Video Premiere: Pretty Ricky's 'Cuddle Up' Ft. Butta Creame

June 19, 2008 06:59:40 GMT

The new music video from the R 'n' B group for their first single taken from their upcoming LP "80's Babies" has been premiered.

Video Premiere: Pretty Ricky's 'Cuddle Up' Ft. Butta Creame
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The new music video from R 'n' B group Pretty Ricky has just been premiered on June 18 on BET. The new clip, which was directed by Syndrome, was made to accompany the group's first single title "Cuddle Up".

Just like the song, on the video Pretty Ricky also tap new female group Butta Creame to feature on it. The clip, which seems to be shot in a warehouse lookalike set, starts with the girls group dropping from their jeep and start singing their part of the song.

The new track itself is the first single outed from their upcoming album "80's Babies", which is being set to be released on September 23. Beside "Cuddle Up", Pretty Ricky have also confirmed another single that will also be featured on their new set, which is "Down On My Knees".

Pretty Ricky's "Cuddle Up" featuring Butta Creame:


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posted by devonna /pretty gurl on Nov 06, 2009
i love this song but its not sexy withouy pleasure.
posted by she-she on Sep 15, 2009
i love this viedo but pleasure p is better & sexyer
posted by tete on Apr 22, 2009
pretty ricky in butter cream is stupid and butter cream is ugle da can't sing butter baby is fukin ugle in butter fly dam ugle and she sing and hot butter thing she is sexy but she ant she is hall and the unter gril is ugle to and pretty ricky can kiss my black ass fuck butter cream is ugler is hall
posted by glammer girl on Apr 16, 2009
havn't seen it but i love the song
posted by tete on Apr 12, 2009
I love that video wen I sed sexy spec he was so so sexy that cuddle up video is hot
posted by tiffany garrett on Oct 22, 2008
my boo babyblue is pretty
posted by tiffany garrett on Oct 22, 2008
my boo babyblue is pretty
posted by tiffany garrett on Oct 22, 2008
my boo babyblue is pretty
posted by tiffany garrett on Oct 22, 2008
my boo bayblue is pretty
posted by diamondprincess on Oct 22, 2008
i love this picture
posted by Mizz Sexy! on Oct 01, 2008
4 Play iz so sexy but he can't sing the way Pleasure P does not jus that Pleasure P got that voice to put wit dem songz that turns u on!!!!
posted by newnew on Sep 25, 2008
i love pretty ricky they are so sexy and i love that new song i love the theme adn baby blue hair kept the hit comming
posted by 5@v@g3 on Sep 04, 2008
d@t vid3o a b3@st
posted by prettyricky on Jun 26, 2008
you are so sexy,and your video is so hot it make want to come up there
posted by geraldine on Jun 24, 2008
i absolutely love that video love the back in the day theme love love it
posted by Yung_Felix on Jun 23, 2008
dis video is fuckin bangin. 80's and 90's all day!
posted by Msraven731 on Jun 20, 2008
posted by PRINCE_N_MD on Jun 19, 2008
Hot Video!
posted by trace on Jun 19, 2008
luv da video
posted by jessica on Jun 19, 2008
i love the video. dey went back in the day.
posted by britt on Jun 19, 2008
dis is da best video ever. dey killed it. 90s all day!!
posted by fev on Jun 19, 2008
posted by jewel on Jun 19, 2008
love da video and the whole 80's old school theme

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