes. Bruce has to recover from his injuries, but is wondering if he wants to return to fighting crime if the city really doesnt want him. Jean goes crazy and takes over as Batman, killing many criminals. In the panic, Gordon tells the public that Harvey Dent killed those people, and that the original Batman was innocent. The call for Batman, and newly recovored Bruce Wayne returns for a showdown, Bat vs. Bat.
posted by THEfuture on Aug 02, 2008
the riddler should team up with the mad hatter in part 3. peguin should team up with 2 face in part 4. then bring the joker back for part 5.
posted by katsguts on Aug 01, 2008
i suggest johnny depp as Riddler. but to be honest, Hush should be the new villain. save Riddler for the fourth film.
posted by Danny25 on Aug 01, 2008
For the 3rd Batman movie Vin Diesel should be Mr.Freeze. That movie would be the shit and there would be so much action....
posted by mb22lb on Jul 31, 2008
Johnny depp as the riddler!
posted by glowworm on Jul 31, 2008
i think the could use penguin(philip semore hoffman)and maybe the ventriliquist would be cool,angilina jolie as catwoman,and crispen glover as the riddler,but not catwoman and penguin in the same movie,already been done
posted by Mattttt on Jul 29, 2008
poison ivy would just ruin the movie, and i could almost say the same thing about catwoman. The riddler would be the only character that could come in to the 3rd and make sense. Then again it all depends on whether we will see 2 face and/or the joker...
posted by badger 1602 on Jul 29, 2008
Casey Afleck for the Riddler, that is if they use that character. If not, Phillip Seymour Hoffman for the Penguin as a Mob Boss kind of character. Hoooowzzzatttt!!!!
posted by SR on Jul 25, 2008
posted by robloxuserWATSON on Jul 25, 2008
posted by Ricardo on Jul 25, 2008
Clayface was an awesome villain, but kind of 2nd rate. Also I can't imagine something so farfetched would be considered. One of the best things I love about Nolan's Batman's is that they step away from the comics. It's believable in a surreal way, especially with the way the world is heading, that men like the joker exist. The comic books always had the predictable hero saves the day endings, which are all well and good, but Nolan's new dark version of Batman is excellent. The Riddler though? Surely there must be a better villain? I'd be surprised if they do make another one, this one is going to be next to impossible to top.
posted by jmm7 on Jul 25, 2008
no more joker nobody could play a joker like heath could, that role he did is so good, perfect, alot of words could explain his role in the film. nobody could do what he was his role, his spot just his. so i think there shouldnt be a joker in the next movie.
posted by jmm7 on Jul 25, 2008
no more joker in the next was only heaths role. he nailed that role so good,perfect so many words can explain that film. nobody could do it like him and nobody is gunna try. so dnt bother putting joker in the next movie. i do think that there should be a different batman cuz christan bale...i dnt think he was right for batman in the first movie. i wasnt feeling christian in the film.i think anjolia jolie could play poison ivy. i do think that the riddler could be played by johnny depp cuz he did scared me in the chocolate factory so i think he could play that...but jim carrey could come back yea keep the joker as only heath's role, heath's remembrence
posted by TidalSpiral on Jul 24, 2008
Don Cheadle for Riddler! I want to start a campaign for him... he is such a smart actor, apply that intelligence and human understanding to a maniacal villain who loves to play cat and mouse with everyone. Imagine a Riddler working with Gotham City Police to track down Batman but he's really pitting the two against each other to establish his own freedom. A cyber terrorist they think is under their leash but who is playing everyone. That's what Cheadle could bring to the Riddler, and to Nolan's world.
posted by lol on Jul 24, 2008
I think dicaprio should burn.
posted by jackmeihoff on Jul 23, 2008
I think leonardo dicaprio should play catwoman. That would be a lot more realistic.
posted by scott on Jul 23, 2008
Depp doesnt have that serial killer look about him, but, He has palyed a vareity of roles and could be a great fit. Matthew Lillard could, but, he is goofy. Crispin Glover would be a great fit as well, he has that thin creepy, serial killer look.
posted by kutss5 on Jul 23, 2008
i heard don cheadle already is the riddler...
posted by chin on Jul 22, 2008
I heard Maggie Gyllenhaal say she was going to be in the next batman I dont think she really dies in the dark knight...
posted by TidalSpiral on Jul 22, 2008
They hint at Catwoman by a few lines of the movie, and I'm not entirely sure they are calling Two Face dead. The little scene with his black framed portrait makes it seem that way but afterwards it cuts back to where his body is lying. Maybe they just assumed he was dead because of the hospital explosion, and in fact Batman just knocked him out at the end. Two Face and Catwoman would be a fun combination.
posted by The Darkest Knight on Jul 22, 2008
the Riddler should most deffinatly be in the 3rd film, hes the most realistic character to bring back into the series. the Joker should NEVER be recasted.... Fans would reject any actor who attempted to taking Heaths place. I honestly think Johnny Depp would be a perfect choice for the Riddler, as a evil, sick minded version. Quite like Heath ledgers version of the Joker. My opinion tho...
posted by Jkellz84 on Jul 22, 2008
Matthew Lillard should be cast as the riddler. he has the sick grin to him and craziness if you remember how he was in Scream. That would be better.
posted by Jkerr on Jul 22, 2008
double lol at : lol at the above comment A lot of people were saying the exact same thing with Heath Ledger when he was cast to play the Joker, now look how great of a performance he did...I think other actors will more likely be honored to depict a character in this franchise cuz its in no way campy and cartoony.
posted by scumface on Jul 22, 2008
the only villain that would suit these style of batman films is the riddler... poison ivy and catwoman were two of the worst characters ever created. they could make the riddler have somewhat of a serial killer complex, like the zodiac, always leaving puzzles for the law enforcement
posted by dmarrow on Jul 22, 2008
"I VOTE FOR TIA DALMA FOR POISON IVY…SHE IS A GREAT CHARACTER ACTRESS. JUST IMAGINE HER GREAT ACTING WITH HER CHOCOLATE SKIN AND DREADS OR BRAIDS WITH VINE AND FLOWER TATTOOS EVERYWHERE…WITH HER DOUGHY EYES TELLING BATMAN THAT SHE IS SAVING THE EARTH…from people like bruce wayne…. see there is a method to my madness VOTE TIA DALMA FOR POISON IVY" (a different blog with good points) .i totally agre with Naomi Harris as poison ivy.she would be great and it would add diversity. she was scary as hell in pirates and given nolans input she could be great they could change ivy around. and i agree with the tattoes which could symbolize her obsession with plants seeing how in today would people get tattoes for reasons. but these markings could be covered when she is isley. but adding he whole cr8z environment-al chick would fit into nolans world and having giving her poison in which she uses on anyone in the way of her cause would be kick *** if done right. the poison could cause demonic illusions of ilsey being poinson ivy with the whole plant control going on but not really happening. or maybe she could get her plant powers[which i would really hope for] without being silly. but i think Naomi Harris would be great instead of jolie im tires of seeing her.let her raise her kids. I VOTE NAOMI HARRIS. anyone who feels the same way. spread the word. you never know what could happen.
posted by lol at above comment on Jul 21, 2008
Seriously? Leonardo DiCaprio? You're out of your mind.
posted by bravessoccer01 on Jul 16, 2008
I think that leonardo dicaprio should play the Riddler in the 3rd batman movie.

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