Singer Katy Perry Got Promise Ring from Boyfriend Gym Class Heroes' Travis McCoy

June 24, 2008 06:25:16 GMT

Both recording artists are dating and wearing the same ring which McCoy claimed as a promise ring.

Singer Katy Perry Got Promise Ring from Boyfriend Gym Class Heroes' Travis McCoy
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Katy Perry is off the single market. The singer-songwriter is dating Gym Class Heroes lead vocalist Travis McCoy and already got a promise ring from him.

Opened up about their love relationship, McCoy said in a recent interview, "We're going to spend the whole summer together. She's going to be on Warped Tour with us, she's going to be performing. It's going to be a good time." Warped Tour itself, which is a touring music and extreme sports festival, will be kicked off this week.

As for the ring he presented to her, McCoy revealed "I went in (to the jewelry store) and said I wanted a ring. The lady behind the counter said 'here's one for $300.' I was like, 'I want a nice ring!' Then I pointed to the big one." He then added, "It's a promise ring ... and I have one too!"

And when being asked on what he likes about Perry, McCoy explained, "She's super hot, for one. But when I first heard the song, I was like this is going to be a smash. The next thing you know it's #1 on iTunes. I'm proud of her, she deserves it. She's been in this business for the last six, seven years, and she's finally getting a break. I'm excited for her."


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posted by george on Feb 10, 2011
but did you say that you marry him !!!!
posted by bryan on Feb 10, 2011
waht you love him what suck !!!!
posted by secret on Feb 10, 2011
wow your beautifull and good singer.
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posted by Tracey x on Oct 28, 2009
Katy Your A Good Singer Babys x I lOOK up to you x :) Love Your Songs :)
posted by Sarahlenee. on Oct 01, 2009
Wow, the ignorance on this page is almost unbearable! Why the fuck do you care who Katy Perry dates? Don't you have something productive, or even worthwhile to do? Take your dumb ass bigotry somewhere else! It isn't needed here! Go worry about something else you low-life scum!
posted by cheska on Sep 28, 2009
i love u katy!!!!!!!!! or my idol!!!!! more succes!!!!
posted by mixedguy4rmla on Sep 26, 2009
Katy Perry and Travis look good together..ppl shouldnt judge by the tone of someones skin..word is blk white latino and indian and ive dated evry kind of girl...if you like sumone it shudnt matter wat skin color they long as you like them and they like you..ppl need to get ovr is too short
posted by Ericaface01 on Aug 01, 2009
Katy Perry doesn't deserve Travis. She deserves to die.
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posted by badone32 on Jul 03, 2009
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posted by Monies sis on Mar 22, 2009
All dat back and forth and they split up. Months ago. What a waste
posted by ash on Mar 11, 2009
hes hot so is she :S? they go finee;)
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posted by someone on Feb 17, 2009
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posted by meleazy . on Jan 25, 2009
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posted by EZ on Jan 24, 2009
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posted by michelle on Jan 22, 2009
Travis McCoy is such a good looking guy and whoever said he is not,i would say this is the case of JEALOUSY!!!
posted by michelle on Jan 22, 2009
hi katy you got one of the best guys in the music industry...he is too good u r lucky!!!
posted by big l on Jan 03, 2009
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posted by CarlT on Dec 29, 2008
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posted by lalaalasuckmybutt on Dec 25, 2008
yooooooo I knew u wud try 2 get him Katy! u cud tell from his video. u guys r lame making songs like that! lol
posted by qimie danial on Dec 23, 2008
sorry...typing error..hehhe.. i love ur songs katy..
posted by qimie danial on Dec 23, 2008
katy i liv ur sing...a lot..i kiss a girl.. kind of naughty but lovely...hehehehe.
posted by manda on Dec 18, 2008
i reckon they are cute together all the best
posted by Harry on Dec 05, 2008
Agree with all jelous guys!! You deserve someone better!! You are like a shining diamond and can aim higher. Love you since you´ve been in Mexico.
posted by Billy on Dec 04, 2008
Seriously, you can have anybody you want and you choose him? LMAO
posted by kety perry on Dec 03, 2008
suck my balls
posted by mike oxbig on Nov 29, 2008
damn katy why you got to be going and getting a famous bf why not try a regular guy. shit a regular guy wouldnt be straying away
posted by The REAL katy perry on Nov 29, 2008
Common guys and girls get a life.. stop reading about me. Oh and thanks liberty!! And yes I do love Travy A LOT!
posted by Rory on Nov 20, 2008
travis is soooooooooo lucky. hope he can keep his hands out the cookie jar lol
posted by liberty on Nov 18, 2008
katy your the best singer ever!! I love all your songs!!!!!
posted by Katy Perry on Nov 15, 2008
Well beth, you will be suprised Darling!!!!1
posted by Beth on Nov 15, 2008
Who would wanna go out wiv HIM!!!!!!
posted by ryan on Sep 29, 2008
katy did u say yes or no

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