Eva Mendes to Team Up Again With Nicolas Cage

June 16, 2008 07:09:10 GMT

The co-star of the 'National Treasure' actor in comic book adaptation movie 'Ghost Rider' has been reported to be negotiating to play alongside him in 'Bad Lieutenant'.

Eva Mendes
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It looks like Hollywood beauty Eva Mendes is going to once again share the big screen with her "Ghost Rider" co-star, Nicolas Cage, but not by reprising the Roxanne Simpson character in "Ghost Rider 2". The depicter of Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear's love interest in "Stuck on You" is eyeing for a chance to star in a crime drama starring Cage, "Bad Lieutenant".

Mendes, who firstly caught the attention of both moviegoers and movie critics through her performance in "Training Day", reportedly is in talks to play in the film to be directed by Werner Herzog. What part the 34-year-old is negotiating for is yet to be revealed, but if she indeed cast, she will be joining the filming that is scheduled to start sometime in late summer.

Prior to the development of this movie, "Bad Lieutenant" has been brought to the silver screen in 1992 by Abel Ferrara and starred by Harvey Keitel. It tells the story of a cop whose life is addicted to drugs and gambling. When he has to investigate the rape of a nun, he is faced with a chance to confront his inner demon and seeks for solace and redemption. But, Herzog has said earlier that his version of "Lieutenant" won't be a remake of the 1992 film because it will offer a completely different story. To Hollywood Elsewhere, he revealed, "It is not a remake (as reported almost everywhere). It is a completely different story in the same sense as the last James Bond is not a remake of the previous one."

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