Matt Sorum Hinted GNR's Reunion Plan and Velvet Revolver's New Singer

Matt Sorum

The renown drummer stated in a recent interview that the original members of Guns N' Roses could be reuniting very soon and also said that his current band may have got a new singer.

Another big news comes for Guns N' Roses fans as latest reports stated that the band's original members could reunited once again. The news was said by Velvet Revolver and ex-GNR's drummer Matt Sorum at a recent interview with

Speaking to the website reporter Joe Bosso, about the reunion plan, Matt convincingly said, "I'm sure it'll happen eventually". He then also added that the original GNR members could have already started the meetings for the reunion saying, "They could be having meetings about it right now. They could be in a bomb shelter, with Axl Rose, (vocals) and Slash (guitar) and Duff McKagan, (bass). And Izzy Stradlin, (guitar)! Maybe Steven Adler (original GUNS N' ROSES drummer) - I don't know. I'd probably be the very, very, very last guy to get the call."

Beside talking about GNR's possible reunion, Matt also shared some stories about his current band Velvet Revolver's vocalist search. The drummer revealed that they may have already found the right guy to replace Scott Weiland saying, "We are looking. We are actively looking. We rehearsed for a couple of weeks. We tried out a couple of guys. We have a guy right now that we're still... let me see, what would be the correct word... massaging, as you will-sort of checking it out, feeling it out, letting him work with us."

However, Matt still refuses to mention the real identity of the guy, because they want to make sure that he is the right person for the job. "I'd rather not say who it is-just because I don't want it to get out that he might be the guy. I mean, we like him, he's awesome. I'm kind of worried that we might be so used to the drama. I kind of looked around at the guys. I said, 'Man, this guy is a super-nice dude. You think we can go with that or what?" Matt said.



    Jun 10, 2009

    Velvet Revolver hires Tarsha who can outsing outrock write like a mfer Put Velvet Revolver over the Top. Sheldon Tarsha is RockNRoll and nobody rocks that shit even close to Tarsha Give us a taste!

    Jan 16, 2009

    seria estupendo el reencuetro pero estos maricones pelean por un ideal tonto que es la plata y quien posa mas que lastima que las generaciones de ahora escuchemos los Guns ·N· roses de aller y no de hoy que lasti............

    Nov 22, 2008

    Well there's no VR so what does he do? Punk!

    Sep 01, 2008

    Chassie, Tarsha is the man for VR

    Jun 26, 2008

    Uhm... What!?? He talks about the GNR reunion in the first part of the article and about the new VR singer in the second...? WTF is that all about???

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