'Hellboy 3' Targeting 2012 Release

June 27, 2008 06:11:58 GMT

In a recent interview, director Guillermo del Toro revealed that he has planned on tackling the third 'Hellboy' movie for 2012 release.

'Hellboy 3' Targeting 2012 Release
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"Hellboy II: The Golden Army" is still weeks away from its theatrical release, but the talks about the third movie have apparently begun. In an interview with "Hellboy" director Guillermo del Toro at the 34th Annual Saturn Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 24, it was revealed that the filmmakers behind the action adaptation movie have discussed about "Hellboy 3".

Unveiling the plan for another follow-up movie for the big and red superhero, del Toro confessed that he might tackle the work after he is finished with his J.R.R. Tolkien's adaptation project, "The Hobbit". It means that the third film might come out in 2012. When talking to Collider about the matter, the filmmaker of "Pan's Labyrinth" theorized that since "Hellboy" was released in 2004 and its sequel gets 2008 screening, the third installment should come in four years time. The video interview can be watched below or via Collider.

Coming to theaters on July 11, "The Golden Army" presents once again Ron Perlman as Hellboy as the superhero tackles other mystical creatures which threatened the solemnity of human world. The action fantasy film is directed and scripted by del Toro and supported by Selma Blair, Doug Jones, James Dodd, John Alexander and Luke Goss.

Guillermo del Toro Talks "Hellboy 3":


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posted by HELL on Apr 30, 2013
posted by Elsa on Jul 30, 2011
Hellboy and guillermo del toro ROCKS!!!!! LOve them!
posted by Liz on Jul 30, 2011
I love hellboy' ready for 3!
posted by HellboyFan1 on Jul 22, 2011
And another thing u better not kill hellboy or liz in the movie !!!!!!! everyone would hate that thanks you
posted by HellboyFan1 on Jul 22, 2011
im the buggest hellboy fan ever i would be heart broken if they dont make it or replace any one in the movie hellboys so hot love HELLBOY FOREVER AND LIZ
posted by Hellboy<3 on Jan 02, 2011
Kroenen Rocks! Best character ever! Johann is cool too. I cant wait Hellboy 3!
posted by Bubba\'s Gurl on Nov 22, 2010
Hellboy 2 was the best movie when are they coming out with the 3rd which is while Liz is pregnant... Her and Hellboy are awesome.
posted by georginaxxx and hell on Oct 07, 2010
omg, our art teacher just told us to draw our favorite superhero,who should we draw!!?????
posted by georginaxxx on Oct 06, 2010
come on nobody has comments? hb rocks my world, hes hot
posted by fan on Oct 05, 2010
were are all the hellboy fans!?
posted by hellboy fan on Oct 05, 2010
hellboy made me fall in love with him. So is abraham
posted by georginaxxx on Oct 05, 2010
i love ron perlman'he is the greatest actor ever! I hope he makes hb 3. Hes character its so freakin awesome it made fall in love with him! I love hellboy hes soxo! so is abraham!
posted by fat harrison on Oct 05, 2010
selma blair is the best
posted by roxana on Oct 05, 2010
hellboy movies are the best,they made "hellboy" or ron perlman look badass !
posted by lizzie on Oct 04, 2010
I love hellboy! It's like he is a real person. Guillermo del toro rocks!!!!!!!
posted by killop on Oct 04, 2010
please make HB 3
posted by Amjad esakhael on Aug 20, 2010
posted by Fairygirl on Jul 01, 2010
I hope They Being Back John Myers for The thrid Movie .
posted by Ramirez on May 20, 2010
yea... Famke Janssen must be there ! you must offer her in this movie.
posted by kewn on May 20, 2010
willkroenen be in it? if he is not then i will hell boy 3 gaara
posted by punkrock on May 14, 2010
HB is the worst movie in the world!!! When it comes out i'll barf:(
posted by snake on May 14, 2010
HellBoy 2's ending was a perfect setup for HellBoy 3. Cant wait to see HellBoy it:)
posted by Fox Grand on Apr 23, 2010
Famke has to come in Hellboy 3.
posted by Kitch Vernda on Apr 16, 2010
Famke has to come. she should be there and I should be supporting her.
posted by Crendy Fren on Apr 15, 2010
It's very good. Famke has to become another character on a third Hellboy.
posted by Ducan Hidden on Apr 15, 2010
I like Famke Janssen on Hellboy 3. I want you to ask her for this movie.
posted by Clara Ruth on Apr 12, 2010
Better try than never. no comments anymore. I love and I agree by Famke Janssen for Hellboy 3.
posted by Bartner Sweat on Apr 10, 2010
I'd like to meet for Famke Janssen in Hellboy 3. she is so amazing actress.
posted by Shawn Vinnie on Apr 07, 2010
I'm going to kiss Famke Janssen in a third Hellboy. it's sound good. Famke Janssen is so suitable for there.
posted by Dawson Parter on Apr 06, 2010
wow ! I can't believe it. people have been asking to Famke Janssen for Hellboy 3. I love her. I kiss her. it is very good. she has to ask to become another characters for Hellboy 3.Actually, I'm not Famke's fan. I just really agree if Famke Janssen has to ask to become another characters for hellboy 3.
posted by Bryan Jonathan on Apr 03, 2010
i agree, if there should be Famke Janssen for hellboy 3. i keep her.
posted by ninja assassin on Apr 02, 2010
I fucken love hellboy 2. Hellboy 3 is gonna be sick
posted by Bella William on Mar 31, 2010
Perfect ! Famke Janssen for Hellboy 3 as a new characters. I love it.
posted by Marrie Watston on Mar 31, 2010
I can't believe it ! Famke Janssen must join by Hellboy 3. I am very fun. I agree if her must come for the Hellboy 3. I think she is so suitable for this movie.
posted by Jaison Munier on Mar 30, 2010
Famke Janssen ?... I think it very good ! Mr. Andre probably right, Famke Janssen must become a new Enemy for Hellboy 3. Thank You before... I agree by that ...
posted by Andre on Mar 30, 2010
if you are going to make the third of Hellboy, we really like if you must bring Famke Janssen in Hellboy 3. as New Enemy. we are happy if you bring her.
posted by rknutson85 on Mar 29, 2010
First off that's would be stupid if the twins came back,seeing as one of the shattered into pieces. I'm hoping that hb3 has something to do with the twins that liz and hb are having. maybe they've grown up and followed in there dads footsteps or something along those lines.
posted by sdgsgh on Mar 23, 2010
mc bc cc to hell boy fuckin asshole and bastard
posted by kai on Mar 23, 2010
hell boy suck the whole team sucks and i would never like to see sum rea ass hole cooking sum ones ass and d red pancake
posted by fans on Mar 21, 2010
im hoping that princess nuala will be revive by the angel of death for HB3... o_0
posted by kroenen on Feb 14, 2010
posted by cowgirl on Feb 13, 2010
I hope the angel of the death is wrong bec I want LIZ alive instead of death for the suffer of pain. :(
posted by Tinyfreak on Jan 21, 2010
I can't wait to see HB3. I wonder if by some miriale they'd bring Nuada and Nuala back. That would kick major ass!!!! BRING BACK THE TWINS!!!!!!!
posted by ghost on Nov 24, 2009
i really hope we don't have to wait another 4 years for HB3 to comeout
posted by topdog1 on Nov 12, 2009
Just think by the time HB 3 comes out Selma will be 40 Pearlman heading 60 Great Inspiring.You dont have to be 16 to rule.Get 3 going Thanks
posted by Weelollycupcake on Oct 19, 2009
man I love hellboy! Fave character is abe. Can't wait for this! If anyone wants to chat about the film, just google weelollycupcake, or search my name on YouTube and deviantart! Such a big hellboy fan, and need some fellow fans to chat to!!!!!!!! So hyper for this film!
posted by danny on Oct 15, 2009
yo yall take too long wit the sequals
posted by hellgirl on Oct 05, 2009
2012 GOSH i want to see hellboy in action before 2012. the other movies are too cool cant wait to see his babys and how he defets rasputan again. its goin to be so rad....!!!!!
posted by hellboylover on Sep 24, 2009
i think dat the 3rd will be awesome if it lacks n e thing i will not c it. I hope the tykes are cute cause if day look weird in n e way or fakeish then whoever designed them should of been fired and slapped silly.;)
posted by Tom on Sep 21, 2009
Very rare the a movie and its sequel were both very good but damn were these two movies fun to watch! I really hope there is a 3
posted by Eric D. Street on Sep 21, 2009
Hellboy movies are good and like lots and think liz is cute. And hey Luke you are fucker faggot for comment that fucker gay.
posted by sexymo on Sep 20, 2009
i love hellyboy 1 and 2 i cant wait to see hellyboy 3 i know its gonna be great...i cant wait to see the twins just wondering if the twin gonna be 2 girls or two boys or one girl and one boy but either way i know the movie is gonna ROCK cant wait...
posted by All4Abe on Sep 19, 2009
ABE I THE BEST!!! Luv him! He's so sweet and peaceful... Why did Nuala have to go and kill herself? Abe needs somebody too! I hope that the 3rd movie will give him a chance at love!!
posted by red on Sep 19, 2009
posted by Adgutierrez15 on Sep 08, 2009
Hellboy 1 and 2 are amazing!!! Guillermo hope you're already put that mind of your's to work on Hellboy 3 already!!!! Can't wait to see what the twins look like!!! HELLBOY ROCKS!!!!
posted by 1x on Sep 08, 2009
hellboy is cool i went to the premair for both of them when namber 3 comes out i will see it bto
posted by No name... on Sep 04, 2009
I have one thing to say... HB rocks... That is all.
posted by Kabbie on Aug 24, 2009
I LOVE Hellboy!! Can't wait tell number 3!! :D <3 <3 <3
posted by Mardi-Gra\'s on Aug 20, 2009
Great news! Lovin Hellboy and all the wonderful actors/actresses. Fave character is ABE, He is so cool!
posted by Lanatishia on Aug 20, 2009
I luv hellboy so moch. I woold luv to marrie Abrahame becase he is so beautiful and sexy... Sarry for spellin I am from Russia and cont spell verie wel!"
posted by Lolly on Jul 21, 2009
I FREEKIN LOVE HELLBOY! Abe is my fave character. hes so hot!!!
posted by lasexiishorty@tmail. on Jun 29, 2009
Hellboy 1 & 2 were real gd I neva get tired of watching it im deperate to see hellboy 3 to see his twin babys
posted by mel94 on Jun 22, 2009
i love hellboy 1 and 2, i can watch it over and over again without getting bored. i cant wait for number 3, because i know its gonna be really realy good!
posted by jameson on Jun 03, 2009
I may be 8 but I have seen all the hell boy moves I can`t whate for 3 !!!!!!!!!!
posted by btwitshailey on May 26, 2009
I cant stop watching hellboyI and hellboyII My eyes are like bleeding. I watch them everyday(3 times today of number I), I even memorized both movies, lmao. The third one needs to hurry up and come! WOOHOO HB! Oh, and twin power, mofos<3
posted by uhavaids on May 19, 2009
Finally saw this flick and loved it. Stoked to see what they do for 3. It would be sick if his kids (maybe the wifey poo as well) had to join forces to stop him from bringing Hell to Earth. Or maybe Hellboy and Liz seperate, they each have one of the kids and they go to war with each other. Sweet
posted by Luke on Apr 30, 2009
Hellboy 1 & 2 is amazing, i never get bored on them. Im all for the Hellboy 3 (Bring it on!!)
posted by Joran on Apr 28, 2009
I want MORE Kroenen! I can't wait until 2012...2013 though.
posted by chopx on Apr 22, 2009
I wish the 3rd installment will be full of thrill, action and visual effects and Im looking forward to see the twins, the love story and also the true powers of Hellboy but Im hoping he'll use it for good man I can't wait!
posted by luke cecchin on Apr 20, 2009
i love hellboy his so hot and makes me jizz in my pants xoxo
posted by fartart on Apr 15, 2009
hellboy three is going to be the bomb
posted by xtorisx on Apr 13, 2009
I waych hellboy everyday i think it's great that a third movie is coming out. My dream is to be in a hellboy movie i pray every night if you could gant my wish it could start my dream life.
posted by rayn offhire 666 on Feb 27, 2009
I wonder if kroenon is the ghost of the nazi assassin from the first movie? And if not where did he come from exactly? What will the gang do for money? Hope all these loose ends are tied up in the third enstallment.
posted by jujubee on Feb 27, 2009
hellboy is like kittens on a warm day, so fuzzy an dit tickles your nose! ahhh kittens.
posted by redhead girl on Feb 21, 2009
Hellboy 1 and 2 is THE GREATEST!! I so WANNA SEE no.3!!
posted by Nazi Zombies on Feb 07, 2009
Nazi Zombie Assassin
posted by HBFAN#1 on Feb 05, 2009
I think so that nobody has to sufer in Hellboy3 I think that one of the twins shold come down from the futer to Tri to save Hellboy from diying and that wold be Hellboy's 14 yere old son Eric.He'll start to connect with Hellboy thrueout the film and tri to change the profisey that the Angle Of Deth spoke of in the 2nd film. .PS.He wold also be waring a watch that hides his true coler which is red
posted by Moo on Jan 28, 2009
Hellboy 2 was so awsome i wanna see the third one its totally awsome cnt wait..
posted by โง่ on Jan 28, 2009
posted by lali on Jan 25, 2009
Hell boy 2 was but but it sucked
posted by lali on Jan 25, 2009
Hell boy 2 was but but
posted by Smudge on Jan 20, 2009
Hellboy 2 rocked hardcore, plain and simple. Bring on #3!!
posted by Doomsayer on Dec 31, 2008
Well, it feels to me like Hellboy 3 would be about the prophecy the angel of death had. If it is indeed an end to a trilogy, it will deal with hellboy's struggle with him ending the world. and of course the little tykes. Better get it out before December though, because then the world really will have ended...
posted by ana on Dec 23, 2008
hellboy 2 sucked big time, nuada shouldve lived...
posted by McInerney, Jacob on Nov 22, 2008
I want to see the hellboy 3 right now
posted by BRIDEL on Nov 22, 2008
posted by nazi killer on Nov 21, 2008
hellboy II was sick
posted by nazi assassin on Nov 18, 2008
willkroenen be in it? if he is not then i wont go see it. HE ROXS@! i love that nazi assassin!

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