Jared Padalecki Calls Off Engagement to Longtime Girlfriend Sandra McCoy

June 16, 2008 07:41:49 GMT

Getting a starring role in the upcoming film "Friday the 13th", he reportedly starts seeing his career "could really take off and he doesn't want a wife to hold him back from becoming a major star."

Jared Padalecki, Sandra McCoy
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It appears that career is everything for Jared Padalecki now that he has become a household name in Hollywood entertainment industry. The "House of Wax" actor is reported to have ended his engagement to longtime girlfriend Sandra McCoy.

Padalecki confirmed his engagement to McCoy, a dancer and actress, in late March. He provided no further details though.

On him calling off his engagement to McCoy, the Star quoted a source as saying, "Now that Jared is starring in Friday the 13th he's starting to see that his career could really take off and he doesn't want a wife to hold him back from becoming a major star."

The source went on adding, "He's really ambitious and wants to be very successful. He's been telling everyone, 'There's more to life than relationships and I want to be single.'"

McCoy reportedly has already moved out of the Los Angeles home she shared with Padalecki. She "is devastated. She really didn't see it coming," the source revealed further.


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posted by Sadyouthofamerica on Mar 23, 2013
You talk as if either of these men know of, or care for, you personally. They don't even know your names but you profess such love for these "celebrities". If they saw you on the street, would they know your face as you know theirs. Lmbo at all ignorance displayed on the WorldWideWeb of entrapment and destruction.
posted by Sadyouthofamerica on Mar 23, 2013
Young dummies
posted by Connie on Apr 29, 2011
I love Supernatural. Jared and Jensen are great actors and so HOTTT.... I just don't think Genevieve Cortese is a good actor. She seems snobby so I hear. Long as Jared is happy he has my blessing. Hi, Jensen!
posted by Rasita on Dec 01, 2010
jared you are the best and so SEXY:)
posted by Jared/Jenson Girl 34 on Oct 14, 2010
ps my birthday is one day before Jared's isn't that cool:) love supernatural I have every season:)
posted by Jared and Jensen Gir on Oct 14, 2010
I love you Jared:) I would love to meet you and act with you on Supernatural (my fav show!) love you and Jensen forever:)
posted by Linda on Jun 27, 2010
Dear jared, My dauthter is your biggets fan and see she want to meet you so dad my dauthters name is amanda she loves to watch you on suppernatural well have a wonderfull day..
posted by reanna on Jun 21, 2010
both jensen and him belong with me alone 4eva peace out all u losers
posted by reanna on Jun 21, 2010
i think he did the right thing she was sooo ugly anyway
posted by Kaitlyn on May 27, 2010
I really just dont know what to say exactly. I love this man, and everything about him from his looks to his personality is just amazing. He is just so down to earth and caring, and his sense of humor is awsome, his acting is superb. I can honestly say that I love him with all my heart. Jaed Tristan Padalecki, I love you, I always will, and I would die for you in a heartbeat. You complete me, everything about you from your smile and your laugh to your just plain completly and utterly awsomeness, just makes me love you and want you more. I believe you love Genevieve, I do. But I can promise you she is not the love of your life, you two will grow apart. Because no matter how much you may think you love a women, there will always be something you feel like youre missing, a quality you just cant seem to find in anyone, and that is because who youre looking for is me. I promise I will find you someday, and you wont be able to keep from falling for me. The day our eyes finally make contact, it will feel like we’ve known each other forever, and thats because you and me were meant for each other. You just have to wait, wait for me to grow into the person I will be someday. And trust me when I say you being ten years older than me will have no bearing what so ever on our love. So till then I would like to thank Genevieve for keeping you company for me. I cant wait for our life together. Yours truely, Kaitlyn
posted by Roonie on Jan 06, 2010
Hey! WAIT! This article is competely false! Jared and Sandy both agreed to break the engagement off - they've both stated so. And now Jared is engaged to Genevieve Cortese, so have fun spreading rumors about them, too. Freakin' haters.
posted by 67impalalover on Dec 15, 2009
Aww...I just found out about this recently...I'm a Jared fan, but if that is true...I'm sorry, but it is really mean to break up with some one because you think that they'll 'hold you back'. Why propose if you're gonna do that?!
posted by supernatural;) on Dec 10, 2009
posted by supernatural;) on Dec 10, 2009
posted by Jenny Tolios on Dec 09, 2009
To Hayley & Steph - you obviously have a real problem differentiating truth from sarcasm! My post was entirely in jest and I really dont appreciate being called a HO by some skank! Peace out!
posted by supernatural girl on Dec 04, 2009
omg!he is so sexy and hot i love him if i could i would eat him all and kiss him
posted by Sammy Girl <333 on Dec 01, 2009
I think Jared had a right to not get engaged with sandra i really hate she has a really inoying voice! you can't tell me she doe'snt have you heard her in movies!!! LOL Hahaha
posted by TexasGirl on Nov 14, 2009
Jared is engaged to Genevieve Cortese and they are very happy. All this other fantasy crap you people post and believe seems to forget he is a real (and very nice) person who has a real life...not one you invent for him. Jared and Genevieve are a great couple and are very happy.
posted by Hayley_&_Steph on Nov 13, 2009
I meant to say he doesn't know you...
posted by Hayley_&_Steph on Nov 13, 2009
hey Jenny Tolios your a knob get over yourself and stop being a freak... seriously like jared padelicki knows you .. i dnt get you girls your all so stuck up and rude .. you dnt even no his gilfriend so don't judge you idiot! and your calling everyone else a loser speak for yourslef you HO
posted by Jenny Tolios on Nov 12, 2009
Listen up you losers! I know Jared (in the biblical sense!) and let me all tell you the truth....He dumped that 'ho for ME! Peace out!
posted by RedhotPINKpopsicle on Nov 10, 2009
It's a good thing that Jared broke up with her.... I think that she would have been more miserable if he would have stayed with her as he took more and more roles in the entertainment industry... I wish the best of luck to both of them... But still it's sad how he ended it with just a huge surprise...
posted by bateszy gurl on Nov 08, 2009
you gurls are right
posted by bateszy gurl on Nov 08, 2009
you gurls are right
posted by bateszy gurl on Nov 08, 2009
you gurls are right
posted by Hayley_&_Steph on Nov 08, 2009
you all have issues writing into this blog ... Jared padelicki doesn't know any of you so.. wtf is with all the stalkerness. you guys have to all go get a life and stop living in a fantasy world. Jared padelicki doesn't even read any of this shit and theres no way you willever meet or marry him. So instead of wasting your time dreaming get over yourself. BTW it doesn't matter if his girlfriend is ugly .. its his life not yours so grow up!!!!
posted by Samantha on Oct 27, 2009
I'm quite glad he broke up with her.......but it didn't have 2 be dis way..i mean...he should have thought abt it b4 proposing 2 her.....she must be heart broken....i'm glad coz...she isn't all dat pretty....4 him!!!!
posted by me ;) on Oct 05, 2009
oh..of course, i'm happy that they broke, too. Even though i wish Jared all the best ;D
posted by JODI on Oct 05, 2009
posted by JODI on Oct 05, 2009
posted by me ;) on Oct 04, 2009
I'm so glad. i'm so glad that Jared's father is Pole ;PP because i'm from Poland too. I'm only 14, but i think, that Jared and Jensen are very handsome guys C: i'm watching Supernatural and i think they're both very good actors. But Jared is younger :D
posted by Know at All on Oct 02, 2009
Its probably because he is secretly seeing one of the most annoying actresses ever...Genevieve Cortese
posted by Spngrl09 on Sep 25, 2009
Typing errors in my post. Correcting now. Jared's home in LA was sold before he and Sandi broke up and he did buy a home in Vancouver, Can. where Supernatural is filmed...thought I would correct that.
posted by spngrl09 on Sep 25, 2009
I know Jared well enough to tell you all that he did not say this. Jared is a very kind guy, and things happened, but he didn't say what the article said. The house in LA was sold he and Sandi got engaged, and yes, Jared did buy a home In Va. where Supernatural is filmed; that is why Jensen and he are roomies. And yes, Jared was pretty messed up after the break-up w/ he and Sandi. just thought I'd let you all know, b/c you should not believe everything you hear and read. (Keep up the great work, ya, hon!)
posted by Gothrose on Aug 03, 2009
just becos we think that Jared is hot, doesn't mean we know how he would react to situations, or that he is even capable of breaking a heart... we know Sam Winchester, we don't know Jared Padalecki... he is ACTING!!! so whether he did split with her to further his career or not only he knows!
posted by Taylor on Jul 30, 2009
yea he broke up with her but i dont think he would say that he didnt want a wife to hold him back though
posted by jared/jensen lover on Jul 28, 2009
I think that Hollywood most likely made this artical sound bad.i mean yea sure he broke up with sandra or sandi as he called her but it proably wasn't like theymake it sound. but then again I don't know cuz I don't know jared personally(unfortanatly) but I'm just saying from what I know bout him just doesn't seem like him to just break up with sandra just for his career
posted by Kissing_Garbo on Jul 17, 2009
Oh please, Jared would NEVER do that! He was a mess after the breakup, everyone knows that. That's one of the reasons why Jensen Ackles moved in with him. No way in ghell was that the reason for the breakup, Jared has been raised better than that!
posted by littl3 lulu on Jul 06, 2009
i don't think that Jared would do something like that.he seems like he's not a jerk.and plus hes way too hot 4 that,but i like dean,i mean for a 31 year old he is HOT SEXY ohh man i luv supernatural
posted by carter and potatoe on Jun 08, 2009
Hey we so love jared and jensen, were supernatural freaks, we scream and dream about them, you guys are hottt, okay lets not be physical now, jensen and padalecki are handsome, not only hot but damn they have talent, their voices are so soothing, lol we love you, delete that we heart you, from two fans in auckland, we heart you and who ever makes you happy, bye now, I AGree with the other fans, youre hot and talented,
posted by mimi on May 27, 2009
this is terrible and if jared is anything like this article depicts him to be than that's just very sad.hollywood is very youre hot.tomorrow youre not.he needs to keep that in mind.karma is a bitch.and these so called sources are usually made up by the press so dont believe everything you read
posted by toofastforlove on May 27, 2009
Although I admit on his hottness, doing that to her was selfish. He thought of only himself in the article and I don't think that he would do something like that to hurt someone, especially someone who he loved for a long time. But who are we to judge? We don't know what really happened to them, the media isn't always right. I think Jared shouldn't have left her completely, just call off the marraige untill the time is right. G2G Love Peace and Chicken Grease >.< Muahhh!
posted by Suuun_shine on May 21, 2009
sorry i have bad spelling.. i mean hot not how!
posted by suuun_shine on May 21, 2009
i think its a good think Jared is thinking about his career before settling down i mean what would happen if he gets a big break and he has a wife and kids and cannot accept the part? i mean it is a shame on Sandra McCoy but theres plenty more fish in the see. Plus it just mean hes single... tehe. God he is really how and so is Jensen Offft.
posted by supernatural girl on May 18, 2009
jared i think u made a big mistake broke up with her.anyway we will never know why he did that.i wish sandra will find someone else.better than him.someone like jensen.DAMN HE'S REALLY HOT)))))))
posted by Dumbfounded on May 15, 2009
Why would Jared do that?? Okay I get calling off the marrage but they could still stay together!! Eww it just totally turns me off!!I really can't even belive that Jared would do that...
posted by Sammy32 on Feb 24, 2009
Hey you guys are so right, right about everything you said about Jensen and Jared!! Let's be friends!!!
posted by berryhoney on Feb 12, 2009
jareeeeeed honey ure so cute ! leehom makes me horny everyday!!! these 2 guys are. . .
posted by bree_dan on Feb 12, 2009
he looks chubby, but anyway hes still cute though haha.. go cute little sammy :P to lee hom maniac>> hey i know lee hom, i love him too, couple weeks ago me n my friends watched his concert in MGM Las Vegas n yeah his rockin' dude! n 1 thing 4 sure.. he is soooo handsome n adorable, hes got lots of big talents. musicman has arrived!!
posted by Lee Hom maniac on Feb 11, 2009
i loove supernatural!! jared is cute but i prefer jensen ^,^ haha,,, but noone can compare my leehom!! yeah go musicman!!!
posted by Sammy32 on Feb 03, 2009
Now who's the b****. Sandra McCoy?
posted by Sammy32 on Feb 02, 2009
Your also really HOT but i'm only 13 and Jensen Ackles IS Much HOTTER!!!!!!!!!Than you.And friday the 13th ruled.....LOL
posted by Sammy32 on Feb 02, 2009
You a dumb person but you are soooo right LOL!!!!
posted by alyssamcolive on Jan 18, 2009
jared padalecki should be acting a big movie star entertainment. He's unique, talented, he has a sign of being a star.
posted by keith on Jan 13, 2009
actually,,I'M VERY GLAD,hahahaha,,jared~come to mama XP
posted by Belu on Jan 03, 2009
i'm so glad about it.. i mean.. I want him to marry meee.. and he's so young... he's got all his life before him to get married, i think he does de right thing by unegaging.. if they really love each other they will engage again later
posted by Mandy on Jan 02, 2009
I think he is so attractive and so sexy.
posted by Mandy on Jan 02, 2009
I think he is so attractive and so sexy.
posted by Mandy on Jan 02, 2009
I think he is so attractive and so sexy.
posted by Mandy on Jan 02, 2009
I think he is so attractive and so sexy.
posted by Emmi on Dec 29, 2008
Jared padalecki is my favourite actor and i think there is no actor like him.
posted by babylou on Dec 07, 2008
i think article is rubbish. jared and sandy did not live together and he sold his LA house before they got engaged as he bought in canada and i don't think that jared would say that haven a wife would hold him back.
posted by youngoogle on Dec 05, 2008
She's 3 years older. C'mon how did it take her by surprise?! I highly doubt that at just 26 Jared can act callously-Anyway Jensen fab at 30 is a good role model for Jared:D
posted by JULIE CARMEN YUNK on Nov 10, 2008
posted by bfhayfjfi on Sep 11, 2008
Jared Padalecki is one of my best actors. He is a very good actor.I don't that this event will take him down. I also think that he has got all his life in front of him to make new releasoships.
posted by LIL BO PEEP on Aug 29, 2008
posted by naomi on Aug 27, 2008
haha!!! what a great breakup
posted by xxtashaxxmcxxhotmail on Jul 02, 2008
my favorite actor is jerad padaleki, hes my acting insparation,i adore him, so i cant see him being like that.
posted by xxtashaxxmcxxhotmail on Jul 02, 2008
okay firstly ive neva heard anything bad aba im and with out im i wouldnt be acting the guy inspierd me to act, secondly i watch e news everyday and read every mag, they may ave broke up but i dnt think that was the reason, i mean the mans wot 25?26? hes only young so i highly dout it!! jared padalecki is the best actor eva an hes not a jerk!!
posted by Lion_Heart on Jun 20, 2008
I thought that this famous Los Angeles home had been sold, because Jared decided to buy a house in Vancouver, and that it happened somewhere in the beginning of January, when the couple was not even engaged yet. Secondly, as for this "he's been telling everyone": who are these "everyone"? Where are the proofs? I am sorry, but your article does not seem really convicting to me.

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