Video Premiere: T.I.'s 'No Matter What'

June 28, 2008 02:23:45 GMT

The rapper's new music video for the first single from his upcoming record "Paper Trail" has been premiered.

Video Premiere: T.I.'s 'No Matter What'
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The new clip for T.I.'s first single "No Matter What" has just been premiered on Friday, June 27 via FNMTV. The video was shot in Atlanta, Georgia and was directed by Self/James Lopez.

The clip was made in a rather simple way as in most of the scenes it only shows T.I. rapping the song lyrics in a studio set background. The special feature on the clip is a short scene of the rapper's life experience footages that ware screened in the background wall of his set.

The single itself was taken from T.I.'s upcoming LP "Paper Trail", which is scheduled to be outed on September 2. On the song's lyrics, the rapper shouted out his anger to the people that kick him when he was down. "I was speaking on people who took shots at me when I was down," he said.

Speaking about the recording process for the "No Matter What", T.I said in a statement, "I would say I recorded it probably around the holidays or January, something like that, That was when the hate was real fresh and I was counted out by most."

T.I.'s "No Matter What" Video Premiere:


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posted by margo on Dec 04, 2010
I love you
posted by margo on Dec 04, 2010
je sai can ce conai pa tro mai je pete dir ce jtm
posted by araujo on Dec 04, 2010
je sui fane de toi bisou jtm
posted by caroline 4m s.a on May 19, 2009
this track derseves to b bowed down 2. damn da guy i love wer u say 'if ur heart filled wit faith then u cant fail' dats deep thnx making me pass ma test
posted by Ntombi Mlambo on Apr 01, 2009
no matter what TI I still love you in a crazy way ...:-(
posted by ntombi mlambo kzn on Feb 27, 2009
i love everyting bout u TIP
posted by nana from syria on Jan 29, 2009
i love u t.i. u r my big dream u r so far from me but i will still love uuuuuu!!!!!i'm in love with u and i hope that u will read my comment just to know how much i love u
posted by amber311 on Nov 20, 2008
thias song is hot and it is so real keep iit hot T.I cuz itz all good
posted by amber311 on Nov 19, 2008
i love this song i listen to it alot and it just makes sense but keep your head up and let the haters be haters holla
posted by 3cmadew7 on Nov 18, 2008
I just love this song ti i mean man you are so hot in this song
posted by 3cmadew7 on Nov 18, 2008
I just love this song ti i mean man you are so hot in this song
posted by suzii ( : on Nov 06, 2008
hmmm - i'd tap that <3
posted by shania nacoma jacobs on Oct 23, 2008
i just like all your songs and i think your the most hotest person alive!!!!:)
posted by njengob on Sep 30, 2008
God this track honestly is da bomb you wouldn't believe it!But hey y shudn't I?Coz we tokin abt T.I ryt???!!No matter what T.I stands!!!No matter what T.I stands!!!And jus Livin his life n I love him!Continue standin T.I coz yo da best!!!!
posted by Ke Ke on Sep 30, 2008
I love all your songs since day one T.I. Iv'e listen to all of your songs every since you have came out. Let people hate on you why because it makes it better on you.
posted by g on Aug 30, 2008
dis song is da best
posted by chelsea711 on Jul 08, 2008
this song is the best!!! i have been with u the whole time on your side t.i!! i love u!! i listen 2 this song at least 50 times a day!! i like this side of u!! keep ur head up ignore the haters.. u have many loving fans that will always be on your side.. THE KING LIVES ON.... FOREVER!!
posted by chelsea711 on Jul 08, 2008
T.I. i love your song!! You have been through alot!! keep your head up ALWAYS, ingnore the haters they mean nothing!! Easy LET GO and let god deal with it!! THE KING LIVES ON... FOREVER!!!!!!
posted by OMG! on Jun 28, 2008
this song is crazy good! its pretty underrated
posted by Breezy on Jun 28, 2008
man this is the best that hip hop has to offer. the realest track and the best video
posted by shashwat on Jun 27, 2008
this is raw!
posted by White Dragon on Jun 27, 2008
This song is real and by far the best song out there!

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